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WillWeaverRVA: 18-400 with some kind of image stabilization? That sounds like a good deal for a travel lens when you're looking to pack light (I'm a professional but sometimes I don't want to carry around a bag of primes or a bulky 70-200 or 120-400 lens). The price is pretty reasonable, too. Yeah, it's an all-in-one zoom with all the weaknesses of all-in-one zooms, but I'd still be interested in getting one.

Our gear is usually better than we are. The quality of the Photographer is probably more important than the lens..

Link | Posted on Jun 23, 2017 at 17:55 UTC
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NowHearThis: Biggest problems I see this lens potentially having.
1. Huge Distortion at the wide end which NIkon and Canon bodies will not correct even if the user is shooting JPEGs.
2. Very soft images at 200mm and up. Most every review gives these superzoom lenses poor marks at the long end and stopping down doesn't seem to help.
3. CAs and Vignetting, again something that Nikon and Canon bodies won't correct for if you aren't using their own lenses.

These, of course are just guesses, but after trying other superzoom lenses, I don't think I'm far off. If Tamron learned some crazy voodoo and this thing actually turns out to be great, I'll be happy to retract my words here - until then...

Did you ever try one, or is this just a guess? I have the 28-300 and the 18-270. Maybe you should try one before you make ignorant comments.

Link | Posted on Jun 23, 2017 at 17:52 UTC
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