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My "day job" is a BIM Manager in the A/E industry (Revit geek), and I do architectural photography on weekends for a small client list of architects and builders. When not photographing buildings, it's mostly pictures of my two young kids. I don't have much free time to explore other avenues in photography, but someday I'd like to pursue landscapes.


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On article DPReview TV: Sony RX10 IV Review (278 comments in total)

Excellent camera for sure, but man...tough to get over that price. Is it really that much better than a FZ2500, or worth 3x the price of the still-great FZ1000? I have to agree with the comment in the video about bringing back the excellent 24-200 f2.8 lens from the old model. 600mm can be fun, but personally I'd prefer the shorter range and extra stop.

Personally, I can't see this camera fitting into my arsenal. For stills only (which is all I do), I'd be just as happy with the Panny FZ1000. For travel, I still want ultra-wide angles covered, and nothing with a fixed lens has addressed that. The Nikon DL with the 18-50mm equivalent had me excited, too bad it never came to fruition.

For now, I'm still taking a pair of DSLRs and several lenses on vacations. I don't do enough traveling to justify adding a compact system just for that purpose.

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On article DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-H1 Review (548 comments in total)

I'll admit I was aware of Chris and Jordan before but was not a regular watcher of TCS. Caught some videos if I came across a link or something, but TCS was never a 'bookmark' per se. Always enjoyed your work, and I will definately be watching your new stuff on this site. I've enjoyed both videos thus far. Well done, entertaining and informative; gives you what you really need to know without sludging through the weeds.

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On article Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ (61 comments in total)
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Zoom Zoom Zoom: :
Samsung's smashing marketing copy for the S9:

When a phone ACTUALLY gets a larger sensor and ACTUALLY takes better photos, that will be the day it's news for me. The never-ending marketing garbage slogans allied to "revolutionary improvements" claims, fake AI, fake HDR, fake bokeh, fake studio lighting and fake whatever else using microscopic 12mp sensors is getting really really sickening. We are pathetically stuck in this s..t for years and go nowhere, as the prices of phones go up and surpass on an ADDICTIVE CYCLE what you'd pay ONCE for an actual and proper digital camera + lens.. mind-blowing! having an old car we upgrade the sparkplugs, gas additive, improved air filter and better tires every year, and in our imagination it will run better and faster every time.

THE CAMERA REINVENTED, huh? The BS that tech manufacturers manage to convince the whole world of is truly astonishing.. hats off!

Yes these phones are expensive, buy my goodness are they amazing devices. It's not a just a "telephone with some gadgets" anymore. My Samsung Note 8 is my personal PC in my pocket; it accesses the entire internet, my email, connection to the digital world. It's a music player, a calculator, my calendar, rolodex, daily planner, GPS navigation, flashlight, camera, stunning photo display screen, video recorder, microphone, it controls my DSLRs wirelessly. It can play thousands of games, takes notes with a pen and I can watch television and movies with it. I can check my home surveillance system at any time with it, talk to people standing at my front door from anywhere, control my TV and thermostat with it. Oh, and it also makes phone calls. And that's just scratching the surface of what it can do.

All that for $1000 seems expensive? The only thing my FF DSLRs do is take better pictures, and they cost a lot more than that!

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tvstaff: For me it's all about color.

If there is no color consistency you're destroying your work, your client, the models pay and the cost of your hair and make-up people as well as your stylist.

a "stable color temperature mode,"

Leads me to believe they are trying to correct the color issues with the FlashPoint 600TTL. I've used the units two at a time on AC Power and there is no way the two units put out the same color or even offer consistent color.

If there is a color correction, and it's real,,,, Adorama should offer trade in's... Otherwise... since they own the FlashPoint brand pro's won't risk buying the Adorama brands in the future.

Even many "professional" strobes have varying color temperature based on the power output. Only the most expensive strobes maintain the same color at full power as they do at 1/64th. I'm guessing that "stable color temperature mode" is what this addresses. If they vary from shot to shot at the same power, well that's a problem.

This strobe is $900...that's hardly cheap sh!t.

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My wife has an iPhone 6 that is just over a year old. Bought it after the 7 came out. Will hers do the same thing? The battery is just fine. All that Apple had to do is make this a pop up warning that gives the user a choice of low power or continue using as is. Problem solved.

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As a Canon shooter, I have to agree. The D850 is a marvel of modern imaging technology. Splendid camera.

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So is this replacing the m43 based X5 system? Or are the two systems living along side of each other?

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Fascinating video. Always a pleasure to watch a master working his craft. I like his method of "First I add light, then I start taking it away". I know in my own work with architectural, I'm adding light but never removing it. Now I'm thinking....

Thank you for this DPR, I've got some inspiration.

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Lovely looking printer. Perhaps someday when I win the lottery...

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SETI: Sad news... I have 3 Bowens flashes from 2008 year and still never even changed modeling bulb! Made in UK like tank.

It's not the "crappie stuff" argument so much as the repair aspect. Stuff breaks but in earlier times you could repair it. Now you just throw it away and buy another. And I'd bet money nothing Godox makes will last as long as my White Lightning Ultras...from the 80s and still going stong.

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ybizzle: The 5 owners of these fine cameras will no doubt appreciate Ricoh's response!

Or lack of lenses

Link | Posted on Apr 12, 2017 at 19:46 UTC these 9 lenses... or a new Porsche 911 and save some money?

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Kudos Sony for bringing a unique product and not just another "me too" lens. Stuff like this is exciting to see.

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cirtapfotos: Now Sony I am confuzed, what is it? 2.8 or 5.6 and what about that "T" ...what does that mean? And Sony how come you didn't slap a 2 grand plus on that 100? U OK?

Allow me.

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Tequila MockingjayBird: eh? Sandisk already makes it. It is called Sandisk Connect.

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick is the flash drive reinvented to work with both your computer and your mobile devices. With the Wireless Stick in your pocket, in your bag or across the room, you can wirelessly access your media or transfer large files, stream HD videos and music1, and save and share photos and videos to and from your mobile device2.

Lars - not sure what you mean by "USB type does matter...". They are both type A connections, so except for transfer speed there is no functionality difference. But...buying anything USB 2.0 in late 2016 makes me pause. If this supported Type C to directly plug into the newest mobile devices, that could have some merit.

On another note, how long does battery life last in that Sandisk stick? As a Note 7 owner currently on the hunt for a replacement device, I was writing off the Note 5 due to lack of expandable storage. This could be a solution.

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Timbukto: I'd just get the S7. Where as the iPhone 7 doesn't get all the camera goodies the plus has (OIS and telephoto prime), I honestly can't figure out what the Note 7 does that a S7 doesn't except explode! Also disappointing that no one has used extinguished as a pun. Otherwise yah Google Pixel looks nice, not as weather proof as the Samsungs but more fireproof.

A generic stylus is nowhere close to the integrated units in the Note, especially for handwriting. It's not a substitute, unfortunately.

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gipper51: I'm looking at the LG V20. But damn...I've grown to love that stylus for note taking and sketching. The Note 7 was my first Note, and it's the best productivity phone I've ever owned because of that stylus. I'm not happy about switching it out. Swapping phones is a hassle, but there isn't another device like it I can replace it with.

It's a consideration, but even the 64GB version will be tight on space for my needs. SD expansion is practically a must-have for me.

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I'm looking at the LG V20. But damn...I've grown to love that stylus for note taking and sketching. The Note 7 was my first Note, and it's the best productivity phone I've ever owned because of that stylus. I'm not happy about switching it out. Swapping phones is a hassle, but there isn't another device like it I can replace it with.

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The Terminators will require this type of logic processing. Good job Skyne...i mean Google.

Sorry but A.I scares me :( Bill Gates and Steven Hawking feel the same.

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On article Hands-on with Hasselblad X1D (807 comments in total)

Hmmm...can't wait till somebody like Metabones makes adapters to get 35mm format T/S glass on this body. It should cover the image circle, but probably lose shift. That will open up quite a system if you can deal with all-manual focus glass.

Plus I would imagine just about any medium format lens ever made could be adapted to this body.

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