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Waiting for D800
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Wow, Canon and Nikon people are quite envious of this announcement!

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D800 is the best right now. Just look at the sensor ratings

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On article Photoshop CS6 Beta: New Features for Photographers (154 comments in total)

How much is this upgrade?

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freeelectron: Why no GPS??

Cost saving!

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falconeyes: I don't get it.
What is the purpose of up to 12fps is the camera's AF.C system isn't up to the task. Or what's the purpose of SLT at all then?

I refer to
which tested that A77 AF.C can't compete with 7D or even a K-5. Even the NEX7 beats the A77 when it comes to keep focus on an arriving subject (all according to the source above).

I think AF.C performance is crucial for the SLT system to succeed as it is it's raison d'etre. I wonder why Sony doesn't invest more in this area then ... It seems they don't believe into the long-term future of SLT or SLR ...

and you based it on one review above? A77 has one of the fastest AF according to many reviews!

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World Peace: where is the preview for HVL-LE1 LED panel?

I want to read reviews before buying it! Hope you get it!

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Kirppu: What is this :D "shoot 1080p video at 60 or 24 fps (50 or 25 on European models)" European users get 10fps less... for why, how hard it's to make settings NTSC/PAL to the video settings menu?

Marketing department has been taken of the leash "Sony's statement that the quality of this digital zooming is 'nearly equivalent' to optical zooming" or they have really come up with some revolutionaly upscale method.

It has something to do with US vs Europe video standards...

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where is the preview for HVL-LE1 LED panel?

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