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Marksphoto: I can make better pictures with film and if I were a hobbyist I wouldn't even bother with digital photography. Who would want to have the same crap on their hard drives as the other million photographers do?

if you want to stand out upgrade yourself a Canon Elan for pennies on ebay and your photos will look so much better than anything digital can offer and if you have the extra $2000 to burn get yourself a decent film scanner like I did. Even scanned film is preferred to my 5D Mark2 files when shot side by side, I won't even comment how much better the prints look overall.

If you are a wedding photographer and shoot thousands of photos than an upgrade to mark3 maybe worth it to you. The rest are just equipment junkies and not photographers

Hi Marksphoto,

Most photography hobbyists are not about the darkroom (sounds like some sort of underground club nowadays), but about the framing, the lighting, the f-stops, bokeh etc... and digital photography offers them a free way of testing out their shots.

While Marksphoto's remarks come off a little a$$-like, if one would like to explore that aspect of photography, and experience what film can actually do versus modern digital, it would be greatly rewarding!

I happen to have the Elan somewhere in my cupboard... should dig it out...

Marksphoto? With Kodakcolor not in production, where and what brand of film would you recommend?

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