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sunnycal: Goodbye, Adobe. My CC plan is expiring anyway. I will purchase a copy of LR6 off clearance, and keep it to open my current catalog.

There are many good options to have to deal with Adobe nonsense. Capture One, ACDSee, DXO, ON1, Affinity, and more.

Unless you want to edit within Lightroom, wont LR still keep working, just not tyhe develop module? May not have to shell out for LR6

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Godiwa: sad to see so much hate... only grip I got is that the price is a little on the high side, otherwise nice camera, and small, and I would like one and slap a 22mm on it, with patience you can still take nice pictures with this little camera, don't need the top high end model for that

Where I live M5 and M6 prices have dropped about 25% since launch. Need to remember exchange rate fluctuations will influence the price as well....

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Disappointed to see this magazine disappear - I have been a subscriber since issue 1 - it really focussed on the art of photography, but its market was niche, as it started to largely cater for New Zealand photographers, then spread to include Australian .... never really held a high profile outside of these 2 countries ..... people can probably still download the 66 issues - all pdf's.

Hopefully they can resurrect themselves - plenty of places to read stuff about photography gear, but much fewer about photography.....

Kia kaha

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photogeek: Prediction: better performing version will be a new major one, to milk the non-subscription users. That's how I'd play this game, anyway.

I'm on v5.7 (perpetual, not subscription) .... goes OK, but haven't upgraded, and won't until the performance issues are resolved

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EcoR1: Any DSLR owner should feel a bit envy. This lens a great example of optical design that you can't ever have with DSLR-mounts. Because the length of the optical design is so short, it's physically impossible to retrofit the lens for DSLRs even if the mirror is removed.

What is so unique against the Canon 40mm f2.8? Or similar pancake lenses made for DSLR's.

I agree that the camera bodies are smaller, resulting in a small overall kit, but you are referring to the lens

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PhotoRotterdam: It is a tough crowded market. I'm curious to see if Canon can establish itself giving its lackluster trials so far. But they have one very solid pro: the touch screen interface combined with the AF.
I don't think there is a single Canon camera that implements auto ISO in an acceptable way, somehow they seem neither to get it nor care about it.

But the worst part is the offering of lenses. Canon, THE maker of great glass has such a lamentable EF-M offering. Where are the small primes with f2 or f2.8?
The appeal is a small capable lightweight body with small capable lightweight lenses, not an adaptor for your EF 24-70mm lens.

I agree - 35mm and 50/55mm primes, along with a faster standard zoom - would go a long way to increasing the appeal ..... then they canm add the 15 and 85mm primes

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On article Canon EOS M6 Review (400 comments in total)
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citrate: So interesting that Canon decided to release two mirrorless models with all most the same features (other than the evf) in this short time of window.

I think it was a good idea - many want a VF, while some people want it as small as possible

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straylightrun: First Trump becomes president and now Canon is being innovative and pricing their products affordably? Is this the end of the world?

To their credit, Canon has been innovative for a while ...... with lenses (11-24, 200-400 with TC, EF-M28mm with built in LEDs, blue spectrum optics in 35mm f1.4II, 8-15mm fisheye etc.). I agree there innovation with cameras has been a little less!

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After the EF-M macro, now this EF-S, will Canon's next lens be the long awaited 50mmf2.8 macro replacement, but with LED lights ..... the EF version of this?

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Tonkotsu Ramen: why would they release this and the M6 at the same time, but.. not have this work for the M6?

Because they announced at the same time as the 77D and 800D which both have an EFS mount and will have this as the kit lens.

The M6 is an EFM mount - unfortunately no new EFM lenses at this point

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Or maybe what they're really saying is that everyone should only take photos on their iPhones ...... a way to discourage the consumer market from buying real cameras

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piratejabez: Cool! Just keep walking north :)

Or south ..... if in the southern hemisphere

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ozturert: Just look at lenses to see Canon's innovations.
Still, even DPReview cannot understand reason for Canon's success.

Agree, there has been more innovation from Canon with regard to lenses than from any other manufacturer ..... 8-15mm, 11-24mm, TSE 17mm, TSE 24mm, 200-400mm +t/c, 400mm DO in particular. I cant remember an L lens in the past 6-7 years that hasn't been excellent, and class leading. Unfortunately the APS-c mounts haven't received much attention

Unfortunately they've played it too conservatively with the bodies in recent years - ADC sensors, 4k video and mirrorless (especially higher end of market) have allowed gaps for competitors to jump in

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Kisaha: I read all the comments, and every body talk about bodies. What about lenses? Samsung again, had a small but sufficient and almost complete lenses (and many pancake ones). And everything was cheap!

The M lenses are almost a joke, and EF-S..Sony as well (except the 18-105 4F, for the price). Fuji ultra expensive, FF territory..

The EF-M 11-22 and EF M 22 pancake are very good. The 28mm looks good too, albeit a niche lens. The rest of the line-up is average, though all are reasonably priced. They need at a bare minimum a 30-35mm prime (f2 or faster), a 50-55mm prime (f2 or faster) and a f2.8 standard zoom .... and maybe another adapter (as they need faster AF with EF & EFS lenses) ..... though will need to wait and see whether it has been the cameras or the adapter that has been the cause of the slow AF of EF & EFS lenses via the adapter.

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Yake: Two years ago has some greater importance than now? Not in if you look at the big picture. Canon was developing other cool & useful stuff in the past 10 years, like the fisheye zoom, the anti-flicker feature, the dual pixel AF, the built-in radio control for flashes, the IS for wide angle lenses, the 50mp FF sensor, the smallest DSLR, the bult-in teleconverter for tele-zooms, the ultra-wide angle 11-24 zoom, the best mid-range pro zoom, etc.

In Complainerville, everybody wants everything two years ago, and for half the cost, and with double the features.

Well said.

But aren't you aware that Canon are a total flop, after all they still haven't released the EF 10-1000mm f0.8 IS L pancake for $100 .... !!

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Vivid1: Beatiful pics. Reminds me of the amazing 'Year on Ice' documentary by New Zeelander Anthony B Powell. Anybody with interest in the south pole - you just HAVE to see this film. He talks about his cameras and problems here: http://www.creativeplanetnetwork.com/news/produce/antarctica-year-ice-recording-remarkable-environment-and-real-life-south-pole/608206

Yep, that was a great film! Stunning time-lapse photography

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spiderhunter: Damn! They should have made a 100-400 E mount lens instead! This 70-300 is big with a a 72mm filter and weighs in at 854 gm! Reminds me of the Canon 70-300L which came b4 the 100-400 version 2! @300mm, it is still 5.6 so why not add 100 and make a 400/5.6? That would mate well with the A6300.

At 850g, this is no heavier than its peers. Consumer grade 70-300 lenses may be lighter, but I suspect this lens will sit well above the consumer grade and closer to, but not quite at the level of the Canon L lens.

The Canon 70-300L is different to the 100-400L's ........ the 100-400LII is significantly heavier (I think it is 1500g) and more expensive ...... with a key advantage of the Sony A7 series cameras is reduced size, a number of customers will be leaning towards smaller lighter lenses. It, and the 70-200's also can complement a 200-600 lens that they may be planning, as often people find 400mm limiting.

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G1Houston: Finally!.. Hopefully this is the beginning of SONY to build a set of affordable FE prime lenses that are good enough for the mass. There is already an affordable 28mm lens, so if SONY can make an affordable 85/1.8, we will then have an affordable 3-prime set that makes the whole A7 package small and relatively inexpensive. When that happens it will be the beginning for the SONY FE mount to begin to chip away from current dSLR FF offerings. Finally.

2.8 is a bit slow for the ideal portrait lens ..... maybe f2.2 is achievable? 85mm f1.8 lens aren't necessarily too big or too expensive.

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Mssimo: I think canon should come out with a 1D Mirrorless camera with EF mount.
Crazy? Hear me out...

Maybe key features can be:

-No VF Blackout with very low latency.
-Medium format size viewfinder with enhanced low-light vision.
-Lots of room for sensor based stabilization (works with lens based IS)
-Face. eye and object detection (Configurable object color(s) AF for sports photography)
-Near edge to edge focus points; over 300-600 AF points(edge points will have to be contrast detect due to the physics limits of phase detection)
-Global Shutter (outcome, very high shutter speeds 1/32,000++ & 100% silent operation & theoretically unlimited "e-shutter" life)
-Frame Rate 20-30 FPS
-4k video (6k+ low FPS or timelapse)
-No autofocus calibration needed, perfect focus every time, at every focal length, any aperture.
-Now possible: Square sensor (no need for vertical grip, larger than current full frame and full support for all current lenses. 1:1 aspect ratio
-Im serious: VR headset support

I suspect they will focus of the prosumer market before a 1D mirrorless ..... they will want to get a robust offering before entering the pro market which will be less tolerant of issues. There are opportunities for new features but these are probably more valued by non-pro customers ..... who are also a greater portion of the market

Maybe the 100d/SL1 or the 6D may evolve into mirrorless first....

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The winning photo is of weeds ....


Having seen the lupins in the McKenzie country many times before, those colours aren't far off normal, though some opening up of the shadows

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