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ChapelThrill23: The 41 megapixel number is a great one for spec-sheet warriors who judge products based on numbers but in the real world it won't mean that much. You'll never be able to match a decent camera with a fraction of the pixels. This camera will outresolve the lens by a massive amount, you'll never have any control over depth of field, and the files will be large. At this point with most cameras it is the lens that is the limiting factor and the laws of optics all but prevent a tiny cheapo lens like that from being worthy of 41 noisy megapixels. But it is a wonderful thing to brag about to your camera illiterate friends.

Dont talk without knowing what you are talking about... the Pure View tech is great! best thing in a loot of time... they are making promo with the 41mp, but they are explaining why they create this sensor! is not to take noisy pics, is for zoom, and to make perfect 5 and 8 megapixels photos taking a 38mp pic and selecting just the best pixels and creating a perfect photo... as other says... go to flickr and see it for yourself! I'm buying one!!!

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