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For what it's worth, when I represented photographers the overwhelming majority of them shot Fuji film when using color (which was the majority of assignments by far). So, it can be argued among other factors Kodak's decline came not only because of whatever failures management made in a shifting environment but because so many professionals (based on my sample of dozens of photographers) preferred another company's film.

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The prices of fast lens these days are ridiculous. Many cost more than the cameras they fit.

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xeppelin: LOL. "cloud" is just another word for "digital nirvana."

I know why I only upload jpg/copies of images and only to my own webspace, never to externally run cloud services.

Horshack. My poor reading of your post. I'd delete my comment but , then, your followup wouldn't make much sense. Apologies.

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xeppelin: LOL. "cloud" is just another word for "digital nirvana."

I know why I only upload jpg/copies of images and only to my own webspace, never to externally run cloud services.

Reply to Horshack. If there were redundant copies the company wouldn't be advising customers of losses.

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Wow, I've always wanted to take pictures holding two devices at the same time.

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Tom_A: It would be very useful to see an estimation of how many of a variety of colour photos, say at A4 size can be orinted with 1 set of cartridges, and how much replacement cartridges cost.

S_Connor: I don't know what labs you use but if you make a lot of prints, printing at home is cheaper even when amortizing the cost of printer and inks.

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What more proof do we need that the vision not the equipment is what matters?

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A photo test taken through a window. How lazy can you be?

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As the owner of the D750 I can attest to the poor quality of repair work at one of Nikon's authorized sites as well as its Melville site. In the former case, Nikon sent out my camera without informing me. Only after its return, in poorer working condition than when it went out, did I discover Melville didn't do the work. When I sent the camera out again following a discussion directly with Nikon, the work was done in Melville and it was even worse. Finally, Nikon sent me a brand new camera. Factory authorized and Factory direct made no difference in my case.

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My definition of "museum quality prints" is a print in a museum. I'd rather have museums define that quality than printer manufacturers.

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Franz Weber: Sony engineers know how to make the best auto focus system and the sharpest lenses.

Now they need to hire some that know how to design a comfortable grip and nice buttons.

How many years now have they made this camera and its seven iterations with no secure grip? Astonishingly lack of response to user complaints and the presence of multiple third party marketers of grips.

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Gord Clark - Rockburn QC: There is absolutely no way, I'm going to fork out $1,200 for this cheap-looking Sony camera. The square lens opening depicts the cheap, low-ball, below entry-level point 'n shoot, disposable, plastic cameras.

I never thought I would asses a camera on looks, The specs are great, but I have to draw the line somewhere.


These are very sturdy cameras but I strongly urge anyone buying any of its iterations purchase one of the many third party grips made for it. I purchased a Freniac grip for mine and cannot imagine using the camera without it. The body without a grip is very slippery. The grip solves that problem completely.

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On article DPReview TV: Sony RX100 VII review (292 comments in total)

I jumped to the "Compared to smartphones" section of the review and could not believe what I was hearing. No smartphone can produce the same results as this or any other iteration of a 1" sensor camera from Sony.

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CallumG: The big question is, will it be cheaper?

By 2029 perhaps

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TomCodyPleasedToMeetYa: There are always too many negative posters on DPR, so I hate to join that throng, but to be honest I hardly saw any memorable images here, especially from the 90s and 00s and on - they nearly all looked like snapshots with no point of interest.

It's a nice project and reasonably well put together (the music mix rather jars), but I didn't see anything that would make me want to come back again.

It's a totally different experience and scale I know, but I have watched the documentary Everybody Street about 10 times, and every time I see something new and captivating. So it's disappointing not to see anything I really liked out of the dozens of more modern images (vintage images are always interesting to examine).

I hesitated to post for precisely the same reason you cite, but since you broke the ice I will add:
1. There is a well-established definition of "Street Photography" and these images do not fall within it. Instead, they are mostly very prosaic documents of street scenes.
2. The music is simply awful.
3. The colorization of some images is also awful.
4. The selections seem utterly arbitrary for the most part.

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Normally these articles don't elicit a response from me but as the owner of TWO failed Nikon D750's I am alarmed to see a disturbing pattern. My first D750 was recalled for a shutter issue. That unit was returned to me allegedly fixed free of charge only to have the shutter completely fail. After many complaints over a long period of time including escalating those complaints to the top, Nikon finally furnished me with a brand new unit.

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Years ago, when I represented photographers, we would occasionally get two kinds of requests that sent us scurrying in the opposite direction. One was the predictable request that if we shot the ad agency's Christmas card for free we would receive paid work down the road. We received a 100 percent negative return on those. The other was the corporate client who would inevitably ask us to shoot a few head shots of executives while we were on site for another project. We called that the "while you're here can you fix the toilet" request.

The expectation of giving work for free INCLUDING the expenses contributed to the downgrading of the professional's worth. We resisted from the outset but you can imagine how clients reacted.

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Hey, don't laugh at the price. It's the first Point & Shoot lens. You just aim and say "Make me a picture" and for $4595 the lens does all the rest.

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Windeguy: I’m sure more legislation will prevent this from happening in the future.

I am not.

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Inevitable. Deploying them in restricted airspace or areas where their presence causes danger is no different than yelling fire in a theater and should be punished severely.

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