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These are very ordinary portraits so their technical details don't mean a thing.

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BaldCol: Overpriced and overhyped like all Apple products but as long as people keep buying them why should they care.

Custom built PC's from a variety of makers other than the usual suspects (Dell, HP, Lenovo et al) are better than the high-priced Macs using only top-quality materials. P.S. You get much more machine for less money. Try configuring a MAC with multiple SSD drives, 32-64 G Ram, much better cooling and power supply and see what you get. P.P.S. And this has been true for years.

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Shouldn't this post have appeared in the old Sports Illustrated Column "Signs that the apocalypse is upon us"?

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I saw a show of her work in Washington a few weeks ago at the National Gallery. The prints are extremely large (if memory serves at least five feet or more on the long side). Many observers admire her direct, unaffected approach. I find them the perfect portraits for our age: large (because it's possible and trendy); straight-forward (because Djkstra's is a simplistic vision); and prosaic (because the more "artless" an image the theory goes the more genuine)

In the end, banality at any size is still banal.

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On article Archos to make Kodak-branded Android tablets (142 comments in total)
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Fujica: — Make America Great Again —
With Kodak? - The US is becoming more of a joke each day.
What a parody this is.

"Make America 1950 Again!"

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On article iPhone 7 Plus survives 13 hours in icy Russian river (98 comments in total)

You won't mind if I am unimpressed by news coming out of Russia???!!!

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photo_rb: Was there an addendum for the exploding washing machines?

I know what you mean. We live in an age of internet reviews and rather than help me make choices I find them very confusing. An item can have a 4.3 rating but those negative ratings (once one reads them and verifies the person isn't just grinding an axe) give one pause. It rarely comes down to a matter of taste unless a negative reviewer gives a poor rating because they wanted the item in brown but it only comes in black. So many of the negative reviews are thoughtful, documented and reason to hesitate. For all of the information at our fingertips these days, the decision is complicated for virtually any item that has more than one moving part or circuit.

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photo_rb: Was there an addendum for the exploding washing machines?

Ah, yes, the washing machines. I had to have my Samsung washing machine repaired because of the potential explosion and it was quite the painful experience. I also have a Samsung "Smart" TV which is the least intelligent electronic device I have ever owned. Samsung could not give me one of their products going forward. Three strikes and they are out.

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SELEES: All of this nonsense could have been avoided if Samsung and all other players, namely APPLE, would get it out of their heads that we consumers are desperate for a thinner phone.

I have NEVER heard anyone, after getting their new Apple iPhone or Samsung Note etc, say, "Love the phone but gee I wish it was thinner!" No!

We all want others things like, better camera, better battery life (ie: thicker, bigger longer lasting) and in the case of Apple in particular, a MicroSD card slot so that we can add our own memory expansion without the Apple Tax!

Hardly rambling

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If you need a Steadicam you won't be using a smartphone.

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On article 2016 DPReview Readers' Best Shots: People (93 comments in total)
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timo: I wish people would back-off on the post-processing. All of these are intrinsically great shots, but some of them have been ruined on the computer.

None more so than the first image.

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On article TIME releases 100 most influential images of all time (165 comments in total)
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KKJohn: Where is Eugene Smith's photo of mother bathing her son in the Japanese Minamata mercury poisoning? That had an amazing impression on me at the time, and besides being a great photo, it helped start community and government action against the dangers of industrial pollution.

You might add Dorothea Lange's Migrant Mother, Arthur Rothstein's Dust Bowl, etc.. I think it fair to say that each generation or two has in its collective mind's eye "iconic images". Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald.

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Tom Goodman: Nicephore Niepse. I've got plenty of time.

Oops! Niepce. At least a few people got it. My MAL

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Nicephore Niepse. I've got plenty of time.

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I have owned and used a Canon Powershot SD850, Canon Powershot S95, a Nikon D300, a Nikon D700, a Sony DSC RX100. and a Nikon D750. I have produced images I value on all of them and I have exhibited and sold images from each of them. In the end, professional is defined by the ends, not the means.

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Fujica: So semi-pro is only for those cameras that are 35mm sensor format (or larger).

Don't tell that to those hundred of thousands of photographers that earn their money in photography with their Nikon D500 / D300, Fujifilm X-T1, X-Pro2, Canon 6D or 7D MKII, and then there are still many photographers that can earn a living with photography with even less capable cameras.

The presumption that sensor size determines if a camera is 'semi-pro' or that only full frame cameras are used by (semi-)professionals is absolutely ridiculous.

Ultimately, your conclusion can be translated thus: Professional is defined by results, not means!

Link | Posted on Nov 15, 2016 at 20:36 UTC
On article Google publishes gallery from upcoming Pixel smartphone (158 comments in total)

When I only have my cellphone with me and I see something that intrigues me visually my first reaction is one of regret I do not have a quality camera with me and my second reaction is to wonder whether or not I could phone home and have that camera delivered!

Link | Posted on Oct 11, 2016 at 12:50 UTC as 13th comment

But can I make phone calls from it?

Link | Posted on Oct 6, 2016 at 17:43 UTC as 47th comment | 1 reply

The developers of this software have too much time on their hands.

Link | Posted on May 28, 2016 at 12:21 UTC as 16th comment
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usb port: Nikon should really initiates recall after the parts are at least in stock for certain amount for the initial surge of repairs.

Had I known the delay, I would have postpone the mail in.

Previous service turnaround was faster, but not this time.

I tested the camera and there are new spots on the sensor. I compared images of clear blue sky before and after repair and the spots appeared after the repair. I have sent samples to Nikon and am extremely displeased with them.

Link | Posted on Mar 18, 2016 at 14:06 UTC
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