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On article Hands on with the Pentax 645Z (705 comments in total)

645Z for landscape/portraits and K-3 for action would be a great combo!

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Canon hits a nice first with this camera:

-Biggest sensor on a compact with fast zoom

The lens itself, if as sharp as G1x's, may hurt some M4/3 sales...

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zodiacfml: Earlier, we are debating if this is fake in the forums and here it is, disappointingly.

The sensor design can be found on a previous patent by Sigma wherein the top layer will mainly provide the luminance info.
This patent should allow Sigma lessen the wires needed in the sensor, improve channel information, and consequently, increase pixel count. As a Foveon fan, this isn't Foveon anymore. Though it would provide a lot of resolution for the camera, the IQ/feel of the Sigma cameras would not be as the good/better. No different than a CFA/Bayer filter sensor camera.

I thought the Quattro would meant a quad CPU to handle the data but ironically, the opposite where they had lessen it.

No wonder prices are dropping from DPM cameras, faster than Ricoh's GR.
I guess it's time for me to buy a Merrill. (My original DP2 still works as new with approx. of 30k shutter count)

Foveon gives the highest quality low ISO images I've ever seen. DP2M is my target.

However, sadly, I have to agree. This Quattro isn't Foveon anymore. It's kind of Bayerized Foveon, which seems to defeat the purpose of true Foveon.

Better high ISO is good, but not at the expense of losing the famous Foveon look...

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While I prefer faster lenses, I can see why this lens is interesting for some situations: travel, backup camera, even a wedding could be shot with just this lens thanks to current high ISOs.

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This lens is interesting for travel and as a backup to system lenses

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