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MikeF4Black: Looking at the number of comments here it is abundantly clear the death of the DSLR is imminent.

you know, there is an 'edit' button!

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RubberDials: 'If genuine'. LOL.

For the people who haven't quite got it. DPreview isn't reproducing rumours here, they're telling you without telling you. See the 'wishlist'...

Well, DPR are usually up to their necks in NDAs for any advanced hard info.

So either it is just rumour-mongering click-bait (can DPR really have fallen that low?), or it's like you say, and DPR are being used to soften up the public, or test the waters for Nikon - shall we/shan't we delete the flash?

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Photoman: It doesn't look mirrorless :(

"pull a rabbit out of the hate"
Nice Freudian slip, in this era of mirror/less antagonism!

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MikeF4Black: Looking at the number of comments here it is abundantly clear the death of the DSLR is imminent.

define imminent (sure, one day)
Anyway, do you really believe in the wisdom of commentards?

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I do wonder, all these leaks and snippets that presage any tech release - do manufacturers deliberately seed these rumours and ideas to test the waters ahead of committing themselves, a sort of stealth focus group?

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Quantum Scientist: 800 buck-a-roos, smaller battery (2700) and no headphone jack. I think not.

Now, if the battery pack came with a proper headphone jack, maybe? But it doesn't.

Link | Posted on Jul 26, 2017 at 09:20 UTC
On article Opinion: DJI has abandoned professionals (416 comments in total)

I never realised you could contract yourself out of statute law. I always assumed statute law was sovereign, and contracts, Ts&Cs etc which tried to limit your statutory rights were simply null and void, a waste of ink. Certainly here in the UK manufacturer warranty conditions always state that "your statutory rights are not affected" - yet somehow people still believe the old line, "that [whatever it is that Apple or whichever does not approve of] will void your warranty".

So how can Dji tell you "buy this product and you've signed away your legal rights"? They do not make the law!

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On article Tutorial: How to photograph wine on clear plexiglass (46 comments in total)

No doubting the skill and technique involved, but I can't help wondering if a computer generated render is a worthwhile goal to aim for when using a camera. Why not just do a computer generated render?

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wetsleet: So if I trigger a speed camera, can I sue the state for breach of copyright if they use the photo?

Thank you gkdiamond. Now please tell the same to PETA. By did you read the article?

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Mariano Pacifico: How in the world Nikon D750 got 90% Gold Award when

"... models produced between July 2014 through September 2014 and from July 2015 through September 2016." ...

had shutter issues? Shouldn't D750 deserve 65%?

you waited 10 YEARS for CD to mature? Just how risk averse can you be, and not watch whilst the decades of your life pass you by?

Link | Posted on Jul 15, 2017 at 10:20 UTC

So if I trigger a speed camera, can I sue the state for breach of copyright if they use the photo?

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Androole: A cautionary tale to be sure.

There are a few stories throughout history where ongoing litigation ends up enriching the complainant, but innumerable examples where it leaves them broken.

I didn't think Slater was the complainant.

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I think this is great. I love how the constraints imposed, and the technology overlay, have yielded a fresh and absorbing photography. And no doubt, the photographer's skill also.
I was struck by the strapline at the end of the video - that nobody should be seriously injured or killed *in* a new Volvo car. It seemed to jar with the direction of the video, which I took to be every bit about protecting those outside the new Volvo as those inside.

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Mike Willacy: They're way behind the pace, this means nothing in my opinion. Sony have the march on them already, as soon as Nikon release (if they ever do) their mirrorless Sony will just release another body shortly after and blow it out of the water.

Mike, as Apple keep on demonstrating, you don't need to be first. Often it helps to let others find out which way the wind is blowing first.

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Alberto Tanikawa: A curved sensor would not reduce vignetting, or improve peripheral illumination from lenses. That is dictated by the lens design itself. Light fall-off towards the edges will be exactly the same whether on a flat sensor, or elevated by a few millimeters on a curved sensor. More modern lens designs mitigate the need for such sensors. Not to say they are useless, far from it. Matching a telescope to a specific curved sensor should make coma a thing of the past.

Within a given budget, by removing one constraint on lens design, resource is liberated for tackling other constraints. As well as the more direct factors already mentioned.

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If Lensbaby can make a living selling lenses where nothing is in focus, I think these guys have got a shot, else what is the world coming to?

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Mike CH: Yeah, a shutter will break if you run it long enough. Surprising, isn't it?

Don't people have something better to do? Weird. And somebody was trying to convince me the other day that YouTube is a fount of knowledge...

erm, well:

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kewlguy: 190k non-stop is not the same as 200K of normal use. I think it's a marvelous camera for that matter.

Next, please do the same to Nikon's 100 years anniversary D5. That should be interesting!!!

Well, yes and NO! Much as I enjoy these sideshows, they tend to take on a life of their own. Like all the 'bendgate' tests on mobile phones. Once these test acquire a celebrity status they become almost mandatory, despite their utter irrelevance to to functional requirements.

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Gatoraied: Samsung hardly needs to sell cameras and despite the S7 disaster 2016 revenue was $174,000,000,000.00! The gross revenue this company made in total camera sales was less than 1/4 what they wrote off on the S7. With over 27 subsidiaries and many of them much larger than any camera company, camera sales are not necessary. Samsung has known that stand alone cameras will soon be relegated to the same status as film cameras did not long ago. In public 95% of people are shooting with a cell phone. They come home with more photos than most guys with DSLRS/mirrorless strapped to their neck. The ability to edit & share photos instantly is very powerful and the need to carry a clunker around all day, come home to D/L, edit and share photos with family & friends is, quite frankly, a total waste of time. Sure, for some photography, a DSLR or mirrorless is needed, however after seeing what most people on these websites produce with such big & expensive gear, Id say they wasted a lot of money.

"despite the S7 disaster"
Last I heard the S7 was doing very well.

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Am I correct in thinking that you needed their servers to stitch together the output of the camera into a usable image? In which case, even if you have the device, will it be any use for much longer?

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