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Plastek: No DoF scale on f/1.2 lens? o_O Seriously?
On a 1000 pound lens they can't add stupid DoF window? Ridiculous.

From the sounds of things it's a focus-by-wire lens. There's no direct connection to the focus ring so a DoF scale may be tricky. Doesn't seem to have stopped them implementing one on the Canon 85L mind...

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Daro31: Good for him, he is dealing with it the way he knows how. I guess I am an old fart, and my own photography and the work of others has been with me my whole life - 63 years so far. I have moved from B&W darkroom, and a twin lens reflex Rollei 2.8 being the ultimate press camera and into 35mm and then digital. All of the jumps meant better pictures, faster moments in time to the world. Ths jump to I-Phones is a big step backward. Anyone who doesn't think this is a pivotal moment in journalistic photography go and look through the photo record of Life magazine and tell me how many of those shots would have been captured with a notepad in one hand and an Iphone in the other. John Kennedy saluting his fathers coffin, Afghan girl with the eyes everyone remembers, Robert Capa; Spanish Soldier. The list goes on of captured moments that where part of forming my life. Unless you have ever waited for that special fraction of a second while squinting through a view finder you do not understand

Thank you Daro; both for expressing my thoughts on this story better than I could, and for reminding me of some wonderful moments in journalism. This is an enormous step backwards for the Chicago Sun-Times; if they'd announced that they were moving to a freelance model and occasionally employing some of their own staff and other experienced photographers is one thing, and in the current climate probably justifiable. To expect their existing untrained staff to step in using equipment that can barely match up to the quality of those old TLRs is a massive insult to photojournalists everywhere.

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Airless: So does this finally mean the fabled 8-1000mm f/1.0 optically flawless pancake lens we've been demanding for so long?

Well, a 1000mm f/1.0 lens by definition has to be a meter across. That's a big pancake. Tasty!

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utomo99: Manufacturer need to study eagle eyes and other animal eyes. to create great lens. I believe new lens technology can be found by study the animal eyes

It's the Nautilus that has pinhole lens eyes LJ - Eljot. Octopus have advanced eyes with a lens (but no cornea) that in some ways are superior to our own; for example the blood supply does not block part of the retina, and they are able to see the polarisation of light.

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Erran Stewart Photography: Has anyone used this lens? Any first hand experience with it?

Andy Rouse has had his hands on one for the last 6 months or so. He's written a first impressions review at his site which is very positive:

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BeanyPic: Just realised I replied to a spammer on here. "tell the truth" seems to live on another parallel universe. Watch out DP Review

Already wasted time replying to one of his little rants, I think that's it for me too. There's obviously some conscious thought there as he's replying to us by name, but I don't think we're going to reach this one... Shame really; it's certainly arguable this lens is (too?) expensive, but I don't think he's quite going about it the right way...

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mini23: 90 MB/s means 2:30 mins footage per 16 GB card or 10:00 mins per 64 GB card.
I hope you video guys have a couple 100 fast cards ready at hand. When a 16 GB 1000x Lexar professional costs about 80€ you'll have to spend like €2000-€3000 only on cards (for a wedding e.g.) ...

OR you use clean HDMI output of course (is this even possible with RAW footage?).

Thank god I don't do video... ;-)

You'd have to be daft to use a RAW video workflow for weddings; this is far better suited to more deliberate, planned workflows. Nevertheless it is still possible to use RAW for things like documentaries, as evidenced by e.g. this:

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Kirigoi: Oh come on now. While I commend Pe ef on his first place, the competition is intended to show "original ways of showing the wedding rings". This is the most cliche'd shot in the book (on the book?). Just try searching google images for "ring heart book" for thousands of variations on the exact same shot...

You have a point; there's nothing wrong with using this as a wedding details shot; most couples would be delighted if this was from their wedding, using their rings, and there's a chance they won't have seen so many examples of such photos as working pros (depending on how many wedding magazines they'd been reading). However the point remains that of the 50 entries in this competition THREE were the exact same concept as this one, and a few others were extremely similar...

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On photo Amour... in the Wedding Rings challenge (11 comments in total)

Oh come on now. While I commend Pe ef on his first place, the competition is intended to show "original ways of showing the wedding rings". This is the most cliche'd shot in the book (on the book?). Just try searching google images for "ring heart book" for thousands of variations on the exact same shot...

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solarsky: 4 Ultra-pixels, oh my goodness ;-)...
It's just a normal 2µm 4MP Bayer-Sensor combined with some "propaganda".
So it only has an effective 1 MP true RGB-resolution.
Totally lame. My Nokia 808 has a 1.4µm 41.48 MP Bayer-Sensor which gives me effective 10.37 MP of true RGB-resolution.
HTC will just be trying to make the best out of additional well-capacity offered by larger sensor diodes and BSI-design. The rest is anything but "PureView", as clearly shown by the test photos from the HTC One which are circulating on the web.
The whole concept of this phone's camera could have been a lot more interesting, if they had managed to integrate a 4MP global shutter sensor, instead of THIS old sham...

Think solarsky is making a different point; referring to the fact that a 4MP Bayer sensor does not capture 4MP of RGB data; due to its colour filter array it's subdivided into four separate pixels 1 red, 2 green and 1 blue) which are reconstructed and interpolated into the final RGB image. It's a bit of an oversimplification to claim that's effectively 1MP overall though, but it's a similar point to how Foveon sensors are claimed to outresolve Bayer sensors when direct pixel counts are compared.

Edited: Oops, spent far too long writing that (and pausing to make tea), John Abides got there first...

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brunobarolo: These impressions make me look forward to the new 120-300 zoom. Maybe Sigma are really delivering now.


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Roland Karlsson: We will see. I have been wrong before. But ... its my guess that wifi cards and wifi adapters to micro cards never going to fly in the long run. Its the same problem as silicon film. Its too limited, nd not a technically sound idea. You want to be able to configure your wifi thing in real time. So --- it has to be a part of the digital camera. Its also somewhat strange to bury your radio transmitter inside a metal shell. It limits the possibility. And .... you really want an antenna on your wifi transmitter.

But - as I said - I have been wrong before.

But i was right about the compact flash hard discs. They died. Just as I predicted. That was a really, really bad idea. Moving parts in such a small disc - and try to compete with electronics. Not possible in that case.

Think he means putting your wifi adapter (the card) within the metal shell of your camera body...

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Timmie: Though I agree the limitation and the reason behind it is somewhat silly, I was wondering if there are actually people who run into this as a practical limitation?

I prefer stills but whenever I do shoot video I get nowhere near 30 mins a shot. I can't remember any feature films that have 30 min scenes in them either. Anybody out there want more than 30 mins?

Or Mike Figgis's Timecode; 4 separate interweaving 97 minute takes in each corner of the screen.

Or any play, wedding, concert or corporate event...

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Any ideas how to get those custom covers exported outside Japan? They're positively dribble-worthy. Much as I love the red leather I suspect it would be too shouty for such a discrete camera, but the wood looks lovely.

Also, is the manufacturer warranty likely to be affected? Given that I've already had to send mine back once with the sticky aperture problem I'd hate to have it turned away a second time...

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farrukh: Nice outfits though when using this at the airport last week I was so glad I didn't buy it - photos took what felt like eons to be saved before I could take another!

Was there a fast SD card in the camera? If it was saving to the internal memory it is woefully slow but a decent SD card makes all the difference.

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