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All this is great news, but no expanded exposure bracketing? Seems like the easiest thing to fix.

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vetsmelter: They key is in "one of the monkeys he was photographing grabbed his camera".
This means the human photographer entitled to copyright did not intend to (ab)use the monkey as an extension tool to his shutter finger.
This excludes drawing similarities to remote triggered camera's by the animal subjects in animal photography where there is creative intention by the human camera owner.
It was the monkey's initiative and the monkey's creativity that lead to the pictures.
And frankly on those 2 shots he looks more intelligent and "into his work" hence entitled to copyright than some of the (iPad) photographers I observe in the street who show no hint of having a clue what they are observing or why they are photographing. :)

The monkey is a sentient being and the creator and should receive full credit. All this legal wrangling gives me a headache and will only result in another onerous law regarding copyright.

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On article Apple to cease development of Aperture (425 comments in total)

How about an open source, crowdfunded Photoshop alternative? Time to break monopoly rent-seeking stranglehold.

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On article Hungarian law bans photos taken without consent (321 comments in total)

That photo was taken behind Arany János metro near where I lived in Budapest. I think this law is politically motivated. It will be a problem when photographing demonstrations, national holidays, rallies, concerts, and public events in general. It's absurd. Hungary isn't North Korea!

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On article Behind the scenes: Garry Winogrand at work (52 comments in total)

If you take candid photos of people, you should be respectful. You can see that in Winogrand's work. Unfortunately, in my country and without debate, street photography is effectively banned:

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On article Retro Nikon 'DF' emerges from the shadows (1391 comments in total)

My idea of retro and sexy would be a digital S3 that accepts Voigtlander lenses, full-frame, of course. Where's the innovation here? For travel I prefer Fuji X and micro 43. The D600 stays at home.

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Panny needs high end primes to go with the GH4 (4K camera).

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On article Canon announces PowerShot N Facebook ready edition (46 comments in total)

NSA ready, I mean, Facebook ready? Cool....

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These are not good examples, only the lighting effect has been altered. An example of unethical would be something like what's illustrated in the book, The Commissar Vanishes: The Falsification of Photographs and Art in Stalin's Russia. Extreme examples to be sure, but a lie is a lie.

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Economic shackles for servile debt slaves. It's monopoly rent, pure and simple. They showed their true colors a long time ago by killing Freehand.

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buda1065: The 12-35 OIS problem still needs to be addressed. On a tripod mounted GH2, OIS turned off, there is still a subtle jittery effect. Annoying, since I bought this lens primarily for video use. Please fix!

Not fixed. Turning it on or off, same problem. I also tested my 45-200, 20, 14-42 kit lens, and Oly 9-18. All rock steady. An expensive lens like the 12-35 should be too.

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The 12-35 OIS problem still needs to be addressed. On a tripod mounted GH2, OIS turned off, there is still a subtle jittery effect. Annoying, since I bought this lens primarily for video use. Please fix!

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On article Just posted: Fujifilm X-E1 Review (518 comments in total)

This would replace my GH2 as a travel camera if it had better video, timelapse, and a GPS option. The lenses and retro styling are great. Too bad.

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Patent monopolists will try to kill it, just like they stifled QTVR innovation. I hope I'm wrong, because I want one (travel size, please).

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Can you filter out users that insist on uploading everything?

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I would rather see Cosina-Voigtlander make a similar FF digital camera with a true budget price under $2000, M-mount, of course. A Foveon sensor would be nice, or a Sony 24mp.

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Although I love my 20mm, I prefer the 14-42 with O.I.S. for video. I hope it's sharp because the 12-35 is a dream come true for movie making. No need to envy 5D users with L-glass. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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A decision that favors monopoly rent seekers. No surprise there.
Join a pirate party near you.

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On article Just Posted: Nikon 1 V1 and J1 review (429 comments in total)

Something more like the Fuji x10 would've been more interesting. They could take the retro styling approach, make a scaled down version of the legendary SP and include three small, prime lenses to start with. It would easily outsell the V1s and J1s.

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On article Adobe faces criticism for change of upgrade policy (375 comments in total)

A common sense approach would be to sell the full version for $250. More people would buy it and I think revenues would increase. Frequent and free upgrades would limit pirating. Instead they choose monopoly rent and high pricing. A good time for an open source alternative to come along, something like PT GUI.

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