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Fotoni: Mathematical compression is getting dimishing returns pretty hard by giving much less reduction and demanding much more processing power to do it. Now it is more like trying to produce convincing video quality with more compressible artifacts. Not a good thing for highly detailed videos, but good for muddy washed out videos. H.265 is good for low bitrates because details are already pretty much gone. H.264 is closer when bitrates are going up.

Well no, the video players were ready for it because they worked prior to th update. Microsoft either removed or didn't have the licence and customers had to pay for it (again?) to get it to work.

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MHshooter: So how many camera companies will be forward-thinking enough to allow the use of that standard via a firmware update as opposed to BUYING a new body?

I remember that Microsoft charged users to add H265 support after Windows 10 update, even when before the update H265 was supported.

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MHshooter: So how many camera companies will be forward-thinking enough to allow the use of that standard via a firmware update as opposed to BUYING a new body?

mick232 I remember the Samsung Note 4 added H265 via a firmware update.

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brycesteiner: I don't really think this is that big of a deal. I will be happy just uploading and making it work today. It's not going to stop me from buying new equipment.

What good is it if people can't watch it?

I was uploading to youtube in 4k but I've come to the realization that very people have the equipment to watch it and of those that do, most can't see the difference between 2k and 4k at 3 feet. I don't believe anyone can see the difference at 6 feet on a 50" screen. The compression used in streaming causes so much artifacts that it's distracting from the image more so than lower resolution.

What will 8k do in the distribution? - not much?

The issue with YouTube is that it seems to assign too low a bandwidth to 1080p compared to 4k or even QHD.
So 4k video played on YouTube displayed on a 1080p monitor looks noticeably better than 1080p video played on the same monitor.
If I shoot 1080p I upscale it to 4k before uploading to YouTube.

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EXkurogane: People are still so stubborn though. Many are still sticking to H264. I've made HEVC / H265 encoding compulsory for all the video files for mass storage ages ago. Especially for 24fps movies / film / series and anime. "Needs more processing power" but my 6 year old laptop with a processor several generations behind handles it just fine. It's the same with stuff like USB. Type C should be standard now but i still see micro USB users everywhere.

I think there's good reason people are sticking with H264. Many video editors only output in H264 and some that do output H265 seem to take ages.

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On photo Sunset through my glass ball! in the Alphabet soup. Letter G - Illustrate "Glass" challenge (15 comments in total)

Great shot!

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romeno80: Does a decade start with a 0 or with 1?

So let me get this straight, the last year of the 90s was the year 2000? I rest my case m'lud.

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romeno80: Does a decade start with a 0 or with 1?

"0", otherwise we'd still be in that decade!

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Min Joong Kim: Digital Camera Sales Dropped 84% Since 2010.
To me, that's the headline to start with.

As others pointed out, Apple didn't invent the mobile phone camera. They didn't even innovate it. If I remember correctly in the first model it was only 2mp and didn't even have autofocus!
At that time I was using a nokia N95 with a far better camera.

Apple have only just started to be competitive with their latest iPhone 11.

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mattz10: What I need is a good travel camera
And a good travel camera can't exist without GPS onboard.
A good grip which is not showing actually
Great picture quality
And good lens available

If you carry your phone with you and upload photos from the camera to Google photos the location info magically appears. Not sure how accurate this is though, I suppose it depends whether the location info from the phone is captured using cell towers or GPS. Seems good enough to me though.

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@Marty4650 I'd agree that most 3x zoom compacts are finished but saying that the Sony rx100 line is still very popular. Admittedly their latest cameras now have a longer zoom by compromising the previous fast lens but there does still seem to be a market for this type of camera, which costs as much as the most expensive flagship phone.

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mosc: It doesn't "Open Up to f1.5" ever, it "closes down to f2.4 for no valid reason". We know there are advantages to f1.5 over f2.4 on a smartphone. What needs to be shown is if there is any real improvement to f2.4 over f1.5!

Image quality seems very close and nobody is hurting for depth of field with this tiny sensor at f1.5. Should patch in completely disabling the variable aperture and leaving it at f1.5 and nobody would complain.

I'd agree with that there are too many occasions that the phone chooses f2.4 when f1.5 would be preferable.

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Zoom Zoom Zoom: Within a very short period of time there will be no more RED Cameras, no Alexas, no Phantoms, no nothing. There will only be cell phones. ALL the advancements in digital imaging moving the industry forward are ALL on mobile device technologies research. There is nothing cell phones will not do just as well, faster or better than other independent hardware that cost exponentially more. Photography, video, general & specialized image acquisition have nowhere else to go except all being cell phone based. We just started talking about 1000fps on cell phones & there are already news about 12000fps capable mobile sensors.. and we just started to scratch the surface of camera manufacturers releasing news on 8K video development & it will be just as fast as the first mainstream 8K cameras are out that phones will also be shooting 8K at the same time or earlier. Progress on all forms is on mobility and miniaturization only. Cell phones will eat everything and everyone in this business.

Oh definitely. I'm sure that in the not too distant future hollywood movies will be filmed on a mobile phone.

Except of course that they won't.

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I wonder if digital image stabilisation will be available while shooting 4k with the 'telephoto' lens?
I ask this as with many high end phones this option is disabled while shooting 4k,presumably because of the inability of the processor to cope.
From what I've read so far about this second lens, it sounds more like a gimmick that doesn't add any real value. I'm happy to be proven wrong though.

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Tiano L: Lars, interesting review. It seems that the LG G5 doesn't have a shutter prority mode (ISO adjusting automatically to any given speed). I find this omission to be quite irritating in a high end phone (at least, there are many times I wish my LG G4 had this feature). Is there any technical reason for that? Thanks, Tiano

It seems that very few phones offer this feature. In fact, as far as I know, the only phones that do (in the stock app) are; S4 zoom, K zoom, possibly CM1 - all these could be better described as cameras with phones bolted on the back!

Personally I never got on with FV-5 but as an alternative that also offers shutter priority mode you could try pro shot - this app has other nifty features such as controlling noise reduction, jpg compression, focus assist and many more. One of the complaints I had with manual mode on the LG V10 is shutter lag (not sure if the G5 suffers with this) but pro shot solves this - it's blazingly fast.

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