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nathanleebush: Leica lovers like to think of their cameras as fine wines, steeped in tradition. Why change the formula, we had this figured out 500 years ago, right? Except that cameras are technology, which is subject to different rules (Moore's Law, anyone?). Would we be buying a printer in the mold of a 17th century printing press for that "legacy feel?"

Leica does the absolute minimum to keep up with tech developments, and aside from the LCD screen and sensor, both of which suck, the camera is mostly unchanged from a model half a century ago. Compare a Nikon D800 to its counterpart at a similar (adjusted) price point 50 years ago, and I think you'll see a lot of refinement and radical rethinking. Companies that are afraid of change and pushing themselves to develop their technology & instead live off their brand are lame. I'm not saying Leica won't have a place in a world where people have too much money and need to buy their self-esteem, I just think the concept of value here is delusional.

The point is that the LCD is sub par, and for the price tag, that is totaly unacceptable.

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