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Always funny hearing people form the West worrying about starvation in North Korea.
Only 60 years ago UN forces were slaughtering "gooks" by the millions, and one of their last military "operations", the destruction of several dams near Pyongyang (spring-summer '53, very Dresden style), was specifically conceived in order to flood the paddy fields and inflict death... by starvation.

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Larry Winters: What is ironic is that someone like myself who has chosen NOT to make Usain Bolt their hero have instantly become some whining beer sucking mal-content. It's also ironic the ones who HAVE chosen Bolt as their hero are the ones who are thowing out the insulting language.

Geesh, people have differing opinions.


To be accurate you said "Bolt is no legend", and added that what he's done is something that many others have already done.
That's quite different than saying that YOU prefer someone else - and btw what you said also false: no one else on earth has ever won 100 and 200 in two different Games...

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Larry Winters: Usain Bolt is NO LEGEND. Michael Phelps would more likely be called a Legend. He's earned I think 16 Gold and over 20+ medals in 3 Olympics from the 100m, 200m to 400m with mulitple strokes. And he has Gold 3-peated in at least 2 events. When Bolt Gold medals in the 100, 200, and at least medals in the 400, and throw in a hurdle event, in 3 Olympics, then he will have just equalled Phelps. Bolts has only doubled in 2 events and now has a paltry 6 medals. I'm really no fan of swimming or Phelps but the standard he's set will take awhile to surpass and you can't deny him that.

Bolt is a character which is good for Sports advertising, but I'm still wondering want this has to do with reviewing digital photography here on DPR.


Dear mr Winters,
Bolt is by far the most popular and acclaimed sportsman in the world, and 100 meters is by far the most important and followed event in each edition of the Olympic Games.
Your overreaction reveals that you feel Bolt victories as your personal losses, and also that you don't know know how to loose.
I cannot avoid to feel sorry for you.

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