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  • Well, I understand; what you want are the pictures as mementos but what you don't want is to be the photographer. Nothing wrong with that but presumably you would be just as happy employing a ...
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    It is the photographer who creates the image, not the camera. The camera does nothing more than record photons. So, if I am a photographer why would I want a camera that doesn't need a ...
  • David Bailey was famous for both his fashion and portrait photography. The protagonist of the 60s cult movie 'Blow up' was modelled on him. Cecil Beat on was another household name.
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    There are many well known photographers here. I cannot say who is the most known but three names come to mind as candidates. Chema Madoz Ramon Masats Bárbara Allende Gil de Biedma, known as 'Ouka ...
  • Personally I would go for in-body stabilization since it works with any lens. The downside to in-line stabilization is you have to pay for it with every stabilised lens. For example the stabilised ...
  • So you are saying 1. Photography can be art. 2. Creating the 'scene' is a criterion for adjudicating a photo as art. 3. Most photographers do not create art. 4. You have never seen such photography ...
  • Well, this is a specious argument. Basically you are asserting the photography is not conceptual but the others are, and then you ask if there is any difference. The fact is there is no difference ...
  • Photography is not art, neither is painting nor sculpture nor any other technique. All techniques, including photography, can be and are used to produce art.
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    What you ask for exists. It is called "Google" and is available on your smartphone.  Whenever you want a photo of something just search and you will find myriads of photos taken from every ...
  • 90% LR, 10% LR+PS.
  • In the end art is the expression of the artist and therefore the artist must have something to say in order to produce art. Whether the art is good or bad is purely subjective. There are, and have ...
  • Depends on the screen. Most people don't have 8K screens. A 4K UHD screen is only 8 Mpx so a 20 Mpx image is overkill.
  • Both the EM1X and the EM1 Mark III have GPS, compass and accelerometers which would allow the first solution. In addition, according to Olympus, they have developed with Epson gyroscopes of the ...
  • Yes, a posible solution is, as you point out, to use GPS and a compass. Although I understand your point about limited practicality I think one should not underestimate the commercial value of ...
  • Presumably Olympus has a solution since they're claiming 7 or more stops. Likewise they must have determined its viability since they've implemented it.  Whether that translates into commercial ...
  • Well of course you are free to believe whatever you wish. Nevertheless, the referenced document gives a clear explanation of why the earth's rotation limits IBIS whereas a computational solution ...
  • Earth's rotation limits IBIS See above for an explanation and possible computational solution to overcoming this limit.
  • It is, but the resulting HDR image, usually 32bit, cannot be displayed. It therefore isn't the 'final' image and has to be tonemapped to get something which can be displayed.
  • Why then is the bird good since it's also a predator?
  • And a very Merry Christmas to you too!
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