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Kodachrome200: I wanna love these mirrorless camera's but they always seem to miss the mark by a bit. With an aps-c sensor physics is going to require that the lenses are essentially dslr sized. this makes the camera only marginally more portable.

The micro 4/3rds seems to be the right balance. but there are still some wierd issues. Like the fact that you can't get a thin profile standard prime for it. witch oddly enough you can for the large 4/3rds cameras. And dont say use an adapter, the is too big. Also the only 4/3rds camera that is reasonably small and acceptably powerfull is the olympus e-pl3. witch comes with a kit zoom that is not pocket sized. and you CANT buy it without it. (witch makes me ask what about upgraders?). I like that panasonic pancake zoom lens. combined with a small standard prime that was also pocket sized you could have a lot of photo power in your pocket.

This new sony is massive in the world of camera thats only justification is they are more portable though.

Not true: lenses can be better, smaller, lighter, cheaper because there is no mirror. For example mirrors forced manufacturers to build retrofocal lenses.

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samhain: Please Fujifilm-please please please make them as fast as possible- this is aimed at 'professional shooters', so give us professional glass!! Your cutting into the leica ballpark, people will pay an extra couple of hundred dollars for f1.4 & f1.8!! Fast glass!!!

Based on what? I am a pro and I don't care for large aperture lenses.

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Chaitanya S: I want to see some good compact primes from tamron or sigma for the mirrorless cameras.

Did you overlook the Sony sel24/1,8?

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JohnCarolan: As others have said, nice sensor/camera, but lens options let it down. I'm not interested in zooms, I want a compact large aperture prime, either a 35, 40 or 50mm equivalent. The Zeiss is too big and too expensive. Fuji X100 looking more and more attractive.

Stop crying like a baby.

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novak977: For anyone with just a bit of elementary education in video recording there is no issue.
This is not pixel peeping - this is way worse - in normal shooting situations, regular panning, and moving, there is no clicking.
Only if you start shaking it - or moving it quite dast teh way you would normally do, you would here the sound.
I have few hours already with it, and never heard a click/
I will fix it, too, but mostly for the resale reasons. And I am sure it will be a proper fix as Sony doesn't need this kind of PR.

It does require sudden movement. Also it is only noticable when ambient sound levels are very low.

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