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Docteur Strangelove has decided to take on DJI because they make better drones than patriotic companies, just as Huawey which had more advanced 5G technology and better specs for fewer bucks. Maybe his brother is buying/selling futures of all the companies they are trying to shake, in order to make bankrupted Donald rich again

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Haha, it's really true: one post about any marketing move of Leica and 150+ comments already. I guess DPR is having fun peppering its blog this way.

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Nien: I feel like I just travelled to a parallel universe where Leica is actually a chinese brand that makes plastic cameras with a new pattern for each hollywood/pop culture hype and soon there will be an Avengers special edition.

Exactly: a urban camo Avengers special, to patrol on holywood boulevard with mickey mouse and cinderila ^^

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... although, maybe, that would quite be a challenge for one to survive in some LA suburbias with the leica logo and that pattern on pants and shirts (and on the Range Rover as someone wrote) ^^ this reminds me a funny scene from a die hard movie :)

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Such blatent advertizing has nothing to do in a photo magazine, IMHO: it's all about fashion, not overprice-mid-quality-photographic-hardware, at all. If Leica was smarter, they would start to sell pants and shirts to match the skin of the camera (with a visible leica logo, of course). Or, if really about photography, outsource skinning. Customization hooligans can buy DIY skins for Sonys and Canons and all on the internet for way less than 4k. M2C.

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