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KoolKool: i think the only "unusual and lame design" camera that escaped from downfall and successfully loved by everyone is Sony nex/a6xxx lines

I rather admire the rangefinder feel of the a6xxx line, actually. Just a bit tricky to get at some of the functions at times without resorting to the menu. I tend to use my a6300 in A mode most of the time.

(I have C1 setup for silent shutter, and C2 to activate the ClearImage zoom.)

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Yep, I think 35mm is my favorite focal length as well. For me it carries all the way back from when I first used an Olympus OM-2N in the 1990s. Right now my equivalents for that are the Oly 17mm f1.8 on m4/3, and a 21mm DA Limited lens for Pentax APS-C. (OK that last one is 31.5 FF equiv, but it's close enough.)

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I generally agree with the article...

Still, I scored a spiffy new E-M10... II. In black, of course. I really should just settle down and shoot LOL. Yes, I should.

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LeeR: Can noise reduction be minimized on the Pany ZS100?

Sorry for being late, but yes you can reduce the NR in OOC JPEGS from the ZS100. Whichever color setting you use, move the NR slider all the way to -5. Better yet, shoot JPEG + RAW most of the time unless you're trying to shoot fast action shots.

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OzarkAggie: If she really likes CA she should have gotten the G1. The C-M-Y-G sensor was a bonus.

This summer I picked up a Canon A590is from KEH for $50 and loaded it with CHDK. Perfect fit for a jean pocket. 8mp=8x10@300ppi. Nice.

Oh man, I used to have one of those! I should have held on to it... I can shoot RAW via CHDK with my Canon PS a3300is.

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Hike Pics: Wow! And people think I'm crazy for having and shooting 40 digicams!

With this article I can now hold my head up high and proud. It's very interesting to discover someone with a similar creative mind. I totally get where she's coming from. In my opinion, the 5MP - 8MP cams have a special quality that the later big MP cams just couldn't get.

Nice gear setup BTW. My brother in VA used to own one of those behemoth Nikon Coolpix 990s. I am forever grateful for him giving up the Pentax K1000 to me, though. :)

I'm waiting for my Canon PowerShot G10 via UPS. Hope to see it after work today (in 2019)! I do shoot 35mm film, APS-C DSLR/MILC, a few other point-and-shoots (Canon PS a3300is with the CHDK hack rules), and with my phone cameras.

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Can't wait soon enough to get mine! Found and bought one for $69 at adorama. I do shoot with several APS-C cameras, a Panasonic ZS100, a Canon a3300is and a Sony HX-90v.

DPreview's article on Sofi Lee piqued my interest to score one. I have used the CHDK hack to shoot RAW with my a3300is, but it'll be nice to have a PowerShot that shoots RAW out of the box. It may not fit my pants pocket, but hopefully fit my motorcycle jacket pocket. At least it'll be great to have another compact camera with good IQ that shoots RAW, one that I can take to concert venues.

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