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Wow - LOTS of new features in this “point” release! Looking forward to checking them out :)

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Now if I could just find one … 🙄

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I love this - much of my photography is family events, and I’d love to get full candid coverage without spending 100% of my family time taking photographs (much as I enjoy the results).

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I love the retro look, but no handgrip makes it a "no" for me :/

Maybe it's just me, but I was ready to invest in Leica until I actually tried to use one and realized without a handgrip, it was like holding a $10k bar of soap ...

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Just like every other NIkon software, crashes on launch on my 2017 15" MacBook Pro. I've had this problem for YEARS, thru multiple re-images / software upgrades, etc., so I guess it's just me :P

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I know everyone will deride :P but this would be great for family events (e.g., birthdays, Christmas day, etc.).

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I'd read a rumor about dual processors - this presumably would allow enhancements to a number of features, including AF, metering, DSP, etc.

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Howard: Regarding this story- yes it has some relation to photography BUT IT DOES NOT BELONG ON THIS SITE! The bottom line is that it is a political statement and I am VERY disappointed that you have chosen to post it. (Of course anti-Trumpers will approve of it).

You apparently missed the fact he was the official White House photographer for REAGAN. 🙄

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Howard: Don’t believe for a minute that this photographer is not political!

Of COURSE he’s “political”! But he managed to serve under both Reagan and Obama, so he’s not an ideologue ... just a patriotic American who sees the damage this current administration is doing.

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Deep fakes just got deeper :(

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biza43: What is the Fujifilm GX100 doing on page 12 for best "consumer" stills/video camera? At 10,000 USD it seems hardly "consumer" to me.

Yes, that was the "WTH?" moment.

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ewelch: Smugmug? I thought they went out of business?

What made you think that? I've used them forever, never heard of any problems :(

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This will be great for smartphones (short term) and will (no doubt) eventually be implemented in dedicated cameras. While I'm sure there will always be a niche market for purely optical photography, computational photography is the future.

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I love the offhand comment he shot the footage in "a museum" - the Louvre :)

For Americans, the Louvre is often a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Lovely to see "live" footage from inside this French cultural treasure.

And the lens is lovely, too.

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I see all the negative comments but ... I'm a total klutz with flash. And the Profoto flash (plus gels and diffuser dome, etc.) looks really slick.

So if I were starting from scratch (which I am, as my existing flash is 10+ years old now), I'd be VERY tempted to buy into this system plus the new controller.

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"Enhance Details" has a TINY impact on Fuji RAFs. No noticeable impact on Nikon NEFs. Nowhere NEAR what you see with Topaz AI Gigapixel, which is a very noticeable change.

If they're going to add it, though, please just let us choose it as our default demosaicing "engine" - generating a new DNG for EVERY SINGLE raw file is silly.

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Looks very good - this is the way it SHOULD work.

Nikon Z#, over to you ;)

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Imager of: I just use Apple monitors. Never needed one of these. Perfect looking photos on my screen.

I agree - my Apple MacBook Pro (15", 2017) is VERY accurate right "out of the box". I've fully profiled it several times (last time using DisplayCAL) and the corrections are EXTREMELY minor - to the point you have to wonder, "did I actually see anything change?"

Very gratifying.

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marc petzold: Apple spends millions for their advertising campaigns, it's simply a joke to say, such a small sensor smartphone camera, with A.I. algorithms, and/or "computational photography" would be as good, as a usual, current APS-C or even Fullframe Camera Setup, with a matching portrait prime. Of course - they want to sell their iPhone XS, and somehow they must justify the high price tag, for casual users, InstaCrap or FB, unsocial Networks User - it might be good enough as a daily driver. Even with all these features, because of physical small sensors, they'd never compete with larger ones, in terms of low light photography, even 9-14 shots for Multishot NR doesn't give the performance, say a A7 III would do, or any comparable camera of that Class, Z6, etc. Personally, i do hate this "computational" Photography Approach, it doesn't have much to-do with real Photography, when everything, besides the shutter push by A.I. & computing algorithms.

No more - no less, just marketing BS.

Good Light.

I guess I have a different definition of "laughably bad" than @Felts or @DaveDevil01 ;)

I'm not looking for DSLR quality from my phone, I'm looking for a pleasant effect that looks nice. When I want better quality, I'll step up to my brick of a DSLR or my slightly-less-bricklike mirrorless, but my iPhone is great for a quick snap and is not light-years from what we were all able to get from DSLRs not 15 years ago.

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