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scotthunter: How would it work on a 2732 x 2048 iPad Pro 12.9" when the maximum resolution supported is 1080 x 1080? The average selfie obsessed millennial probably doesn't own an iPad anyway as they live their life through a phone screen.

This. It already looks ridiculous to browse Instagram on a high-resolution desktop screen. Developing an iPad app would change a lot for their power-user-influencers who might suddenly care about digital rights management.

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Curtis Morgan: I've been on Flickr's Pro plan since 2007. I'm shaking my head as I see price increase after price increase, is it worth it? I don't make money from my images, never have, never will as I'm a hobbyist. I love to share ALL my work and to see others work. I have to ask: Is it time to delete literally 6,000 images to get under the 1,000 free limit? I've been to around 30 countries (I'm in the military, so I'm not rich!) and have albums for them. These images mean a lot to me. Deleting 6,000 of those images doesn't seem right but neither does $60 a year to keep them going..

When you cancel Pro, they don't delete your previously-uploaded photos (despite what they stated previously). They just prevent you from uploading. Just upload a final 'goodbye Flickr' photo with a link to wherever you'll be posting photos in the future and cut all ties to the site.

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The last patch made touchscreen mode go from 'Instantly crash Lightroom with option to send crash report' to 'Instantly crash Lightroom without option to send crash report'. Can't wait to see what this new patch does... /s

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sdgreen: What a miserable bunch of comments. It makes more sense for everybody to provide continual updates to a product than keep releasing new versions. I would bet it's easier to plan & implement. The photographers CC plan is excellent value for money especially compared to what cinematographers have to pay for software (that from a Ben Long tutorial).

I was reluctant to embrace the monthly fee but $9.99/month for Photoshop and Lightroom really can't be beat. Cheaper than upgrading annually or even biennially under the old system.

I have no problem with the changes described above. BUT if at some point, Lightroom Classic is discontinued and our only option is to work with cloud-based libraries... I'll be forced to find new software. And since Classic requires a subscription and can't run locally without one, Adobe could discontinue it at any point and leave you with no other option than to pay exorbitant prices for cloud storage which many people can't even use due to transfer speeds.

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So the iPad app is now called 'Lightroom' and also works on desktops.
And normal Lightroom is now called 'Lightroom Classic' for some reason.
Got it.

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All-Time Favorite Canon lens would probably be the 10-22 EF-S. I haven't owned it for years, since moving to full frame, but it got me interested in architectural photography. Plus, the resolution you can get from that lens is unlike any other EF-S lens I'm aware of. I sometimes miss it :D

Favorite Currently-owned Canon lens would be the 24-70L II. I just finally picked it up three months ago to replace my aging 28-70L and couldn't be happier with it.

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Davud: Funny no one mentions a prime.
My favorite would be 85mm f/1.2L II

To a lens' designer, I would assume a fast zoom would be the most challenging to engineer... which could explain their choices.

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Aucoin: I use the manfrotto tabletop. works a treat.

The Manfrotto one is great. Inexpensive and sturdy enough to hold a 5D with a short lens. And doesn't look like a weird cartoon moon lander.

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This seems so similar to the 054 w/ Q2 plate... Lighter, but the same load capacity. And cheaper.

If this is released in the US, will it replace the 054?

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Mike Sandman: This is great news. I use Amazon's "Glacier" service to archive about 400 GB of photo files at a cost of about $4.00 a month, and those files are stored in a way that delays access depending on Amazon' Web Services (AWS) traffic load. No-delay access for an unlimited amount of photo storage for $12 a year is a very good deal. Amazon's AWS is the largest provider of on-line storage, and there's excellent redundancy & uptime.

My NAS box provides an interface for transferring files to Glacier.

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tex: Looks like a Kata 3N1 to surprise, since Manfrotto was the distributor...

Definitely the 3N1 series. Manfrotto replaced everything yellow with grey or red padding and added $100 to the price...

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