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Taught myself photography in the 70s in Naples, Italy with Nikon F and street shooting. Spent over a decade with Mamiya7ii, Fuji 617, Linhof 4x5.
Gradually moved digital culminating in Gfx50r. Primarily landscape photographer.

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  • Hi Manzur, I uploaded the image to your website. Not sure how to add details, but just to recap. The 50r is mounted to a Linhof 4x5 using a Schneider 210mm f5.6 Lens at f8. This closely matches the ...
  • Stunning. As beautiful as the glassware from Pompeii. They had a very refined taste back then. Spent many years snorkeling in the bay of Naples looking for artifacts. Nada. Greet technique.
  • Large file for comparison purposes.
  • I was tempted to by the gfx 250, the image stabilization is appealing but not essential for landscape photography.  There is this re-occurring theme that the large format lenses are not equal to ...
  • Hi Steve, try finding a 500mm for the 50r like this shot on the Linhof and you'll appreciate the old technology. Three hikers visible on the ridge. See hikers to the left of the promontory. Did ...
  • Another attempt at art. Your thoughts? Thank you.
  • HI Greg, The first image caught my eye since it had it owns light. Shut indoors with natural lighting. About three inches from the flower. I could do focus stacking but I like the abstract contours ...
  • I like the first one too. I’ve been experimenting with blur to create more of an abstract artistic effect. Thank you
  • Created discussion thread How low can you go with 50r
    Uncropped! 50r and 4x5 Schneider Super Symmar 100xl.  Is this good macro? Your thoughts. Thank you.
  • Created discussion thread 50r Macro Orchid
    Shot with 50r attached to 4x5 and Schneider Super Symmar 110xl.  Macro possibilties are endless with 50r and color and light second to none. Hope you enjoy. This one has a little light added like JK.
  • Created discussion thread Lord of the Rings
    50r. Brooking, Oregon. Enjoy
  • Thank you all for your heartfelt concerns. I had planned this trip to Brookings, Oregon and I do not have a back up camera. All still appears to be working fine. I do not believe the water reached ...
  • Replied in Amazing Story
    Follow up. Hi all. I did some cursory research over the internet in regards to cameras and water. I believe the concerns you all have voiced apply mainly to salt water immersion.  The salt is ...
  • Replied in Amazing Story
    Thanks Greg. The real kicker is that the shot was not that great, certainly not for risking life and limb. Isn't it great that life continues to provide us with great learning experiences even in ...
  • After the flood. Everything is but operational, lens and camera. I appreciate your concerns about sending the equipment in for examination. Will consider your advice seriously. Thank you.  ...
  • Important update. The lens was not usable due to the water condensation around elements. I tried the rice root, since silica is not available in this area, and it removed some of the moisture, but ...
  • Created discussion thread 50R Amazing Waterproofing
    Hi all, Two days ago I was out shooting scenes of Mt. Shasta from Lake Siskiyou. In order to get a better angle on the mountain I started to climb out a limb that was above the lake shore.  I ...
  • Created discussion thread Unexpected visitor
    Unexpected presence of a bald eagle. Sometimes you just get lucky.  See slightly below the right ridge. Enjoy
  • I thought I would share these two images so you can get an idea of the transformation. The first image shows the cloud when i first photographed it and then as the wind started to rotate the cloud ...
  • Did not take the video on the first try. Let see if this works?
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