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freediverx: Why does Canon always have to take a few steps back with every step forward?

In order to incorporate a pop-up flash (which wasn't on anyone's short list of must-have features) they've removed one of the mechanical dials at the top of the camera, eliminating the ability to change the ISO setting on the fly without digging into the menus.

So essentially they've sacrificed one of the G-series' coolest "pro" features in exchange for a useless one. More likely, this was a cost-reduction decision, which is especially irksome considering the fat price increase.


With an ISO dial, if the camera is off or even just a quick glance, you know what the ISO is set at all times. It was a nice feature.

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On article Preview: Canon PowerShot G1 X large sensor zoom compact (767 comments in total)

F2 or GTFO

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Baba Ganoush: If the optional EVF is used, won't that affect the capture of sound in video mode? It appears to me that the EVF covers up the stereo microphone, which is located directly in front of the hotshoe.

I would assume in video mode, one would use the LCD, and not shoot video looking thru a peephole. Just an assumption.

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Clickie McPete: You lost me at touch screen interface. Touch screens are fine on a cell phone but not on a real camera. Loved the GF-1 but why can't they go the old school route and give us manual and mechanical controls? Fuji X10 will be my new digital toy this fall.

I have a GF2, the only 2 touch screen commands I use are, setting a focus point and mode change. Setting a focus point with your finger is an advantage. All settings can still be accessed thru the 4 way directional buttons even mode changing. But, it is nice the GX1 has the mode dial back.

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M Aryan: Am I right? Is this camera competing against Sony NEX-5N with about same size and megapixel senor BUT has:
1. APS-C size sensor (micro 4/3 for GX1)
2. ISO range of 100-25600 (160-12800 for GX1) with really low noise and very good detail on ISO 1600 and above
3. Tilt touch LCD (Fix On GX1)
4. 920,000 Pix True black or whatever (460,000 on GX1)
5. 1080 60p (1080 60i on GX1)
6. Build in EyeFi Compatibility (No on GX1)
7. 12 m build in flash range (7.6 m on GX1)
8. 10 fps full resolution continuous shooting (4.2 fps on GX1)
9. Optional OLED EVF with 2.4 megapixel (1.4 Megapixel LCD on GX1)
and in defense:
1. Hot shoe external flash (some sort of accessory flash on NEX-5N)
2. 60 sec Maximum shutter speed (30 on NEX-5N)
3. And damn cool and useful pancake(compact) 14-42 mm X series (No on E mount Sony “it is so blamable”)
with “SAME PRICE”?
In my opinion: with huge disadvantages and few not so important advantages (except one) again at same price, “not acceptable!”

panny has a better lens lineup then sony

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Mtsuoka: This should be the GF2.


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Zvonimir Tosic: Can someone please explain Panny's lineup of m4/3 cameras and what's presumably Panny's aim to create in customer's mind — I mean, what's the real difference between the GX1 and GF3, GF2 or GF1? Or, are they doing just the same thing Nikon and Canon are doing in DSLR market with their APS-C cameras — build all the differences around confusing names, like 5100, 3100, 5000 — all of which in reality mean absolutely nothing because they don't even hold up in the market long enough to get into customer's mind and represent a certain value.

After the GF2 Panny decided to split the GF line into consumer and prosumer. GF3 is a consumer cam. GX1 prosumer.

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