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On article 2015 Roundup: Advanced Zoom Compacts (148 comments in total)

How can the Sony be named the "overall winner" when it has the same score as the Panasonic?

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RichRMA: Wondering about construction. Every Manfrotto I had from monopods to tripods that used plastic clamps or related items eventually broke. This one looks all-aluminum. I hope so.

The clamps on my Manfrotto have broken twice. It's no longer a name I associate with quality.

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On article Dpreview Recommends: Top 5 Compact Cameras (559 comments in total)

It continues to astonish me that the Sony RX-100 is praised for it's image quality on this and other sites yet the Nikon 1 series, with the same size sensor, was given such a luke warm response when it first came out that you would (wrongly) that think it is a very mediocre camera!

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Why is this listed as a challenge open for submission when the maximum number of submissions has already been reached which means that the challenge is in fact closed, not open?

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On photo La Corrèze in the -Blue Sky Red Bricks- (Provide a Border, Title and Date) challenge (9 comments in total)
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Ugo78: Nice pic, but:
- blue sky? mmh, the reflection in the window is still a very marginal element, not a protagonist as the title of the contest asked for...;
- red bricks?! Not at all. A brick is "a block, or a single unit of a CERAMIC material" (Wikipedia). These are blocks of painted (?) sandstone...
Sorry, but in my opinion your photo had to be disqualified...

If you've quoted Wiki right then they've got it wrong. If you look at the Oxford Dictionary of English then the defining characteristic of a brick is its block-like shape, and they are typically made of clay.

Great pic in my opinion.

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I suspect that in the medium term there will be "rationalisation" and either Sony or Olympus cameras will simply disappear. I hope it's not Olympus because we need to retain competition in the micro four thirds world.

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If you must use blue type on a black background then I suggest that the shade of blue you already have in the column on the far right of your existing page is better than the proposed new colour.

I like the idea of more generous line spacing.

The code showing what posts have been read is a good idea.

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