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On article Why hyperfocal distance charts are inaccurate (43 comments in total)

The chart isn't wrong, the expectations of the author were. Most people who use zone focus and hyper focus know that the center of the zone ( e.g. the focal plane ) is peak focus and outside the zone is not peak focus. In another stunning example of optics not allowing eating your cake and having it too.

In the pre digital era, where you got what you shot, and you hope you shot well enough, we have an amazing opportunity with digital to take some responsibility for getting what we want.

The marks on the lens and the tables were for an era when it was not possible to verify the actual blur using live view or using digital loupe on a test shot.

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On article iPhone 8 Review: Pushing the limits of photography (39 comments in total)
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MikeFairbanks: The iphone 8 is supposedly released today, September 22 (according to Apple).

Nope, not in stock at any locations where I live (Best Buy, Verizon, etc.). They are saying it will be another five days.

How did that happen?

OMG! Having to wait a whole 5 days for the latest already obsolete Apple product. Please keep us posted. Drink plenty of water.

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On article iPhone 8 Review: Pushing the limits of photography (39 comments in total)

Augmented Marketing, courtesy DPR.

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Krich13: What exactly is tragic about this image?

Hypocrisy of humans who did far more damage to the planet getting the photo than the garbage they are documenting?

Link | Posted on Sep 19, 2017 at 16:46 UTC

First off, great photo. Really.

Yes, so very tragic, and so on. What of the environmental cost of flying halfway around the world with a gaggle of your paying customers to go snorkeling, or profiteering from that behavior, and encouraging others to gallivant around the globe on "nature expeditions" for profit? If you want to be an environmentalist, be one.

I am sure Johnson & Johnson can clear this up, but IIRC Q-Tips are entirely biodegradable and use a cardboard stick. The item in the photo appears not to be a Q-Tip. As for the seahorse, it seems quite happy being conveyed around on its cotton swab sail. Who knows, it might confer a survival advantage. When Mount Tambora exploded 200 years ago, ejecting the mountian into the sky - now that was an environmental crisis. That sea horse's ancestors survived an explosion causing a global volcanic winter - it will be just fine wading the garbage some tourist probably brought with them.

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On article The photography of Stanley Kubrick as a teenager (28 comments in total)

My favorite is with the people on the buss / train reading the paper. Have that handy the next time people go on their diatribe about mobile devices isolating people.

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Kodachrome or bust!

Link | Posted on Sep 13, 2017 at 18:25 UTC as 51st comment

Another stunning video diminished by "clever" post production gimmickry. Shooting in 4K then using digital zoom and panning to "create interest" is an editing choice - a bad one - but a choice nonetheless. In this case the subject was interesting enough without embellishment, and using the whole 4K frame would let the viewer do with their eyes what is forced on them, rather brutally, through the edit. But that's my preference. Obviously many other people like this editing job - I think had they seen the raw footage, in 4K, on a large screen they would agree.

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noisephotographer: Smartphone manufacturers exploit the fact that most people as well as the media don't know anything about equivalence. They often state f-numbers without the sensor size. Just today Samsung announced the Note 8 with a tele lens and f/2.4 aperture. Smartphone websites claim that this is better than the f/2.8 from the iPhone 7 Plus, but without knowing the sensor size of the Note 8 tele camera, it does not make sense to say this.

Conclusion: you have an iPhone.

The Note 8 also is to have OIS on both tele and wide cameras - which distinguishes it from the iPhone as well - in that respect the Samsung has no equivalent.

98% of the equivalence talk is someone wanting to feel good about their camera ( now, phone ) purchases. Unfortunately there is no salve for buyer's remorse.

Link | Posted on Aug 23, 2017 at 16:55 UTC

Two words: Intellectual Masturbation

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Rensol: I saw @ JFK how one of those small trucks that carry baggage dropped couple bags from the trunk and next track run them over! It did not fully overrun it but jammed under chassis and pushed a bit like that.
It just reaffirmed me to carry my camera gear.
They picked those bags and just tossed them back into the trunk of the first track.
At least they did not disposed them :)

Had the $18,000 camera been in a $100 hard case it would be happily adorning its rich owner's neck. Body slammed or not.

Link | Posted on Aug 18, 2017 at 19:29 UTC

Good news: the guy's Fabergé Eggs were OK. The camera broke their fall.

Link | Posted on Aug 18, 2017 at 19:25 UTC as 180th comment

You have an $18,000 asset and you don't spend a $100 hard case for it? Idiocy.

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samfan: I always find it weird that companies first have all the privacy-invading, information-collecting, internet-enabled features on by default, and then when the backlash hits, they start offering updates to turn that stuff off.

Anyone remembers the crap about app-enabled vibrators (yes, that's right) that were sending some data off to the manufacturer? Or Xbox One or everything else from Microsoft for that matter?

Obviously soon the public will be so used to all this garbage (after all everyone already uses Google, Apple, Facebook etc.) that there will be no more 'privacy' updates at all.

Correction, they SAY they offer options that disable the collection of the data. Unless you do a security teardown on the device, and see what its actually doing, you are trusting what the vendor says is true.

Link | Posted on Aug 17, 2017 at 20:35 UTC

In the end, as the drone uses GPS, it can still be made to honor prevailing laws. The next phase of this evolutionary battle will be the need for your drone to update no-fly restrictions on-line ... at some point.

To ensure you do, it will refuse to operate if those databases are not kept updated. Essentially time-bombing the drone and forcing you to abide by the restrictions.

Those that think an off-line mode helps in that regard, it doesn't. If you think that drone makers will not take these measures eventually, they will be forced to. about 15 minutes after some deadly accident occurs, or when some weaponized drone is successfully used.

Link | Posted on Aug 17, 2017 at 20:31 UTC as 2nd comment
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SimenO1: I'm impressed by the improvements in camera technology and image quality the last 90 years. Today a similar (or better IQ) image can be made in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost, with a camera that weighs a fraction of that 8x10 camera, and a billion people have good enough equipment to do so. 90 years ago it took quite some effort and few had the equipment needed.

VadymA. I think it was not a 6 hour shot, but rather 6 minutes, a ~6 stop difference. Today its very easy to create synthetic exposures of days, weeks, even a year. I have done this with time lapse series. In one instance I have a single frame with contributions of 1.2 million stills. With natural lighting, you achieve the average of the entire intervals lighting. Specular reflections become dashed lines as clouds punctuate the lighting. Also you can eliminate harsh shadows - its very much like studio lighting, but out doors. Manipulation of the time scale also makes most human activity disappear. In one construction time lapse spanning a year or so, the building appears to self assemble - as no person or truck was in position for any length of time. But I would not say its anything particularly magical.

Link | Posted on Aug 17, 2017 at 20:20 UTC

So after you have been fired, do you still have to show up at the Kangaroo Court Extrajudicial Hearing?

Link | Posted on Aug 14, 2017 at 15:13 UTC as 8th comment | 2 replies

'Sherman said that social media "seems so vulgar"' you know, till she made it cool.

Real art is what gallery directors and art speculators say it is. The rest of the stuff is a bunch of rubbish produced by the likes of us. You can't hold the artist responsible for that - at least not entirely. You find some artists, buy up a bunch of their stuff cheap, then market the crap out of it - enshrouding it in a lot of art-speek and some horrific artist's statement, and boom, its art. Now the other 500 people who have produced fantastic, interesting, or innovative works wonder what they did wrong. Nothing - except perhaps a lack of connections and self promotion. The process of elevating an artists from the muck to profiteer off them is as old as time. With 7,000,000,000 people on the planet, even if you are one in a million, there are still 7,000 of you. There are a lot of talented people. Someone need to tell us what to like.

Link | Posted on Aug 8, 2017 at 15:27 UTC as 6th comment | 1 reply

"If you feel that your current camera is a better match for your needs and skills than the one it replaced, that's thanks to, not in spite of, the efforts of the marketing department. "

I have Pentax gear, so yes it is.

Link | Posted on Aug 7, 2017 at 18:18 UTC as 37th comment

The blurring of the near field hair detail is - you know - simply fantastic and so very natural.

I wonder how it does when your kid is 100 feet away with horrendous stage lighting.

Link | Posted on Jul 31, 2017 at 16:39 UTC as 82nd comment | 1 reply
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