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BigBen08: Nothing that would benefit me.

Come on abortabort, BigBen08 'is' the center of the known universe OR thinks his banal comment is !!

Kinda like dogs peeing on things no ?

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JJ Rodin: How in the world is this thing cooled !!!!? I assume piping and the case itself is the heat sink, but will it be used to keep coffee warm too ? ;)

Lots of $$, would buy one fabulous desktop that would beat this if the correct GPU chosen & lovely large display.

But impressive nonetheless !!!

techjedi, I bet w/o a heat sink the i7 you pose would NOT maintain those temps or it would NOT need a heat sink at all, I would bet those #'s are with some std sized heat sink - especially if you churning on some 4khd conversion or rendering some heavy 100% cpu project - it is silly to expect that don't you think !?

Eric Hensel - Pssst you can buy 4khd screens with touch you know!

But who with a desktop would really want to use touch but occasionally ? I/most had rather have mouse/keyboard and a drawing pad - of course all those can be added to this.

Constantly reaching out with hands has to be tiresome - at least the normal desktop allows some arm relief - not perfect until thought control is reliable and possible.

Just a desktop allows screen size, ram, SSD/HDD flexibility, MUCH more sensible if you actually use it for 'studio' work - don't you think ?

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maxnimo: Looks like something out of the 23rd century - which makes me wonder what the 23rd century will bring.

I certainly hope plug into brain and thought recognition by then !!!!

But for most of us, it would just display porn constantly I guess !! ;)

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How in the world is this thing cooled !!!!? I assume piping and the case itself is the heat sink, but will it be used to keep coffee warm too ? ;)

Lots of $$, would buy one fabulous desktop that would beat this if the correct GPU chosen & lovely large display.

But impressive nonetheless !!!

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On article Brevite launches two new Incognito camera backpacks (22 comments in total)

At least ONE thing is incredible about these bags - the price !! must be LOTS of profit in these bags!!

Link | Posted on Aug 10, 2016 at 04:06 UTC as 10th comment
On article Second Time Around: Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Review (327 comments in total)

On a integrated lens cam, why does it not make sense to have multiple studio images at diff focal length, 3 seems to be reasonable - wide, middle,full zoom.

Of course more work but a quick pic can not be that hard to do ?

Just a point that how can 'we' judge the zoom lens if not multiple studio shots to view ?

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On article Second Time Around: Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Review (327 comments in total)
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larry: The review heavily dings the G7xii's lens, but the comparometer shows the canon is better across 75% of the frame. (Look at the RAW images!) And to quote them loosely, the canon has a 50% good/bad rate on lenses, but the sony is 25% good **75%** bad...

When did the outer 10% of the far corners become so photographically important?!

I compared (aka pixel-peeped at 200% zoom, over 5 weeks) the $700 G7xii to a 5Diii and 24-70ii, and I'm thrilled with the G7xii. The sony is not worth ~30% more!

These 1" sensors are still very small, so just like 1/2.3" sensors, a <=75% pixel peep is a 'fair' gauge of IQ, I never would judge a 1/2.3" at 100% except for focus judging, IQ judging @ 100% is silly/non-sense !!

The ONLY cam I have seen that has fabulous 100% is a foveon sensor cam, the prev gen mostly (the newest gen sensor possibly less so), are completely USABLE @ 100% or even higher if going for a bayer equiv pixel quality.

But that is just the tech of sensor, bayer sensors are not really great at 100% no matter the cam, at least not like foveon.

Not to say that foveon sensors do NOT have issues (green cast/noise/poor s/w/etc)- those are well documented - but a good exposure/low ISO/great lens = fabulous IQ.

A few years back saw a woman photographer's comparing a DP1 to 5Diii w/16-35mm, same shot/time and the foveon clearly bettered the Canon, I would venture to say ANY bayer sensor would have been as poor, maybe better lens though.

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Exactly who needs this 360 coverage and for what purpose beyond security or event recording ???

Is this for group selfies ?

Pssst, Hint Hint, no-one really wants to see your selfies unless a gorgeous half/full nude woman otherwise NO Do NOT offend us !!

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On article Fujifilm X-T10 Review (508 comments in total)

I truly love all the 'attack the messenger' and not 'attack the message or in this case the review/reviewer/camera'.

Love these personal confrontations, really helps me understand the merits of the cam, and of course makes me a MUCH better photographer !!

Thanks, so enlightening !!

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Horshack: Many luxury/premium brands have tried earning extra revenue by licensing their name to downmarket products but it's a very difficult line to walk. It's very easy for such products to tarnish one's reputation for quality and exclusive appeal. But if those products result in a higher total revenue for the company then it's hard to justify not taking the downmarket plunge. The question is whether that revenue equation holds true in the long term.

I know I certainly think less of the Zeiss brand from some of the Sony lens with that blue label !!

OTOH, the very expensive Zeiss (Otus, etc) are quite nice lens, if you can sell yours and the neighbor's car for one !! ;)

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Actually always wondered why several of those Sony Zeiss lens were only just so-so, but yet expensive enough to be better optically.

I even asked if Zeiss designed the lens and Sony manufactured them or exactly what, now we know more.

Zeiss makes some great lens and you PAY for them !!

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freediverx: That guy has done more damage to the country than the terrorists.

Also, as late as 1989, the US was singing praises for Saddam and how he brought many good things to Iraq, power, clean water, schools (not brainless Islamic only schools), infrastructure, something the US can not even today seem to care to upgrade even rusted out bridges or pathetic elec distribution/fail-safe systems, airports, etc.

Open the skull and think this thru, revelations may occur in that head !!

Explosion of perspective and understanding of the evil perpetrated by the W admin against the ppl of Iraq and the middle east !!

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freediverx: That guy has done more damage to the country than the terrorists.

The evidence is obvious to any objectively thinking person. The middle east situation is largely due to DC and moron W, etc.

Saddam was constrained and contained, and the inspectors did not find any evidence of WMD at the time and US certainly has NOT found any since. The area was completely De-stablized due to the vacuum created by destroying a bad/evil stabilizing force in the region - Saddam H. !!

We now see what 'democracy' has brought us to Iraq and the region, PURE JOY !! 'IF' you are a war machine producer, Dick Cheney, and prosper by the machine of killing innocents and the anti-US forces.

Just because a ppl is anti-US does not mean they are evil, they desire something besides the $$ corrupted western society, nothing fundamentally wrong or evil with that.

Their country, their choice, NOT the US's right to force things on a sovereign ppl/nation is it?

Who/what gave us that right, Dickhead Cheney, I am sure NOT !!

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acidic: I think Dick Cheney should take Donald Trump on a hunting trip.

No, it is Trump who will Trump-Over Cheney and DC will be blasted by the Bombastic BlowHard Bigger than anyone Trump !!

Evil Liar vs Evil Liar !! ;)


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EarthSmiles: At the beginning of the Iraq war, our local newspaper printed a section called, "Portraits of Valor." It featured the stories and portraits of U.S. soldiers and Marines killed in Iraq. The stories were often the same. The deceased were 21- or 22-years old who volunteered to defend their country after the 9/11 attack. Instead they were diverted to Iraq for lies, Halliburton/KBR oil profits, and Bush "family pride." Hence the negative response to these portraits of evil. Both Bush and Cheney should be staring at the inside wall of a federal penitentiary. You could say that since this is a photography forum we should confine our comments to photo technique, but the subject is so charged and polarized that is hardly possible. The damage these men did with their lies continues to unfold on a daily basis.

You are incorrect, Saddam did let in inspectors, not as quickly as desired but he let them look at nearly all desired places.

The report from Saddam and the listing of his current Chemical weapons was very much correct and verified, once the US had invaded and did EVERYTHING to discover the 'very absent' WMD !

As one chem weapon expert said, 'most houses have chemicals under their kitchen sink that are more toxic and deadly than ANY of Saddam's very OLD and outdated and never replaced or updated Chemical WMD' !!!!

Yes Saddam used chem weapons on his own 'ppl' put those same ppl were helped and aligned with the Iranians, and the US military have killed them with the same ferocity !!

The US military (and coalition troops) killed WAY more than 300,000 Iragi's !!! Even dumb 'W' admitted to approx 300,000 Iraqi's killed.

What would you have done if they were your brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors - hate the US ? YOU BETCHA !!!!!!

Karma ??

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maxnimo: For indoor shots those photos look quite good, except the contrast is a bit too low and the black level too high, a phenomenon that's usually caused by the presence of pure evil in the scene.

If the US had any courage, we would have had war atrocity trials against Bush,Cheney,Wolfowitz,Rumsfeld, etc.

Lies of WMD, completely fabricated out of 'desire' not fact or evidence, just pure wishful thinking, thinking of revenge and retaliation for Saddam's earlier attack against 'daddy' and his insolence !!

But ppl, sometimes it is obvious there is evil at work, the 'fruit is the proof' !!

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NarrBL: Well, food is natural at marathon meetings, corporate, church social, or elsewhere, isn't it? And not many cookies are eaten...

It's natural this presentation should have been a lightning rod for much ill feeling, but it seems worth remembering that these images are from the immediate phase of a catastrophe, not anything about later actions taken.

In particular, if you look into who is being pictured in the whole photo set on flickr, the most prominent are two high-powered public relations consultants, there certainly to advise on how to communicate to the local nation, and who have a lot of conversation with Condoleeza Rice, the most alert and also emotional at times person shown.

In the photos chosen for DPReview's mini-article, Cheney is shown as contemplative, which his history suggests has been a big role, as an answers man; but in the real photo set, he is constantly on the telephone, constantly, turning aside to listen or join into the discussions Rice is holding.


But then look at how many idiot Americans actually thought Iraq was behind or at least funded the 9/11 attacks, too many, who can not think for themselves or read a newspaper or topical news magazine (of the time).

Fools who actually 'believe' the liars of WMD !!

Sad, as these same ppl reproduced, there goes the next generation or two or more (if they married their siblings) !!! ;)

Yes, I am speaking of the US gene pool getting more and more shallow - look at the current US political environment !!

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NarrBL: ...cont'd...

As interesting is anything is how Cheney morphs into a completely subservient pose when George Bush is present. And in fact there are many quite interesting for their body languge readings, starting with Tenet.

I suggest then that these images are much more interesting than their simple damnation speaks to.

For myself, the picture is of the dwindling end of a last Raj, those who were in charge who believed entirely in their worldview, oil-centric through the Bush family, and in an old-fashioned structural model of economics and its necessary politics, neither of which fit by then very accurately in our more self-reorienting, self-communicating world.

Hence failures of judgement and execution, but one doesn't want to forget how much this belief in their passed-by worldview may have built the relative evils that so many may feel.

As we each might do in situations, and there will be many of them, unless we learn forward, no?

Also, lots of wide angle; some, useful...

Except for most Neo-Cons, their main philosophy was/is, 'rule by might', 'Use your army', "if them agin' us", 'Might makes us right', 'We are the holy and the special', 'Our way or the military way', 'Negotiations are for the weak' ..........

A very corrupt, self centered, ego driven, we are the US, the world's rulers, what we want, we will get, mentality. Very obstinate 5 yr child mentality, but adults wearing big clothes, not thinking with adult minds - children's philosophy with power, no more, no less!!

Proof that God no longer 'Smites' as these idiots should have been 'Smited or Smittened' ' (are these actual words) !!? ;)

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acidic: I think Dick Cheney should take Donald Trump on a hunting trip.

I believe on this hunting trip, a large battle Cannon seems very appropriate !! Sorry Cheney, uh well what's left, that's his head I think over there, Whoooooops !! ;)

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Neal Hood: Cheney was a good VP, and contributed much in our fight against terror. Good pictures of a man on a mission.

A moral-less, ill conceived, poorly planned, and totally fabricated bunch of non-sense based justification for brainless, godless BS war !!

I would call that a total complete failure as a VP - unless that stands for Vice Prince of Darkness, then he did it very well !!

Hail Satan Cheney, Hail Satan Cheney, Hail.. you get it. ;)

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