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On photo "Kate in ambient" in the Portraits shot with natural light only challenge (30 comments in total)
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absentaneous: it's a well done photo, apart maybe that reflection in her eyes which might be a bit disturbing but overall one was done fine, no complaints about that but this good effort was literally ruined in post processing. I mean it's about taste when it comes to smoothing the skin to this level even if to me it doesn't make any sense because it's simply too obvious for one to appreciate it but the real problem is that if you decide to go this way at least do it properly. I don't know how many people checked the full resolution version but this touch up was a fail. there are portions around the eyes, nose and mouth that simply were note processed. so it really looks noobish.

This is my first time posting a comment on this site...just had to...
No matter, what I think about the photo we're talking about - as far as I understand the comment section is all about constructive criticism, so what's the point in insulting people who do exactly what they are supposed to? 'Great job' comments are all over the place helping nobody. I myself am quite a noob and I would like people criticising my pictures in a way that makes me look at my pictures in a different way, so I can make small steps improving.
There are lots of nice pictures in the challenges - the funny thing is that (considering my taste) you don't see them on 1st place very often. On the other hand it makes perfect sense that special pictures won't be voted for by a majority of random photographers; every one of us has a very personal taste so what we see in the top ranks is just a compromise in taste - which is totally fine for me.

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