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On photo Carnival in Cologne in the Countries and their Stereotypical musical instruments challenge (1 comment in total)

When I think of Germany, I don't usually think of saxophones.

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On article Canon launches PowerShot SX40 HS 35x CMOS superzoom (158 comments in total)

I'm disappointed that they didn't compress the control layout to allow for a larger screen. The 3.0" 921k screen would have been a great feature for this camera. Instead it's stuck with basically the same screen that's on cheap point and shoot cameras.

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eenymac: I used to think that the police in the UK were pushing the limits in the way they handled things with regards to photographers. That was until I started reading how some in the US were being treated when recording police officers. For example, arrested for illegal wiretapping (what the hell...).
In these ever more ridiculous days of constant surveillance by the state of our activities (security has nothing to do ith it), I often hear the old adage "if you are doing nothing wrong, then why object". Surely the same should apply to those tasked to protect us? They are, after all, supposed to be public servants, paid for from our taxes, NOT there to bend us to their will.
Filming or photographing the police in public where, we are told, we can have no reasonable expectation of privacy, surely acts as a deterrent to them acting unlawfully, as it does the rest of us?

One of the most confusing things in USA is that the laws regarding this can vary substantially from state to state. Something perfectly legal in one state can get you arrested in another. For example, in at least one state it is required to have a warrant to do secret recording of any kind in any place. Technically even a nanny cam would be illegal.

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On article Just Posted: Panasonic DMC-FH7 compact camera review (38 comments in total)

These types of reviews are great for people like myself who work in retail. We sell both cheap and higher-end consumer cameras and I can't be bothered to learn the insignificant differences between cheap cameras. This is helpful just for telling me what it's good at and bad at. That is really all people need to know on basic compacts. Also it can't hurt to broaden DPReview's audience to include the average joe a bit more like this does.

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