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  • CMOS is vastly superior for image quality, speed, low light performance, speed, low noise, ...
  • Mexico is very fond of strange fees.  If you visit a Mayan site with a GoPro or other device which is deemed to be primarily a video recorder you have to pay an additional fee, but if it's camera ...
  • Replied in M50 Video Rig
    They can take some nice video.  I've been using mine with adapted glass and macro tubes to do macro videos of Monarch caterpillars.  The differentiation between mid-range and high-end seems to get ...
  • I've had no trouble with accuracy on my smartphone for tagging presuming your app can exclude "network location" and control for accuracy.  When I'm on a hike I will use the track from my garmin ...
  • The arctic poses additional complications for GPS that are not present in mid latitudes. From the article:
  • Transfer all photos, clean cards/reader contacts, format card and conform it works in the camera and in the computer.  If it reoccurs then I would dump the card and replace it, not worth the risk.
  • When it's clear the subject is occluded and small I'll throw on manual focus and use peaking to get focus.  You could use the single focus point and use the old-school focus and recompose rather ...
  • Aperture with good light and Shutter when I start to lose the light is 95% of my shooting, both with auto-ISO.  Manual for some special shots where I'm not worried about the time to get the ...
  • Hot Tip: Not sure your camera time is correct, take a picture of your watch/phone clock.  You can then use that image time offset to correct a whole batch of pictures easily to the second!
  • On my Moto G7 I leave `GPS Logger for Android` running 24/7 and it uses between 3-5% of the battery.
  • I've been using 'GPS Logger for Android' a free and open source logger.  I set it up to use GPS only, log a point every 60 seconds, 5 meter accuracy, and every 2 hours it uploads to google drive.  ...
  • As a photo it was good, well lit and composed.  Designed to evoke emotion or connect with the viewer. As photojournalism it sucked since it was staged, with the subject acting, and designed not to ...
  • A journalist should use photos to reveal the truth, not obscure it.  A true and accurate photo could, with the wrong timing or wrong angle, be as deceptive as those created in photoshop or one ...
  • Submitted a challenge entry Starling
    Fledgling starling along the path
    Placed 40th in the challenge. Fledgling starling along the path
  • Submitted a challenge entry Blue Heron
    Blue Heron - Indian Pond at SUNY Albany
    Placed 17th in the challenge. Blue Heron - Indian Pond at SUNY Albany
  • Sounds like the few unfortunate run-ins I've had with OneDrive.
  • The only photos I've lost were on a transcend card.  The card didn't just stop writing it just nuked itself.
  • On the low end for pricing is blackblaze, wasabi, google storage and icloud;  roughly $110/2tb/year ( give or take $10 ).  They are nice but you are paying per gb stored every month. For that price ...
  • The numbers could just indicate that people are not bothering to use the gearlist tool or that new signups to dpreview have petered out as the prosumer camera market has.
  • Replied in Samsung
    Kingston... I've had SSDs and SDs fail... never again. The only photos I lost was a transcend.
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