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I really enjoyed editing photos on an iPad years ago (but wished for a more precise device than my finger). With the advance in editing apps AND a stylus (at a decent price), this is a no brainer to finally go back and try again (with a much better experience I am sure).

But the problem remains of easily getting hi res photos from my DSLR to my iPad. Too bad no SD port on these. It would be SO much better. I guess I will have to use the same clunky process I used those many years ago - pull card from camera, insert card in computer, transfer to dropbox, then open on iPad. Ugh. While the technology has obviously improved since my last try at this, it seems the logistics of getting the photos onto the iPad are still just as bad.

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shnsea: I have to give you guys at dpreview credit for not blindly promoting Amazon Drive in your article. I am being sincere here saying it shows your editorial independence. Unless, of course, if Amazon has decided not to promote their own backup business my comment would be meaningless.

Amazon Drive merely syncs, so it's basically Dropbox. Not even close to the same product as a dedicated backup platform (and I don't think they market it as such, IIRC).

There are workarounds using 3rd party apps with Amazon that can mimic a Crashplan or a Carbonite, but now you are introducing another vendor into your backup regime - not optimal.

Agree that they should (especially now, with Crashplan exiting the consumer space) offer something similar to Crashplan.

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Jo Lovell: Not impressed with the 50% off deal I have been offered - it's only a discount on the business plan - the personal plan is not discounted for Crash Plan customers and yet it's the one most Home users will want!

The business plan is the only plan available now, since they are sunsetting the home/personal option. If the personal option was still going to be available, this article would not exist, nor the discount.

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On article Prime or zoom? LensRentals investigates (237 comments in total)

Fantastic semi-deep dive into this issue that constantly creates high drama on any photography forum. Thanks! I'm a little bit smarter about this now.

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On article Canon PowerShot G7 X Review (457 comments in total)
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monkeybrain: So the Samsung NX Mini's (also 1 inch sensor) sample's gallery was up and the camera on sale before the Canon was announced. But DPReview clearly prioritised the Canon review because it'll get more hits and have (presumably indefinitely) sidelined the Mini review despite the sample's gallery having some very promising shots.

"DPReview clearly prioritised the Canon review because it'll get more hits"

OMG. So a business prioritized resources to something more of their clients are interested in?! MADNESS.

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On article Opinion: Do we really need the Fuji X30? (327 comments in total)

More articles on the X30, please! For a camera whose very existence is being questioned, you sure are covering the hell out of it! :P

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artistguy: Does anyone using an iphone actually have an attention span long enough to do long exposure photography?;)

Possibly the stupidest comment I have seen on the internet all week. Congrats!

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On article Camera roundups: What to buy and why (286 comments in total)

LOVE these new buying guides, and the format guys - keep it up! Finally, some clarity in your editorial picks. The format helps a lot with this, FWIW.

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Stacey_K: I am very skeptical reading online reviews. Like I was looking at washing machines and NO ONE is THAT excited about washing clothes like some of the reviewed displayed. They had to be bogus positive written by the company.

You think not? Get thee to Gardenweb Home forums, and look in the APPLIANCES section. You will find a horde of people that are VERY much that into appliances - dishwashers, washing machines, etc. and they buy the latest and greatest on a regular basis. It also happens to be the best place to read reviews on the same IMO. I also had the same thoughts (do these guys REALLY gronk over washing machines this much?) when I came across it, but they KNOW their washing machines! :D

Also, those weird, crazy dishwasher people might one day wander here into a DPR forum, only to find people vociferously arguing about taking picture of a brick wall to determine quality of a camera. They they report back to THEIR forum that there exists on the web, a place that is full of BS because NO one in their right mind would be get the idea... :D

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Marty4650: Whenever I use the Amazon customer reviews, I completely ignore the 5 star and the 1 star reviews, and read only the 2, 3, and 4 star reviews. My thinking is the fanboys will give it 5 stars, so there is no point even reading those reviews, and 1 star reviews are mostly people upset because the UPS truck arrived when they weren't home, had a warranty problem, or simply didn't read the product description and ordered the wrong product.

You usually find the most informative reviews in the middle of the rankings.

As someone who has written plenty of 1 and 5 star reviews (and 2, 3 and 4 for that matter), I disagree with your assumptions, and think you do yourself a disservice by ignoring those.

Just because someone gives a product 5 stars doesn't necessarily mean that review is worthless due to fanboism, or that one star reviews are written by haters just hatin'.

Just think about real life, and things you yourself own. Have you never bought one thing that you thought was absolute crap, with no redeeming value, and that you want others to know how bad it is, as a warning? Or vice versa, was just a GREAT, almost perfect product, and has far exceeded your expectations?

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The Nihilist: I love the people that give a product one star because the shipping took longer than the projected timeframe and they haven't received it. They seem to completely miss the irony of negatively reviewing a product because they don't have the product yet.

And at least on Amazon, those reviews usually get TRASHED by others reading them, either via nasty comments, or being downvoted into oblivion, or both. It's why I love their system...let the people monitor their own reviews for the obviously horrible ones.

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Thanatham Piriyakarnjanakul: How about 'Ken Rockwell'?

He is teh greatest reviewer. Very good things only buy from his site. Not a bot. Very positive, good, products, very cheap. FIVE STARS!

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Barry Fitzgerald: And how does the study determine that x no of reviews are "fake"? Some of the top Amazon reviewers review many products some are Amazon purchases, and some will have no doubt purchased/used items elsewhere and spent the time to put their thoughts up, and sure some might not have used them! It is the users of sites like Amazon that determine if the reviews are useful or not. IMO 5 star wonder reviews are just as useless as 1 star anger reviews. It is usually quite easy to spot reviews that are of no use or out of spite/anger or irrelevant (ie packaging problems that are not real product issues) DPR has lost my interest in recent years as they miss problems that users discover with some cameras, and they tend to gloss over or not mention weaker points that users do. I find user reviews for the most part very useful. The study is just "sour grapes" few camera reviews sites are man enough to be genuinely critical.

"It is the users of sites like Amazon that determine if the reviews are useful or not." And this is why I put more faith in Amazon reviews than any other site...if enough people think it stinks, they can down vote it and it becomes invisible (but you can still read it if you click to show "hidden" posts). Likewise, if people find a review helpful, it goes to the top of the pile. Many MANY sites out there closely monitor their reviews, and only post mostly positive ones ( is a bad one to do this, for instance, but I am sure there are others).

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ManuelVilardeMacedo: Does anyone bother reading Amazon's reviews? Does anyone make up one's mind about buying a product or not based on those reviews?

Absolutely! I think it's by far the most reliable source of information on products, esp. if there are more than 30 or so. I buy 90% of my purchases from Amazon, and rarely have I been disappointed in a 4-5 star item with a statistically significant number of reviews (but it does happen - lone dissenter theory)

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BJN: Wondering why the cropped performance is featured first on a full frame lens review?

And to potential buyers: why would you buy this zoom range for APS-C?

Because I almost NEVER shoot in the 18-24 range (I have an 18-105 lens), and the Nikon 24-120 F4 is too slow for that much $$$. Vast majority of my shots using the 18-105, are 24mm and above.

And for the umpteen times that blogs, reviews, and message board folk state "but APS-C users should buy the 17-50 instead!" I say BULLHOCKEY! :) If I shot wide very often, I would use a dedicated WA lens like a 10-22 or something. And 50mm is just way too limiting on the long end IMO. If I were shooting around 50, I would just use my 50mm prime and get a sharpness and speed boost.

The 24-70 puts me in a range that I personally shoot almost all the time. I would even prefer 24-85 or 90, just for a little more reach, but hey, just glad we have this option!

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stelioskritikakis: i think tokina commited suicide creating a lens which is
- not wide enough
- not bright enough
- dx?
why choose this over the canon 10-22 or the nikon 10-24?


i'd accept though some lenses such as
- 10-20 f/4 dx
- or 24-24 f/4 fx even
or 12-24 DX like sigma created.

Sounds reasonable. By producing a wide angle lens that doesn't fit your needs, they have destroyed the entire company.

"Suicide" no less! Sheesh. Dramatic, much?

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On article Roundup: Enthusiast Zoom Compact Cameras (416 comments in total)
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mpgxsvcd: The LX7 is now a $270 camera from Panasonic Direct. It wins hands down.

No FB silliness. Just a coupon code, which put it at $275 shipped. incredible! If I didn't already have the LX-5, that would have been a no brainer.

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On photo Turn and Burn in the Afterburner! challenge (20 comments in total)

Absolutely spectacular. Esp. composition and angle for visual it.

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On article Photo contest: Enter for a chance to win $5,000 (130 comments in total)
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zakk9: The property/model release term indicates strongly that this is not really a photo competition, but a competition for photos specifically to be used for commercial marketing purposes.

Oh, and my Burmese friend can't participate. Not that she cares, but she does like to take photos. Can she be in the photo, I wonder...

Why don't you like people from Burma, dpr? Haven't they been through enough problems already? How is it OK that you discriminate upon them as well?

"So US foreign policies decide who can participate in a dpreview contest."
Of course! But it's not "just" foreign policy, it's the law. Just like the laws in whatever country you are in apply to you as well. Until Amazon or DPR makes the laws, any blame needs to be directed elsewhere, to the policymakers.

Transferring funds (of this amount) to the mentioned countries is illegal. Now it can be argued whether it should be legal or not, but I don't think this is the place to discuss that.

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