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On article D500 owner formally accuses Nikon of false advertising (477 comments in total)

WiFi on a Nikon is a gimmick which is useable.
It is certainly not the mean reason to buy a camera, not a reason at all...
I use it to send some pics to my phone, from where I can send those pics trough WhatApp to my kids, other family and friends.
For the rest, I don't care about WiFi or whatever. A Nikon cam is made for making pictures, very good pictures.

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I love my D750.
Mine could be affected by "flaregate", but the cam is okay.
So I didn't send it in.
With this, my cam isn't affected. So again, my can stays home...
Can it happen in the future? Could be...
But everything can happen in the future, also with your Canon or Sony.
They all have had there problems.
Don't spend much time at complaining and worrying, that's not healthy.
Keep on living and enjoy photography.

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On article Vote now for Best Product of 2015! (130 comments in total)

my choice isn't at your tiny list.
So no vote from me...

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I have my D750 for nearly a year now.
Love it, everytime I use it.
I nearly don't use my flash anymore.

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On article 2015 Roundup: Interchangeable Lens Cameras $1200-2000 (328 comments in total)


the Nikon D750 should be in this group.
Not in the bottemline of the next group!

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On article 2015 Roundup: Advanced Zoom Compacts (148 comments in total)

nice te see and to read this years Round Ups.
But you guys from Dpreview have the taken the Nikon D750 a class to high.
It's much, much better to compare that camera with the rest of its "own" class, the cameras from your $1200 - $2000 class.
The same for the Sony A7S and A99.

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here's written, the sensor allows ISO ratings above ISO 6400.
Even ISO 12,500.
But on the spec sheet as we can find at the Leica site it says, the S is going towards ISO 1600... Maybe in auto ISO?
What is the truth?

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On article Samsung NX1 real-world sample images (324 comments in total)


was it forbidden to make pictures above ISO1600??
These pics can be made by every pretty good camera.

At the Photokina I tried the NX1, at the cameramonitor it had better pics at ISO12800 as my E-M5 with ISO6400.
To make a compareson at lower, usefull ISOs, you need a bigger and better screen (a computer).
(Or Dpreview...)

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On article Sony a7R teardown! Roger Cicala gets his hands dirty (135 comments in total)

Lens Rentals,
nice pictures to look at, well done.

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On article Sony a7R teardown! Roger Cicala gets his hands dirty (135 comments in total)
In reply to:

CameraLabTester: "A typical DSLR has around 120 screws of 11 different sizes."

This cadaver had only 29 screws of just three different sizes.

THAT says a LOT of what's going on inside those R&D labs... they deliver.

Other brands just re-badge, clone and tweak.


CameraLabTester, I like the phrase:
This cadaver had only 29 screws of just three different sizes...
Should it mean that it will never work again?
I like the new A7 (r), but it should have some kind of Image Stabiliser inside.
Like all the new big Sony's

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On article Enthusiast interchangeable lens camera roundup (2013) (466 comments in total)


a pity you didn't test the Sony A7 in this test.
His test scene samples are very inpressive

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What others mentioned before.
This is not a nice move from Nikon.
Why not a decent repair for D600 owners?
Trying to keep your costumers in your shop for the rest of their life.
No, dump those D600 owners and try to get new customers, who will be screwed the next time...
D600 owners are screwed.

Nikon, no thanks...

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On article Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction (1852 comments in total)


I don't care a bit.
Now I use CS6, If I can't use it anymore I'll dump Adobe and use something else.
Photoshop is not a sacred program...
Dear Mr. Hendrickson, have a nice life.

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On article Photokina 2012: Around the Show (26 comments in total)


thanks for this very nice picture story.
Like the other reports, previews and interviews. I enjoyed them.
Barney, Lars, and Richard. You did very well, thank you.

Next time I have to go myself... it's only 150 km for me...

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On article High End P&S versus Micro Four Thirds (24 comments in total)

nice comparison, but...
If you make a comparison in August 2012, please don't use cameras from Januari 2011 and July 2011.
I understand you have those two cams, but you had to do this in 2011.
Now it was better to compare the OM-D with ??.

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On article User Guide: Getting the most out of the Olympus E-M5 (271 comments in total)

I really like this camera.
Very nice to read that Olympus makes such a good camera.
Also very nice Olympus makes very, very good lightsensitive lenses.
Why doesn't Olympus make it that way, we can use these two very good products together!!
Shame on Olympus!
Pity for me...

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