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Taught myself photography in the 70s in Naples, Italy with Nikon F and street shooting. Spent over a decade with Mamiya7ii, Fuji 617, Linhof 4x5.
Gradually moved digital culminating in Gfx50r. Primarily landscape photographer.

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  • Mavic 3 screenshot. My first drone and very easy to run. I shoot mostly medium format and very impressed with dynamic range and overall image quality. Vantage points are unlimited. Denver
  • Created discussion thread DJI Mavic 3 4:3 Hassleblad Camera
    Hi all, Feel free to delete if this is irrelevant, but I wanted to share an image from the just released Mavic 3. It sports a 4:3 sensor and produces a 60 mb file.  I did a bw conversion to see how ...
  • Is there a doctor in the house? The Ph.D. Kind?  If you look at the reddish pyrite structure toward center left, with horizontal orientation. On the left edge of the structure are spool like or ...
  • Created discussion thread Pyrite Macro or Lost Books
    50r, Linhof, Schneider 110xl Focus stacking macro.  Pay attention to the ribbing at the top and the exquisite detail of the underlying molecular structure. The area captured is about 1/8th of an ...
  • Created discussion thread Happy Halloween
    Focus stacking...rush job, but halloweenish nevertheless. Enjoy Macro 50r Linhof and Schneider 110xl
  • Brilliant. Edward Westonish pepper inhabits the Carmel hills. Great capture and a lot of the 4x5 bw nuances. Shows hi]ow far digital has come. Cheers
  • Created discussion thread To haze or not to haze
    Lightroom has a slider for haze and another for clarity. In short time I used Lr I would dehaze and increase clarity. I have been experimenting with going in the opposite direction, that is ...
  • Hi Jim, Yes, I agree it is a great tool in post processing and allows you to appreciate an image that you might otherwise discard.  Of course, you must have had your fair shair of dealing with ...
  • That would save me the price of an external screen. I will have to check my flexibility. All the yoga classes only seemed to make me stiffer. This looks like a variation of downward dog. Cheers.
  • Great set up, I will have to look in to it.  Perhaps the displays are 4, now.  How does it work in bright  sunlight? I can always throw a dark cloth over my head like I used to with 4x5. Thank you.
  • Hi Mads, stunning shot and great exercise in training your eye to see new angles. Thank you.
  • Created discussion thread The Art of Seeing Upside Down
    Over a decade ago I shot exclusively 4x5. The challenge was to learn to compose a shot upside down on the ground glass. After a few months you eye brain adapted and you did not feel the need to ...
  • Colorado Fall Colorado Fall Insert caption here. If you do not edit this text it will be automatically removed.
  • I have to admit my attraction to the Mamiya 7ii solely on the olfactory sensations. It was love at first smell, sadly it did not last, but the image quality sustained our relationship. Of course, ...
  • Replied in Perplexing ?
    Bravo Stan. Great commercial line:-). And lines are properly restored with minimal interruption.
  • Replied in Focus?
    Hi Matt, I used auto focus and relied on decent depth of field, so I was not concerned about focal point. The mid field areas appear to have the same focus. It really is interesting that I ...
  • Created discussion thread The Power of Reach
    I hope I don't sound like I am trying to hound you with my praise of the Nikkor 800mm large format lens, but this weekend after dozens of images of quaking aspens in the glorious colors, the one ...
  • Replied in Perplexing ?
    Score points for Monsieur Jim !  Bird poop is an excellent observation regarding specularity. Now I have a new term in my vocabulary to boot.  Did you work on power Iines in a former time? Thank you.
  • Replied in Perplexing
    Hi Teddyboy, I just went to post the same discovery, Newton and Leibniz all over again, yes, I did see the faint dark line.  Kudos to Monsieur Jim who is usually always right.  Thank you. Regards, ...
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