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meanwhile: This was a dickhead move. He did kick her on purpose. He shouldn't have done it, obviously, and will likely pay his dues for that. As he should.

The comments here on his musicianship and having no talent are patently ridiculous. Maybe stick to your lane and things you know about?

if you think this band is talented.... well... you need to open your eyes and ears to REAL talent... just saying

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First... his music sucks! he should be apologizing for the horrible attempt at playing an instrument and those ridiculous lyrics. Second, he should be held accountable for the kick to the head... and pay monetary damages.

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mandm: It wasn't the guys fault, he had the wrong camera, he was shooting with a mirrorless and the electronic viewfinder showed the car just coming into view, over 2 miles away!
He should have used an SLR, no viewfinder lag time.
Just joking people, it looks like he's holding a pair of binoculars.

Perhaps an XPRO2 in optical mode would have saved his bacon. Especially if he shoots it with his Right eye and the left looking at the oncoming car directly at him

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I really can't believe that was a human being standing there in that spot, are we sure it wasn't a deer who stole an orange jacket? Perhaps the guy thought by wearing the orange jacket that the out of control car entering a big curve would avoid him?? I hope the person recovers fully, but damm.... what the heck was he doing there?

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Looks exactly like an XPro2

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Ebrahim Saadawi: Okay I am here seeing how the lens performs (I know how the sensor does, I have an SL2), and, it's sharp. Sharper than the sharp 18-55STM. All in all, I am seeing a sharp lens, not worse than any compact, and not 16-35L. It's sharp in JPEGs and RAW. (Ask for pictures if wanted)

I am curious how you got a soft lens... QC issue?

Little bits:

The camera's size makes it invisible, it was mounted on a tripod this evening, middle of the house, didn't find it until later. Much later.

Jpegs are the best I've seen from Canon.

I made 433 photos on a single charge.

Eye sensor is annoying. Turn it off.

It's a deep DOF camera. (Think kitlens)

You'll love it, it's too cute, but I just keep thinking my SL2+kitlens does what I'd use the G1x for. I have no need for miniture size or sealing.

I wish the EVF and buttons/dials would fly to the SL2.

Tried one today, My Xpro2 23mm blows this Canon away with image and IQ... The difference was astounding ... The DR and ISO range of the Xpro is in a completley different league than this new Canon. If I was searching for a small form factor ... Id get the Fuji XE3 no question... $899 for the body, slap an 18-55 on it and take the Canon to town... though I prefer my XPro2... love love this camera.... and I have had them all... yeah..... all :)))

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Peter Kroll: With a slightly higher max aperture at the tele and this would by my ideal camara.
Peter Kroll, Singapore

it probably wouldn't get in your pocket...

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Gabriel Yeo: $4000 for this fixed-lens....This has to be the biggest joke of the year.
At that price, I can buy a real full-frame slr.

when you own one you can comment, I have a 5d3, Fuji xpro1, and this Rx1R.. guess which one is most portable, shoots the best Raw images, and is the most fun to use?

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