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  • Ebay doesn't always side with the buyer. I've had disputes in the past where ebay has sided with me, and refused to give the buyer a refund. I think a lot of it depends on your own feedback. I've ...
  • Wow, amazing shot! I was the 'official's photographer for my friend's wedding, despite having no experience of wedding photography.  I took 2 NX1s with both s lenses and the bride and groom were ...
  • This is a good thing in my opinion. I don't want a camera to see in the dark, I want it to faithfully recreate what my eyes are seeing. I keep seeing cameras (mostly on phones) that artificially ...
  • 1/50 and 1/60. If you're viewing on a mobile you have to go to desktop mode to view the exif details.
  • I'm still using my NX1s quite a bit but I've got rid of some other camera bodies, notably the nx500 and the galaxy nx. They are both great cameras but just weren't getting the use and I couldn't ...
  • I also have a Samsung tablet and use the android version if Lightroom. Works very well indeed (actually prefer it to PC editing with the Spen) . I think you have to have a premium subscription to ...
  • Good point re. iFn button. I try to use it more than I do but I think it's sometimes awkward as in a different place on different lenses. And the 30mm is sadly lacking it. Innovative though.
  • As far as I know there is no Samsung Nx lens that has an aperture ring. Also, I'm pretty sure you can control the aperture manually with the nx1000.
  • Did the S10 have a two step aperture? I know the S9 did, but I think samsung got rid of later phones. I don't think you can do anything about this issue unfortunately.
  • Replied in Washed out sky
    Maybe try lowering the exposure. The sky could be getting blown out. Could also try either HDR mode, or take 3 different exposures and then combine them in post.
  • You're absolutely right, there is something magical about the output of the GNX. However, I shoot a lot of video so it seemed a waste not using the GNX when the NX1 does a better job in this regard. ...
  • The Galaxy nx has gone now. As much as I loved it, the NX1 is much superior in my opinion and it wasn't getting a lot of use.
  • Lots of rolling shutter, low bitrate, didn't look as smooth as 4k.
  • As mentioned before the Galaxy nx had both wifi and cellular data and was the most connected camera I've ever known. The WiFi was far better than anything I've experienced on other cameras since, ...
  • What you're saying makes sense, however there have been several smart cameras released, and they have been complete flops, despite actually being very good (samsung galaxy nx etc) It seems there ...
  • Would most likely be the nx1000 as the nx100 was only 14mp.
  • Facebook Marketplace can be ok, but I've experienced so many time wasters and no shows, that I don't go down that route anymore. eBay is by far the best in terms of reach, but I generally only sell ...
  • I don't even own an nx mini at the moment. I'm slightly tempted, but would need the adapter, which is very rare. There was an nx mini that sold on ebay with the 9mm, 9-27mm and the adapter, for ...
  • Samsung has had this for quite a while, since the S21 I think...but it's nothing to write home about. My Note 20 Ultra has it and I've probably used it about once, and the results weren't great.
  • It is when there's no way to override those decisions.
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