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On photo High Speed Swiss Train in the Non-Steam Locomotives challenge (2 comments in total)

Just for information, this is the German ICE high speed train travelling Switzerland on an international route.

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Doing B/W over decades I've never felt the desire to go back after going digital some 15 years ago.
Concerning the basic instructions it's worth to add that some of the developing agents have requested agitation of the tank which go from once every 3 sec to much less shake. It's important to follow the instructions of the used chemicals because the developing time may vary significantly according to the agitation scheme.
Squeegeeing: Well the film's emulsion is pretty delicate when wet so after getting in inicial time some films scratched I've never used such a device again. In addition, any type of "rub" of the film stripe may cause static charging and thus attracting dust - which adheres "brilliantly" to the still wet/humid emulsion. So no rubbing and drying the film in a dust free location.
BTW iworth to check hardness of your drinking water when you use that for rinsing because nobody wants nasty lime stains on the film. Wetting agent is your friend.

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I got the idea of new tracking feature and it sounds promising. Not sure though if/when it will make me switch from A99II to E-Mount at some point. But from my experience shooting sports events I'd like to know if the new system was tested also in situations when the camera is moved to follow the subject across a longer path - a pretty common shooting situation in trail running, mountainbike trail riding, but also surfing, for instance. Does the new tracking help to keep the focus on the subject during the sweep? If not tested yet, I could imagine that more photographers would like to have an assessment about this. Thanks.

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Christopher Tanner: I'd like to think that my D750 is worth more than $500.00 No thanks Sony.

In my understanding it's not very clear that Sony's offer is to pay an additional over the value one would get when trading in one's current cam. In any case this money has to come from somewhere. Do the current prices include already that margin? In other words, could the current prices minus the offered bonus be considered as more realistic market prices? Now imagine a mass application to that programm. Who would buy all the traded in stuff? or in other words, their trade-in value is likely to drop enormously - since the offer of such stuff on the used market increases, the prices will drop. At least from my POV very bad idea. Why doesn't Sony simply offer a rebate programm w/o any relation to the current equipment?

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Neither of the presented solutions look practical to me because for shooting they are too low above one's head and arkward positioning would be needed to avoid numbrella or hat umbrella appear in the frame - other than shooting longer tele (but who would shoot longer tele in rain).

Here's my solution: fit some 60-70cm long plastic tube (wasterwater, 32-50mm diam.) to your photo rucksack. Then put into that tube the handle of one of those nice more wind resistant bigger umbrellas with straight handle/stick and you're pretty much done.

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As an owner of the RX10M1 I have to say: no surprise here. Especially concerning the performance of AF-C which I never came to like. Whenever trying to work with it (in situations I'd shoot AF-C on my A99) I noticed strange and pretty much unpreditcable operation. So AF-S turned out as the only reliable AF mode on the RX10 M1 for me.
Your results bear a secondary (interesting) question: what's about the AF performance of the new A7 II / A7r II and the coming A7s II in such real life conditions? Are they at least up to the performance of the PDAF of the A77 II or the A99?

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On photo Eurasian sparrowhawk perched on a fence in the Avians up close and personal challenge (2 comments in total)

To Cjf2: Thanks for the comment and possible correction. I've seen this bird and another hovering to look out for prey - and this hovering for me was typical for what I know of sparrowhawk. But I agree that the photos on wikipedia of a sparrowhawk look a bit different so probably you're right.

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On photo Machine Organics in the The Harvest challenge (1 comment in total)

Sorry, this photo is not about harvest.

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On photo Rice farmers in the The Harvest challenge (2 comments in total)

Sorry, this is not a "harvest" photo.

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On photo in the rice field in the The Harvest challenge (1 comment in total)

Sorry, but this is not a "harvest" photo.

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On photo the rise is done in the The Harvest challenge (1 comment in total)

Sorry but this is not a "harvest" photo.

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