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This is great news for me as an EM1 user. I thought I have to wait for MKII but now I am super pleased that Olympus is following its value approach. Sadly EM5, which I also use, is not supported. Maybe CPU power is not enough or Olympus doesn’t want to jeopardize EM5MKII sales by fostering used market models.

I mostly wait for the silent mode. Silent mode was the reason why I also bought a GX7.
I do a lot of ceremony shooting were silence is everything.

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Sadly they have left out IS. If they wouldn’t it would have increase the versatility in super low light even further and I know this is a wide angle with F1,4 maybe on a body which is good for ISO 3200.
Having the possibility in the company’s to leave out IS on lenses is for me a deal breaker for body’s with no IBIS and the reason why I like systems which have this like Olympus some Sony and others. Here IS is guaranteed for all lenses and no option for the manufacturer to leave it out somewhere which will happen even on expensive primes like here.

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Unbelievable & spectacular and also a remote camera need skills and passion to frame and trigger the subject right.

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I started with canon 30D/40D and some (heavy) lenses. As it was so often mentioned by others - I wanted to reduce the weight of my gear and switched to MFT and left canon because they had nothing on offer which was on the one hand lightweight and on the other hand enthusiast frendly.

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Interface is not working with Touchscreen like iPad or kindle fire

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And I have hopped so much for a redesign of the 9-18 or better a less pricy MFT 7-14 or maybe a 6-12 (like for APS-C 8-16 from Sigma). I have to wait.

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Taking meaningfull pictures of children or animals is allways tricky.
But these pictures combines both, which is a real challange. If I could select it would be a little less dreamely.
Great work from russia where I have seen more of this kind.

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David Smith - Photographer: I think the E-M1 is an excellent camera, but to me it is rendered useless by the serious shutter vibration issue. Even with safe settings this camera surprised me again and again with unsharp pictures. You can't always see this on the small sharp LCD. Only when you look at the results on your computer screen, you'll watch in horror how the E-M1 has destroyed your favorite photo of the day. Quickly sold mine.

Hy David,
Up to now I have no such issues with my E-M1. My Pictures especially with the 12-40 are razor sharp. Can you tell us more about this, like your settings and picture parameter to investigate?
The only small hurdel I have is that the camera is frequently jumping in rec mode when I change settings by turning the front wheel.

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Beautifull work and due to my experiance I trust the numbers. It is wondfull to concentrate on a specific subject and to see how it develep and change during time which is nicely reflected here

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I own a Sony A33 with 3 Tamron lenses. 17-50/2,8; 18-270 and an older 18-200. All of them worked perfectly fine on the A. Than I added the Sony adapted LA-EA 2 to my two NEXes and can tell you that only the 18-270 was able to focus any more. The screw driven lenses gave up. This surprises me because Sony clamed for the adapter to use the same technology for focusing as the A33/55 including the use of an screw driving motor.

At the end of the day you alleays have to await surprises if you left the OEM business case.

I personaly by a system as a howl. A good third party selection is raising my interest. So I turned to MFT to be rid of this issue.

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