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I have money, Im a product designer and amature photographer that appreciates award winning design and build quality. Yup bought the Q as soon as it came out. The pictures of my cat has never looked better. My Nikon gear does all those other things u trolls point out so Im good. And for those that knock it becuse its not weather sealed and discredit it as a true documentary camera you do realise how stupid u sound. Do u think the cameras some of the most iconic people and photos in history were taken with a Leica NOT weather sealed. Lmao Leica buyers appreciate what their histrory is about and nothing about prestige.

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On article Leica Q In-depth Review (1273 comments in total)

Sorry hit post too soon. Meant " cost argument"

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On article Leica Q In-depth Review (1273 comments in total)

I have not regretted the purchase of my Q one bit. Lots of cameras have high image quality but this rig is just plain epic. As well I got rid of all camera gear for this because I am reduced to only focusing on building my composition and the limits force me to consentrate on photography. The cost arguent is really a cliche today. Buy what gets you excited about learning photography and shoot. The cost is totally justified to those that appreciate Leica and find value in what they do. Simple as that.

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magneto shot: Since my brief review of the prototype here, a series of first production models were bought by “testers” for around 60% of the retail price in exchange for feedback. And apparently, the lens has failed in its performance. I saw first hand a loose ring on Todd Hatekayama’s lens. And Facebook is now seeing many complaints regarding the len’s inability to focus at infinity in addition to loose rings.SLR MAGic has been blaming it on packaging in shipping, even when there was no shipping involved. Because of the commotion, Steve Huff, who raved unusually much about the lens and pushed for people to buy of check it out quite heavily on his site, placed an update asking people to hold off on buying.

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I have owned the MFT 12mm f1.6 for months now and SLR has been stellar in their support. This lens has been flawless and has produced incredible IQ. I am interested in how many negative complaints are with folks who actually own one of their lenses. As for prototypes, if you are not interested in early adoption (as all companies find issues with any product during this time) leave and come back when the product is refined. It is product dev 101.

Thank you SLR for offering alternatives and now that I have the Fuji XP1 I will be eager for your new lenses.

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Designing and releasing products that are ready for market AND meet every single persons wishes will never be the case. Companies invest large sums of revenue to design and release a product that fits a specific demographic and more importantly, early adopters. Fuji has never claimed the X Pro1 was perfect nor for the mass consumer market. Regarding the "it's way too expensive" complaint...this is an issue with a different buyer than Fuji is targeting. My products see this complaint too and we ignore this because this is not our buyer. We have other products to fit this market. Fuji built an entirely new platform and therefore was brave enough to take on the challenge and release it and then support issues the real owners want corrected. For us Fuji XP1 owners, we are simply rewarded with incredible IQ and a camera Fuji is committed to it's owners on and supporting it. We are fully aware of it's challenges! Completely happy I replaced my Mark II with this fabulous camera.

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