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rikkus: The article implies that the author immediately formats the card after import. Please don't do this.

After import, I set cards to read-only and put them in a specific place. Only after I've seen that the on-site backup and both off-site backups are complete do I enable writes on the card and format it.

Couldn't agree more. After I offload photos from a card I make sure that there are always two copies of everything at any time, so the card doesn't get formatted until the backup is done on the second hard drive.

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Great image! Did you use a flash?

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TX Photo Doc: "When in public spaces where you are lawfully present you have the right to photograph anything that is in plain view."
Is VA land at at VA facility considered public spaces or private spaces? My story: a few years ago I was at Temple, Texas VA hospital to have some routine periodic medical tests. I saw on a wall, a black & white photo of a long double line of American Flags flapping in the wind. (Can't get too much more patriotic than that.) After my tests were done, I went outside and started to take color photos of the same flags. I was immediately stopped by cop in a VA car telling me - in not the nicest way - that I was to stop immediately, or else! That was after explaining why I was taking the photos. Since I had no choice, I walked back in the car where my wife was parked and scooted away - very unhappy. (as an aside, I happen to be a very active amateur photographer with many ribbons and exhibits to my credit.)

I'm not a lawyer but a VA hospital is public property and not a protected military base so I would say that the cop acted inappropriately. To tell a veteran that they can't take pictures of flags outside a VA is pretty damn low.

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RacingManiac: How does first amendment pertain to non-US person in US?

This is an important question that is not well understood by many Americans and non-U.S. citizens. The U.S. Constitution specifically spells out rights for "people" and rather than for "citizens." This is not an accident. Visitors to the U.S. have the same legal rights and responsibilities as citizens.

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