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Kinematic Digit: How exciting! The Conurus partnership is working well with Metabones. I wonder how long before AF is possible. I know Conurus has always been indicated as a distinct possibility down the road that AF might be possible. If he can make Contax N lenses work on EOS, I have all the faith that Conurus will make AF work for NEX/EOS combination. I wonder if that side accessory port will allow for upgrading which might be for AF down the road?

The Metabones adapter is well constructed and does the job. Auto-focus is unecessary with Nex and focus peaking for most subjects but clearly for things like sport and children, auto-focus does make life easier.

Having said that, let me say this :) I am disappointed about this new release in that the first time I used the original version, I noticed that the tripod mount was too low and needed a spacer to stop your tripod quick release plate from impacting on the lens body. Poor design to let this get through the final considering the lens I used is the Canon 17-55mm F2.8 which I assume was one of the prime targets for videographers using this adapter. Also I am certain some images show the effects of the poor performane of the non reflective surfacesn. Products improve yes, but this is a glaring design fault.

Happy with the product overall, clearly didn't do enough homework with the first version and this is just fixing some glaring problems.

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