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For all of you who doubts its quality or the motivation resides in the heart of the photographer, I only want to say: there's is no accident for one's success.

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Well, I just come back with a half consumed Kodakchrome, and my Canon EOS Rebel G. Days are different from what they were ten years ago, when people had plenty of time to deal with their photos(have them printed, or wait to see the result for a "long" time). We all become more impatient, and thus make films "peculiar". We'll miss you, Kodak!

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starwolfy: What a bunch of ignorants around here.
This camera will surely be really successful in Asia, where it is a part of general behavior to take pictures of yourself. As I live in Korea, I have many friends, especially women, who bought some Canon bridge camera only because the screen could tilt enough to make self portraiture of themselves (with or without friends) easier.
Not to understand how other customers can behave, depending on their culture, do not make this camera's feature something useless.

I agree with you about the view " where it is a part of general behavior to take pictures of yourself". In China, I can find the fact among my parents and friends as well. Indeed, differences between cultures vary a lot, and we'd better not to say something like "a bunch of ignorants" for the same reason as you came up with.

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To my point of view, P&S can still survive in many years. We always uptight about smartphones for their increasing high-quality features in photographing. Nonetheless, I think those smartphone makers won't concentrate on improving their products' lenses or other features to exceed P&S, because what customers prefer is their wonderful performance in connectivity and apps. If one want to photograph seriously, I bet he will buy a camera rather than a smartphone.

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angelhappy: You people are uptight. If we had to ask for permission on every shot we take then you better off taking another line of work.

In China, most people in big cities such as Shanghai and Beijing are not so uptight about their participation in a photographed scene. I guess they show such a calm because they are always so indifferent to what is going on around them... But in rural area, more and more peasants start to ask for money to participate in photographing. Well, they do need it, but I just feel a little uncomfortable to see a photo with people laughing so artificially.

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On article Introduction to Documentary-style People Photography (67 comments in total)
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Gioradan: Again, thanks for the kind remarks regarding the article.
My view on documentary photography is that one should try and capture people in their environment going about their business and not their response the the photographer.
I feel that I need to explain a little further. The techniques discussed in the article are for situation when the photographer what to capture the moment without alter the scene.
I do not ask people to stop for me and pose. The young monk in the monastery (for example) was standing the way you see him in the image. I just captured a moment that already exist.

I love talking to people along the way and was invited in by people into their dwelling countless times. Desert tents, Pacific island huts and Tibetan mud houses. But yet, even in those circumstances when people know that I am there with a camera I try to capture them in a natural way so the images will show their live as I am not there.

thanks for your tips. As for me, photos taken by natural ways are stunning!

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great, I like it!

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very interesting :)

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