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    A BW RAW file is a contradiction in terms unless one uses the Monochrom or one scratches the color filter array layer off. :)
  • You obviously meant to write then “more consistent with their ISO definitions” rather than “more honest with their ISO definitions.”
  • +1. And I have like 140 pairs of side by side RAW files of which I can post download links M10, α7R III, and Z7 with the same lens and I totally agree. I’d say the M10 is better than the other two ...
  • One is darker. And the reason is...different camera. :)
  • It shouldn’t but it DOES. Fact is manufacturers have discretion. You can sue the International Organization for Standarization (ISO). See here:
  • It’s the same for the LUMIX S1 vs. the SL. One has to use double the ISO on the Panasonic than on the SL with the same lens. See here: I’ll post ...
  • Please, look at some smaller dealers in Germany not just the large ones like Leistenschneider, Calumet, et al. They periodically have stock and so did Foto Koester this week. He sold it within a ...
  • Why don’t you order one from a German dealer who has one in stock and have it shipped to the hotel where you’re staying on Friday. Thursday is a public holiday, BTW.
  • I can post like a hundred over/under Lumix S Pro 50/1.4 vs. 50 Summilux-SL where it's not. You got the wrong Summilux.
  • These guys at Les Numeriques are good, extremely thorough. Excellently done. I saw it in mine first. That's why I brought it up. I can show vibrating details behind the focus point with the Lumix S ...
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  • It's not that good. It shows vibrating details immediately behind the focus point. None of that with the 50 Summilux-SL. The Leica lens is smooth like a baby's bottom after the focus point. See ...
  • I always wondered how something can be reconstructed in post that the lens didn't capture to begin with. Below the JPEGs from untouched DNGs in LR (only with LR defaults and cropped equally). I ...
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    50 Summilux-SLLumix S 501.4
  • One more pair. The picture with the 50 Summilux-SL just looks livelier. It shows a greater range of tones and captures more detail in the OOF areas. The Lumix S 50/1.4 image looks kind of flat. ...
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    50 Summilux-SL_camel-1Lumix S 501.4_camel-1
  • This effect of the 50 Summilux-SL won't always be as pronounced. But where it will matter is in high contrast scenes. The Leica lens basically can be shot at a faster shutter speed, and still ...
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    50 Summilux-SL_bison-1Lumix S Pro 501.4_bison-1
  • I have tons of RW2 files that need to be converted and checked. But here are the first two. I didn't check today for optical performance, just for difference in rendering. Both lenses were shot on ...
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    Lumix S Pro 501.4_flamingo-150 Summilux-SL_flamingo-1
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