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User3787089555: In my opinion, FE12-24 is way too small to be a top quality lens, compared with Canon 11-24L and Sigma 12-24.

Fascinating. Is this the whole entitlement thing? "I have an opinion and think it deserves to be heard, even if my opinion is completely idiotic and not based in reality?"

How are Leica lenses, up to your standards? Or are they not big enough? You are a moron.

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Shlomo Goldwasser: Nice and informative review.

All that glue makes the lens look pretty low grade, from a manufacturing quality point of view. Is glue completely essential, or is it the engineer's workaround to avoid adding more screws?

I would prefer more screws and no glue, especially at this price point.

An F-22 is mostly glued together. It costs a few hundred million dollars.

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I just don't get people. I was taking grad classes a few years ago and a photographer came into our class. He took some pictures and left. Two years later my friends younger sister gave me the grad school promo book the school sent out to all potential applicants. There I was, right on the cover. Me, her, and my friends and family all thought it was the coolest thing ever. So I got a magnet and put it on my fridge.

Apparently I should have lawyered up and sued. What the *$%* is wrong with people?

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On article SLT strikes back: Sony a99 II real-world sample gallery (272 comments in total)

I am not good enough at video to need the hundreds of features the GH5 has, but how would this camera compare to it in terms of video?

I am looking to simplify my real estate business photography and pictures/videos of my kid to one system and this looks like it might work.

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On article 2016 Roundup: $1200-2000 ILCs part 2: Full-Frame (368 comments in total)
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Jack Hogan: Is this supposed to be a 2016 survey or one for 2012? Using four year old list prices as a reference is disingenuous. For instance D750 and a7II bodies cost roughly the same today. Yet a reader of the 2016 roundup would be unaware the former, with its excellent complement of lenses, has been available for sale in this price range for some time.

I got a d750 gray on ebay over a year ago for $1299. Thing has worked like a champ. That was a wonderful deal.

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On article Action-packed: Sony a6500 review (1156 comments in total)

How does this thing focus in low light? Have they improved since the A6000? I sold mine and got a D750 and the thing is just instantaneous but I am missing eye focus for shooting my toddler.

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In LR on my Mac with LR5 and 6, and now on my PC with LRCC I have the same stinking error all the time. When using the adjustments brush, after a certain amount of time it won't register. I will click on the brush, and then begin to make an adjustment, and nothing will happen. I found a workaround online that you toggle the on/off switch in the bottom left of the pane, and then it will come back to life, but that fix was from a 2013 article. How is this such a blatant bug that happens to me EVERY TIME I use the software, across multiple platforms and years, that still has not been fixed? Figure it out Adobe.

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On article Special K? Pentax K-1 Review (2668 comments in total)
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Johannes Compaan: I just had the pleasure to grab a RAW from the K1 and play around a little. Without to much of a hassle, the result was astonishing. Have a look:!Pentax-K1-Pentaxs-first-Digital-FF/c1tgn/56cb3e100cf24bcda470030d

I'm not sure if astonishing is the word I would use if I had been around any Sony sensor the past 4 years. I feel like the A6000 is capable of a pull like that and I know my D750 is more than capable of doing that. Yes its neat but not exactly earth shattering.

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So I saw that boxing picture and was like, HA! That Barry guy is boxing. And then I looked at 100% and I am pretty sure that's not Barry. But a scary, criminal version of Barry.

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Bah. Disappointing. Glad I sold my A6000 a few months ago and went the D750 route. Still have the RX100III for portability. They had been so responsive, almost to a fault, that I guess our expectations got high. Now they can't let this thing eat into their A7 series. Annoying though, why the massive price increases?like the A6000 debuted at what, $799 with a lens? This thing is a couple years removed and they are asking for that kind of premium? Doesn't make sense.

One other note, it drives me insane when people talk about the different materials for the bodies. As if the A6000 was some fragile piece of kit that broke on people all the time. With the likely hundreds of thousands of bodies that the A6000 sold I have never seen an issue of a hardware related fault or failure. But let's all demand some stronger body because that's what's necessary and we should be spending money on. Foolish.

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Nicolas Alexander Otto: Good thing Sigma lenses are getting amazingly good these days. :)

A 15-30, with VC, that outperforms the 14-24 in virtually all regards, for roughly half the price. So I'd say so.

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Can someone explain to me how Japan has one of the most modern economies in the world but in order to make simple purchases you have to calculate things in the hundreds of thousands? Like, drop a few zeroes dudes.

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Nicolas Alexander Otto: Good thing Sigma lenses are getting amazingly good these days. :)

Don't forget the Tamron FX Trinity.

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CameraLabTester: Financial Results
Operating Income
Constant Currency Basis
Exchange Rates
Billion Yen
Spin Off


This is a photography website...


These are all fairly basic terms. This is not a photography website it is a website dedicated to photographic companies and their gear. Telling us about the financial performance of a specific Camera company provides insight as to what that company might do next.

Perhaps you'd be better suited reading SonyAlphaRumors which just basically makes stuff up every day throws everything at the wall and hopes for something to stick. This article tells me that Sony will continue focusing more on higher margin products, which means its Full Frame cameras because they generate a higher profit than lower margin cameras, like the A6000.

What makes more profit... Selling a camera that costs you $1600 to make for $3,300. Or selling a camera that costs $400 to make for $700. The difference is called margin. More expensive cameras have higher margins, and therefore are more profitable per unit.

Therefore, I'm not holding my breath for an A7000.

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falconeyes: Small Sony is making a solid profit year after year - despite their bold effort at innovation and R&D.

Makes me wonder where all that money within much bigger Canon and Nikon is going to ... There must be a staff of lazy/inefficient and wealthy people to be sustained ;)

Ever see the speech Michael Douglas gives to Teldar Paper in Wall Street? Its probably alot like that.

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Tommygun45: BBUURRRNNNNNNN HIM!! Just kidding I love it.

Oh and please crop that dudes arm out in the first picture. Its a nice picture but that guys arm is killing it for me!

I really need to learn CS6. LR is nice and all but I feel like I am missing out on a lot of features.

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BBUURRRNNNNNNN HIM!! Just kidding I love it.

Oh and please crop that dudes arm out in the first picture. Its a nice picture but that guys arm is killing it for me!

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On article Canon EOS Rebel T6s Review (467 comments in total)

This piece of crap will sell in droves this holiday season. Every person who knows nothing about how cameras work but wants to get a 'good' camera will go to Best Buy and be tricked into buying this thing. God the idiocy of the masses allowing corporations to be so lazy. This isn't how its supposed to work people!

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On article Week in Review: Sony FTW (302 comments in total)

Theres no coincidence that after posting three cameras that are better than anything Canon offers you post a video of a guy taking an axe to his Canon, is there?

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On article Alpha dog: Hands-on with Sony a7R II (1124 comments in total)

Soooo what's the AF system going to be like on this thing? More advanced than the A6000? What does it focus down to EV wise?

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