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The iPad at least is one platform, which is not polluted with Instagram. There are a lot better instruments to present photos to others.

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My goodness. I can’t believe it. Does dpreview believe that the panacea of photography is a full frame camera?

This horrendous marketing support for this format, makes me question the independence of the formerly respectable photography web site. Now, it looks like that they are blindly following and supporting the full frame marketing hype.

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skeezmoe: I now will basically prefer a camera with IBIS. Why? because I want good fast lenses and they often will not have stabilization on them. Having IBIS gives the best combination. For example I want to get the X-T3 and pair it with the 16-55mm F2.8 lens. I wont get that and I am not really impressed if I pair the lens with the X-H1 (older tech). I really want a Fuji but might end up getting the A73 now :/

Well, the lack of OIS at the XF 2.8/16-55mm is a showstopper for the Fuji system to me. Because it means that you won’t have any stabilization with such an important lens type using cameras like the X-T models.
I have encountered enough situations, where no stabilization let me down resulting in not sharp enough images. Especially when you are engaged in outdoor activities like hiking or biking, where could be difficult to hold your camera completely free of shake.
I also no people, who generally have difficulties to hold camera free of shake.

It is a shame, that Fujifilm doesn’t recognize this, and still refuses to provide a standard f2.8 zoom with stabilization. A major drawback for an otherwise good system.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 Review (1033 comments in total)

The AF shooting experience doesn’t sound too promising, unfortunately. Question to the dpreview staff: Since I observed the loss of view finder resolution on a pre production model as well (firmware version 0.4), did the reviewer use a production firmware version? Could you disclose the firmware version of the camera body, you were using during the shoot?

Thanks in advance.


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Dream? It was never mine, at least. To me a rather superfluous feature and intermediate technology. In close future, cameras can have very high burst rates, even with full resolution.

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Welt, it is a pity that dpreview follows the urban legend that Olympus menus are more complex than the competition. It is clearly not the case.

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Apple misses again the opportunity to produce a tablet, which can be a good tool for a photographer. No easy to reach micro sd card slot for easy image backups, is a real shame. Apple has dropped the iPhoto app, which was able to show EXIF information, and does not provide anything with similar functionality.

So, iPad Air 2 is no progress for photographers and IOS 8 in fact a drawback.

I guess Android tablets will become a better option.

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The problem with Apple is that RAW support for cameras takes way too long. E-M10 support just now? The competitors have this for quite some time. No wonder why photographers leave the Apple platform and move to Lightroom and even perhaps Windows.

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On article Benchmark Performance: Nikon D810 review (2006 comments in total)

This camera shows that DSLRs and especially Nikon are stuck in an innovation plateau. Same old fat design, huge. Too many people get tired lugging this stuff around. Nikon must listen to the mirrorless bandwagon or it will be in big trouble.

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Joe Mayer: I must be a dino. I have no interest in manipulating any images on my i-anything. I don't see the point in using Photoshop AND Lightroom. LR is simply PS-lite and if you have PS, the "free" LR is of no use unless you really have poor cataloging skills and need a program to keep track of your stuff. As for the new features of PS, well, Adobe has always introduced new touch-feely stuff to attract people to update. In this case, they are giving it to those subscribed and are trying to tempt the hold-outs. I don't need to blur my photos and selecting according to sharpness is something I don't get. If I have a shot with great bokeh, I want to select the sharp part? Most people want to select the model so they can create fake bokeh. I'm sure there's a use for it but I can't figure any for my use so for those who can, enjoy. The only use I've seen for sharp masking is in the selection of a group of photos where you can immediately see which ones nailed focus.

Apparently, you have no idea about, who actually use iPads. The iPad users are a significant target group for Adobe.

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siggo: Umm Sony, could you PLEASE do this for A7R???


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On article Olympus stems losses but PEN sales disappoint (219 comments in total)

If a company ignores the most wanted feature in its "signature" line (PENs) : the build-in view finder, there shouldn't be any surprise that after four years of waiting the customers go elsewhere.

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On article CP+ 2013: Panasonic interview (199 comments in total)

What a clueless company!

They still don't what Europeans and Americans demand!

While the competition has focus peaking for more than a year, they offer lame excuses for not implementing it.

It looks that the GH3 was prematurely released, probably due to the success of the E-M5: lousy EVF and no resources, i.e. time for developing an image processor, which is able to support focus peaking.

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Richt2000: Boom. Suddenly the NEX system becomes the most attractive CSC.

Better AF and now a good selection of lenses.
24/1.8. 35/1.8. 50/1.8. With the later 2 having OSS...
And a wide angle zoom, and a pancake lens to shut up those who say their lenses are big.

Canon has a lot of catching up to do! With the smaller sensor, m43 has less to shout about now!

I don't see any change here. m4/3 stays by far more attractive as it has considerable more lens choices and more diversity in body concepts. The new NEX cameras still stick to the awkward, menu-driven usability concept: a no go for me. The stacking of the mode dial and the control wheel seems to be an error prone solution.

Sony NEX the most attractive CSC? No way!

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ThomasSwitzerland: Interesting corporate story

I sold all my Olympus digital cameras a year ago, but kept the Pro lenses in the shelf. The color, sharpness and contrast in total is - in my view - even better than Leica lenses I also own. I do not rate by lab charts, but in the field work.

As soon as Olympus offers something like an E-7 four thirds – I will return and buy. I find the MFT some different class – for holidays=ok, or making snapshots. Serious work with MFT – no way. Just by the tiny dimensions, and a high class optical viewfinder cannot be matched. Direct light passed thru glass in the finder will always be better than converted light by sensors and electronic circuits.

Today’s technology will enable FT to have much improved noise and dynamic range behavior. The gap between FT and APS-C will narrow. Olympus will make a smart move by serving the FT market. Because their treasures are the optics.

The future of Olympus continues to unfold. I wish them best of luck and courage.

Most DSLR optical view finders are worse than the EVF pf the E-M5: they are partly smaller, dim, usually with some clor cast.

The E-M5 finder is as clear as most EVFs and gives you accurate information about exposure and white balance, something asn OVF cannot do.

Only the best OVFs in the very expensive flagship DSLRs do realistically beat current EVFs.

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On article Just Posted: Pentax K-01 review (355 comments in total)
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carlgt1: the review (69% conclusion) seems a bit harsh considering what we've seen of IQ and a DXOMark of 80 -- all in a $749 camera? It seems easy to overlook the quirky design/ergnomics for that.

To me 69% is even too much for this ugly brick. The camera is bulky and feels terrible in hand. The controls have one of the worst layouts, I have ever seen. The IQ can be as good as it is, with such a bad usability, it is a no go.

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Jim Evidon: History is full of failed cameras that produced spectacular images. Both Pentax and Ricoh have a long history of producing excellent cameras producing superior images. But images aside, the camera simply lacks the look and the features that will make it a seller. The design of the camera makes it the Pontiac Aztec of the photographic industry; truly ugly. The lack of an EVF, either built in or as an accessory is a deal breaker. The images from my NEX5N and OM-D (EM-5) are equally spectacular, as is the focusing speed and fps speed, and both cameras are in great demand. If this camera is an example of what we may expect from the marriage of these two fine brands ( Ricoh and Pentax), I predict that we will ultimately find them in the dustbin of photographic history.

The K-30 is almost as ugly as the K-30. What Pentax has to do urgently is firing it's product chief designer. Nobody buys such ugly stuff!

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