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  • I disagree.
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    This is fabulous. Why? Because I'm sick and tired on the useless "I like it" from Vidau. You complain that "it can't be all bad". How about Vidau's everything is great. No explanations, etc. ...
  • I don't under the "us". Are you speaking for the group or yourself? And please expand on "I like where you are going with this". You say it a lot and I've yet to understand it.
  • I don't see the fog or have any sense of a cold environment. I just wish that once you could give an honest critique instead of liking 90% of everything posted, especially if there is a diagonal or ...
  • Replied in Tree
    Frankly, this is very unappealing. But it is quite telling. Any attempt to use the foreground tree as the centerpiece is completely blown out by the marked clutter. There is no interesting ...
  • Replied in Aladin
    To me, this looks like he's wearing a bad hat.
  • This really isn't pleasant to look at. Composition and tonalities just aren't there.
  • Replied in two abstracts
    First one looks like some kind of gimmicky snapshot that does nothing. The second one is bland and uninteresting. I really wish you would spend some time with your snapshots. Seems like your main ...
  • Replied in Three trees
    Don't like. Composition isn't interesting and the lighting doesn't work.
  • I don't like this at all. Your post processing is not at all appealing. And in *NO* way does it look like the work of Lee Jeffries!
  • You need a better white point. And the blacks in the upper back are too muddy without any sense of illumination. Lots of burning and dodging will help this snapshot. How much time did you spend in ...
  • Replied in window
    So you agree with the format criticism? The format itself is not inherently bad. I don't like the image at all, but that has nothing to do with the ratio of the image.
  • Replied in window
    Other than the fact that you don't like it (like you don't like grass), what is it about the format that you don't like? Shouldn't the format fit the image, or should it fit a rule you live and ...
  • Replied in Bull Feeney's
    Huh? You like the diagonals? I don't understand this statement in any way, shape, or form. All components must come together to create a good image. Just picking the diagonals to comment on is ...
  • But the chair is the subject of the image. The left side does nothing other than follow a silly rule that you go by. Mystery is NOT the point of the photograph. Not every image needs mystery or a ...
  • This doesn't do it for me. Nothing exciting about the composition or lighting. I would do some focal contrast enhancement and the right side is way too dark. Needs, not a touch, tad, or whisker, ...
  • I don't understand the purpose of the left third of the snapshot. It contributes nothing. You have some nice tones in the chair and floor and wall. And it's completely ruined by the dark ...
  • Replied in Shout
    I completely disagree with the above evaluations. They have NOT helped you in the least. A three word reponse (ie a good photo) is simply meaningless. How hard is it to say something constructive, ...
  • Replied in On the Trail
    He he. But how do you know the creature was coming forward? The snapshot clearly indicates the creature is fleeing for it's life. With regard to the snapshot, I don't find the composition or ...
  • I'm very curious as to your reasoning here. Why do you think that will help? It's already over colorized. Are you trying to use that old vignetting trick to try to enclose the image with a border?
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