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jackdanielsandcoke: I’m curious... does any serious film maker rely on autofocus?
Panasonic focus woes seems like a problem for vloggers really. And how many vloggers are using full frame 2 grand plus cameras?

No one who’s doing an independent film project is really ever going to use autofocus. They need to set up their shot for consistency.

For indie film makers isn’t this camera pretty good value for money? The downside to this camera is something that only vloggers are ever going to have a problem with right?

The canon r5 and a7s3 are ridiculously expensive and the Sony can’t match the stills picture that the s5 can do. As long as there is a decent EF adapter I think this is going to sell a lot of units. What is better for the price?

It's vloggers, or those who fancy becoming one, who pay the bills thru the majority of sales.

No, pro video people generally don't use autofocus, but that doesnt mean anything for the vast majority who DO want to use it.

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Daft Punk: I think the alleged "problems" with DFD are over hyped and caused by the social media demand for news and clicks.

Among my camera collection ( too many ! ) is the Panasonic S1R. It is a fantastic camera. I dont shoot sports, but in general photography including portraits, travel ( and my dogs ) I can honestly say I never find myself questioning the AF or feeling it is not doing its job.

I have never needed to shoot 10fps of a moving object with narrow DOF and I do not expect I ever will. Unless your needs are for such things, I think this is a non-issue.

Yes DFD is great for stills. It's video that's the issue. And for many folks, including me actually, who shoot 90% or greater stills, even that remaining 10% makes DFD a no-go when there are alternatives that are better. I'd own nothing but Panasonic if the video AF was worth a damn.

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I love Panasonic. Features, ergonomics and colors are great. I loved my G7. Panasonic is all my family and I would own if the video/continuous AF was worth a damn. Instead we own Sony (horrible ergos) and Canon (horrible 4k).

It's a TRAGEDY that Panasonic chose DFD autofocus - and an even bigger tragedy that they stuck with it. And they are counting on super-computing to save them? After all the customers are gone? Good grief.

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PanoMax: Sigma DP3 Merrill has the Foveon sensor which produces all the resolution required in a single exposure without having to "shift" the pixels. 16 bit file is 88.6 megs after processing and converting to tiff.

The Merrils are fabulous cameras. Essentially medium format detail (in good light) from an APS-C sensor.

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On article Sigma 100-400mm F5-6.3 DG DN OS sample gallery (70 comments in total)

Love to see a comparison with the Canon mount 100-400 (Sigma 100-400mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary Lens for Canon EF) - I'd like to know if I can get the same results (mainly in sharpness/contrast/detail) using the Canon/Sigma 100-400 with an MC-11, as with this new lens, as the Canon/Sigma can be bought for much less money, esp used.

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Angrymagpie: Wait, there’re drones with Sony full frame e-mount sensors?

I know this is an old thread, but just to say that a Mavic can lift about 600 grams in a pinch. An A5100 with this 7Artisan lens weighs just 355 grams (that said an A5100 with say, a Samyang 18/2.8, (whose field-of-view might be better, in general for aerial photography) weighs just 428) yes there is indeed a market for smaller APS-C cameras with lightweight lenses...they can/do make the difference between having to own a much bigger drone, and something super small/portable like a Mavic.

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On article Canon RF 85mm F1.2L USM review (767 comments in total)

I never thought I'd think Sony lens prices are reasonable. Well. OK... I still don't. The Canon is awesome glass...but at some point (price, weight) there's very little point.

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Looks like a list of what the majority pros use all the time...the bread and butter...essentially 24-70's and 70-200's, with Canon bodies.

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On article DPReview TV: Canon EOS M6 Mark II review (305 comments in total)

Thanks for the good review...couple things...most folks are not going to understand why this camera "needs" higher resolution would have been nice if you took a few seconds to explain that...and...there was a lot of talk about the cost of the EVF, but no cost actually given. Those were two big points and weren't fully addresses.

There also should be a mention somewhere on this web page that Canon has now decided to de-cripple some of their cameras, including this one, by adding back 24p. Cameras can change quite a bit over the years with firmware updates.

DPR should find a way to amend these reviews so that folks shopping for a given camera at some time in the future gets as accurate as possible a description of the camera's capabilities with whatever firmware updates have come along.

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On article Canon EOS 90D Review (966 comments in total)

I've been a life long Canon fan, but no longer. This camera as well as the EOS RP and the M6 mkII should be ignored on principle. Canon's deliberate crippling of video (no 24fps) is simply wrong. It's just greed. What they fail to see is when they exclude entry-level filmmakers from buying their product, they ALSO lose that filmmaker when they are ready to upgrade. So instead of forcing folks to buy their more expensive cameras now, they are losing them forever. It's just so sad to see Canon do this. It's sickening.

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On article DPReview TV: Canon EOS 90D review (206 comments in total)

But it doesn't do 24fps...this camera (and all the other recent cameras Canon is crippling on purpose) should be ignored out of principle. I was a lifelong Canon user...had an EOS RP on order, til I saw it was I tentionally crippled by Canon, and cancelled.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-S1 review (2020 comments in total)

I loved the G7 (esp for travel), and would gladly kept it if C-AF was better, esp for video. That the mega-dollar (and "professional"?) S1 still uses DFD autofocus is an absolute TRAGEDY. Hey Panasonic...WAKE UP!

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On article Fujifilm X-T30 review (1095 comments in total)

The grip...perhaps add an aftermarket grip ($40-$60 on Amazon... same one that fits the X-T20) ... and then remove it for max portability...

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(unknown member): The only reason APS-C didn't thrive was because Canon and Nikon were not serious about it. The promise of the smaller format is smaller, lighter, and less expensive lenses of the same optical quality as full frame. Yet, because Nikon and Canon had a huge stable of full frame lenses from the film days, they saw little reason to develop similar lenses for APS-C. Take a look at the upcoming set of lenses made for RF. Nothing similar was done for APS-C. Where, for example, is the 55-125mm f/2.8 of the same optical quality as the exceptional 70-200s? APS-C was always looked at as a stepping stone to full frame. After years of shooting full frame, I've purchased a 7D Mark II. I like the smaller size files, and the increased pixel density is very useful to what I currently do.

Not less expensive. Aps-c and MFT can and do frequently cost more than the FF equivalents.

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The Fuji 56/1.2 is equivalent to an 85/1.8 on full frame. In the case of Nikon, the 85/1.8 is 1/2 the price and weighs less than the Fuji...I love Fuji, but to say you can get FF quality "and not have to lug around the weight" (of full frame) is not really accurate in many cases.

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"Quietly"? That's a really shameful way to try to attract attention. And just what is the standard to determine what a "quiet" announcement is as opposed to, ah, what, "loudly"?

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PostModernBloke: I really prefer the 'before' images. They look like the real world, places I'd like to visit.
The 'after' ones (particularly the desert scene) resemble bad CGI to my eyes.

Different strokes I guess...

I think the main issue is that our eyes, when we are at the location, can discern far more general detail than we see from a picture on a screen. These kinda of sliders attempt to bring back some of what your eye can see...that's the idea anyway...and since it has a slider, you can use as little or as much as you want.

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StraightShoot: Actually not bad for LR users as you can isolate the sky in one step. Helpful for present Luminar user but do not purchase for this feature alone. do you isolate the sky in LR in one step? Thanks...

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worldaccordingtojim: Certainly very cool, and takes the lead in phone photography. Assuming most people taking pictures on their phone only share to Instagram and Facebook, these will provide some really incredible results. Sadly the more this progresses, the more people will choose to save on a professional photographer, and just use their phones to document events.

As for me, the images from my a7rIII, are so dramatically better this really doesn't replace my mirror-less at all. As for people hoping to see this technology in a mirrorless camera, the processing power required to do this with a larger image file would require a desktop class processor.

If the Pixel 3 can do it inside a phone, why couldn't those same electronics fit inside a mirrorless camera?

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What percent of these improvements are software, and what percent hardware? In other words, can there be an app the will accomplish a significant percentage of these improvements?

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