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jimread: The photos look very similar to every other one you see online. Since this happens to 99% of all photos taken it makes a joke of the incremental 'improvements' we see heralded on the this site.

agreed, but, adorn your flame suit

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Djehuty: I guess Sony and Zeiss go way back.

Canon made lenses for themselves and early Canon digital G series cameras G "L" quality lenses

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David610: These cameras are more useful (with both 120 & 135 film) than any modern "photographer" would understand.


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Ruby Rod: Always loved TLRs but could never afford a Rollei. Did borrow a basic Minolta Autocord once and it was a fine picture taker with an excellent lens. I've still got a Yashica and a Mamiya C330 plus some lenses.

Never cared for the output from the Mamiya c330 plus it's way too large and heavy.

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cringe worthy

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Leicalika: should be 150. at most,
but how bout a side by side with a smart phone

and you would know that I have no idea what it costs to produce this why?

I take it you've never owned a business and if by the remote chance you have, better refresh your beliefs vs the facts

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kminkov: Wonder how much weight they really saved by using a plastic mount...

a ton

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should be 150. at most,
but how bout a side by side with a smart phone

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Cerridwen: The addicts cannot get enough drugs. Word on the street is the drug to blame is BOKEH.


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Greg7579: I came here just for the Leica comments, which are always classic.
Leica is ripe for ridicule on stuff like this, but then again, one should dole it out carefully because they will sell every one of these instantly.
Besides, I love my Q2.

they're probably all spoken for +

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hypo: Does any else remember the days when we used to dream of being able to afford a Leica - the camera used by the great photographers that we'd like to be? And now: it's nothing more than a bling accessory to be ostentatiously worn alondside your Rolex, your Farrari, your Prada, your Dolce and Cabbana. Still, if an Aston Martin DB7 is still beyond my reach, perhaps the Leica is just about afordable. But I think I'll wait until the Leica has built in machine guns and a rocket-launched ejector seat.

more Porsche like

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Istina: Well, to prefer it over my 20mm 1.7 it has to be not much bigger and especially, way better optically, and the latter is not an easy task

nothing like competition to wake up sleepyheads

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would still choose the GRD 3, F1.9, true shirt pocket size, fantastic results especially for that smaller, but terrific sensor, hard to find as hen's teeth

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kombizz0: What is it's price?

2 much

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chadley_chad: And yet still no flip up screen. Ricoh keep forgetting this is meant to be a street shooter … 4th fail in a row!

again, rather a smartphone of the Fuji as well

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Boss of Sony: For a camera like this, which is essentially a hobby device, I would pay about AUD $600, which is about US $500. It’s quite unique and interesting, but still very limited as a tool. The official price of £899 is equivalent to US $1237, or AUD $1680. I think this is too much. For that price, I’m obviously going to buy an ILC that is much more versatile, and which could even be used to make money. Or even a smart phone. Smart phone cameras are reaching sensor sizes near (or exactly) 1 inch, with high quality optics, multiple focal lengths, rapidly evolving processing technology, and incredible video quality. As this Ricoh doesn’t have an EVF, it’s nearly equivalent to taking your smart phone out of your shirt pocket and taking a snapshot, but doesn’t compete with the smart phone in terms of versatility or price.

an no Ricoh sensor dust issues in a smartphone

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On article Fujifilm XF 33mm F1.4 sample gallery (DPReview TV) (27 comments in total)
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Simon97: Good lens but this sample is decentered. Several photos show softness on the right side. Kind of an astigmatic effect where horizontal lines are blurred more. A good copy of this lens should be great as color fringing seems well controlled.

any lens Fuji lets out of the barn for review SHOULD be as close to perfect as they can make it: preproduction indeed

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On article Fujifilm GFX 50S II review (524 comments in total)

waiting for Sony to create a 6X6 - 6X7 medium format camera or at least a sensor for one

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trungtran: I have a 1dsii that was launched in 2004. 16MP, that is still very usable today as long as you keep it at base ISO.

1DS Mark 2 probably the best made piece of camera hardware ever.

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supersargas: Just as I was looking at the ZM lineup.

until the coming recession hits

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