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On article The whole nine yards: Canon 35mm F1.4L II USM review (339 comments in total)
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Niala2: I'm in search of a good zony f1.4 35mm.. (frightened to get one of the many badly assembled copies).
(Since my dreamed-of G-Master 43mm f1.2 (could even offer shift for at f10 lol) does not exist yet.)
My manual zeiss distagon 1.4 35mm is one of my most used lens - that I want to replace with at least face-recognition AF, since I know what the zony 55 and g-master 85mm can provide with plus Eye-AF.
Thought to finally give up adapters (though metabones getting better and better) but this 35mm makes me doubt again..
I hope to find a telling comparison - on a A7r2.
True : It's so frustrating to see reports saying "best" or "compared.." when in fact it is soooo blody obvious they should not use these terms.

I had the zeiss 35mm 1.4 on my A7RII.. but two days after renting this Canon, my Zeiss was sold and today I received my Canon. It is just THAT good. For my environmental portraits, having this 1.4 sharpness across the frame is what I needed and wow this lens is insanely sharp wide open.
Also CA is pretty much zero and AF is great with the mb iv. Love having the AF switch too.
Now I carry the 85 GM and this Canon as my killer combo !

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On article 1.4 and More: Canon EF 35mm F1.4L II comparison (250 comments in total)
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wus: You compare the Canon with it's own older brother and 2 Sigma lenses - even one with a Nikon mount -, on a Sony A7r II and then come to the conclusion that "This is the best 35mm F1.4 prime currently available", without even mentioning that Sony also has a very recent, top notch 35/1.4, the Zeiss T* FE 35mm F1.4 ZA

Does it not exist for you??? Or you think nobody is interested in this comparison???

I own the A7rii and had the Zeiss until yesterday when I sold it. After testing the Canon I just couldnt believe how much better it is. Yes, the Zeiss has great rendering and is sharp in the center but the Canon is insanely sharp at 1.4 across the whole frame. Check the DXO test...I was blown away when I took some comparison shots. Basically for my use, environmental portraits where my subject is not going to be centered, the Canon just allows me to shoot at 1.4 with amazing detail.
Besides sharpness, it is more constrasty and CA control is fantastic.
Now with the Canon and my 85mm 1.4 GM, that is my one-two combo for carrying around when going with minimal gear.

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On article Lens shootout: Sony RX10 III destroys the competition (501 comments in total)
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Snowwhite: I was excited about this Sony RX10 III until I noticed the (atmospheric?) distortion at the long end which is as bad as my FZ45 so probably due to the longer lens.
At 400mm my FZ1000 performs much better with practically zero distortion (got plenty of proof of that)
So while the Sony seems a bit sharper, especially in the corners I'm holding on to my FZ1000 because I want to get max quality at 400mm (no distortion) which the Sony seems to lack big time.
The sony does bring out a more detail, specifically noticeable in vegetation (trees)
Noise performance seems to be on par. I like the extra rings (although I rarely use the single ring on the FZ1000,) , top LCD screen, probably better battery life and USB charge/power to name a few but dislike the non fully articulated monitor which I tend to use a lot more then I thought.

LOL you would think that someone that calls it "atmospheric distortions" would understand that this has nothing to do with the lens or camera as you mentioned but alas, this is the internet. lol

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On article Photokina 2016: Hands-on with Sony a99 II (430 comments in total)
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(unknown member): PRE-ORDERS NOW OPEN FOR IT! Time to walk your talk guys. On the weekend the Canon M5 made the Amazon Top 100 but has now fallen off, the initial pre-order'ers have pre-ordered. Can the A99-II break the Top 100 on Amazon?

The A58 is at 100th position as of posting this. Surely with all the noise and how this is the death warrant for Canon, it can break 100th place? The Canon 5D-IV has been hovering in the Top 4 to Top 10 for quite awhile now, it's sitting at 6th as I post this. It's also the most expensive camera on the list as well so don't be using cost as an excuse.

Vote with your wallets! And don't feel bad if you choke at the buy button, apparently you're in good company. A bunch of 'definitely gonna buy it right away' folks over on SAR are now coming up with excuses why they aren't. Everything changes when rubber has to hit the road eh?

Doesnt matter if it sells 1 or a million, it STILL superior to the higher priced Canon 5D IV and nothing will change that. Some people just prefer to pay more for less. Its an odd world we live in.

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On article Striding Forth: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review (2169 comments in total)
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photoshack: Being that I'd used Canon (largest investment, lots of lenses), Sony A7S II, Fuji X100S I have always gone back to FF Canon bodies. I don't care about GPS but could see why travel guys would need it, I don't care about Wireless (I had it, found it clunky and too slow to actually use and chewed battery.) Occasionally I use a Camranger on the Canon for wireless previews, long exposure but really that is more of a toy.

So while people are slamming Canon for its sticking with DSLR form-factor using that old mirror and being "big", I really don't see the problem...the others cannot compare when you are looking for the results. Granted I have looked at Nikons with some envy, but to me they are the real competitor not mirrorless consumer cameras.

So this IV seems like a good upgrade for those who need those features, and the extra MP and ISO range is very good.

Is not funny when you consider that they offer a LOT more than DinoSLRs and still are smaller ;)

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On article Striding Forth: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review (2169 comments in total)
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Paul B Jones: And the Canon juggernaut relentlessly continues forward, leaving the doubters, pouters, haters and trolls floundering in its wake.

I think you misspelled that. Dont you mean continues "backwards"?

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On article Accessory Review: Tenba Cooper Messenger bag (81 comments in total)
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DanielVavrecka: For the price of these you really should consider Peak Design's Everyday Messenger bag. Awesome features and quality.

The messanger is a pretty bag to look at but nothing more. Functionality wise it sucks. Way too big and fits less than smaller bags because of its strange rigid design.
Trust me I TRIED very hard to like it because I use many Peak Design products and a local was selling me one for just $150 and including the field pouch new. No matter how I tried, it was just a waste. The Tenba DNAs and Cooper are MUCH MUCH better and useful.

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D135ima: I'm a little disappointed in the Tamron. And in general in trends to the shift towards to expensive optics. I enjoy something like STM 50 1.8 by canon and other "almost free lenses". Nobody cares about the photographers in developing countries and in the Third World. It is strange that no one has picked up the idea from Sony about 85 2.8. Tamron or Canon could implement a similar inexpensive Portrait Lens with much better casing and price about 300$ . Or just create simple 85 1.8 without all this pathos with lower price. As segment of low-cost 35 2 It seems, too, in the past. already sells a cheap and very competent 85mm 1.8 so what's your point? Why should Tamron compete there when they can do better..
Just logic

Link | Posted on Jul 14, 2016 at 16:05 UTC
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Marksphoto: Don't bother, get the excellent Canon 85mm 1.8 for $200 on craigslist as I did, it's so sharp, it's amazing!

Sure except this lens in a whole other league. Sharper than the Sigma which was already sharper than the Canon. No fringing either. So yeah..
you get what you pay for ;)

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W5JCK: I've been using a $79 Signstek EF-NEX Lens Mount Adapter for the past 18 months on my a6000 and it works well with IS, AF, and aperture control. It is really kind of a waste to pay $400 or more for a hyped up adapter that is not any better. I've also used it with my a7 and the Canon 400mm without any vignetting.

Is your adapter able to do Eye AF with the latest firmware like Metabones IV?

Link | Posted on Jul 5, 2016 at 05:17 UTC
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larry: I bought it. I've been waiting a LONG time for something with much greater IQ than my aging G9. I DL'd RAWs, and am surprised how good they look, even at high ISO's. Images sharpen up very nicely, and noise is low.

The silly sony trolls go on and on about "4k!". I'm SURE they also have the monster tripods that will be needed to see ANY improvement over the g7xii @ 1080. Of course, none of them could -afford- that tripod, after spending $300 more for the sony baloney...

This Canon will be a hit. It'll be a long 30 day wait till mine arrives.


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