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The 907X is simply beautiful. Minimalism at its best! But is the LCD screen usable at noon?

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ChristianHass: Beautiful sunstars too! If only Ricoh/Pentax would make an F2 version with the same image quality but at 250g instead of 1kg.

How is f/2 larger than f/1.4?

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fPrime: Another prime that looks (and weighs) like a zoom from ten years ago. And people wonder why lens sales continue to fall.

I have the 1st gen DFA100 macro. While it is a nice lens, I doubt its corner sharpness is going to match the latest generation of lenses. If Ricoh is going to redesign that lens, it is going to be the size of the DFA 50mm f1.4.

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tedolf: So called Full Frame is an accidental format with a bad DOF profile for out of studio shooting. It is difficult to use lenses having apertures faster than f/2 without running into DOF being too narrow. Also, the 3:2 aspect ratio is a poor match for prints.

The original 16mm x 24mm cinematic 4:3 format was perfect, especially for fast lenses.


'Prints'? What is that? Haha...kidding!

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Come on Ricoh, join the party! It's about time to consolidate the lens mounts. Instant access to all the nice lenses from other brands.

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It is hardly a 'flash'! It is just a 3 colours LED light.

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If I do that, all my lenses will grow fungus. The humidity here in the tropics is 90%. Dry cabinet is the only way to go.

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Richard Murdey: The UHS-1 bus is capped at 95 MB/s read/write. 90 MB/s write speed is not faster than the fast Sandisk/Toshiba/Samsung SD cards available for years.

The 160 MB/s read speed over UHS-1 is probably some on-the-fly-data compression trick. Which is nice, but it's the write speeds you are normally worried about.

A 400 GB microSD though @_@;;

Yup, according to the specs, write speed is 90MB/s.

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Now I want a pet eagle!

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Ruy Penalva: China is ready to copy and sell cheaper. Do we need tripod when we have 5 axis stabilization? Only for panorama or heavy lens or sports photo,

I guess Ruy also does still-life handheld. :)

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Etmahoa: There´s not much info in the movie exept maby that some Asian girls don´t eat much calories, dies their hair, likes to do pealing against rocks, likes retro cameras while running in the streets, uses clip-on lenses on their smartphones, but not in the streets, only in tall buildings.

Where is the pealing?

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Ah, bring back memories of the good old days! Olympus Mju - I recommended it to a friend because of the sharp lens, and my older brother had the Minolta X700. Then, I was using the Pentax LX and Super A.

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iudex: Great to see a third party manufacturer producing also K-mount lenses. Since Pentax has actually not a single FF wideangle prime (the widest Pentax prime is 31mm, which even cannot be described as wideangle) I believe a lot of Pentax K-1 owners will buy Irix, either the older 15mm or this new 11mm.
Kudos to Irix!

Well the difference between Nikon and Pentax is that the former has a much larger market share. The extra effort of adapting a lens for F mount is more financially rewarding.
I believe the CEO of Sigma cited the mechanical coupling and low volume as the reasons for the small range of K mount lenses. Maybe with the new electronic interface it would be cheaper and more importantly, easier for Sigma to produce K mount lenses.

Yes, my bad! When I typed PLM I was thinking about the new 55-300 with the KAF4 mount. 😳

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iudex: Great to see a third party manufacturer producing also K-mount lenses. Since Pentax has actually not a single FF wideangle prime (the widest Pentax prime is 31mm, which even cannot be described as wideangle) I believe a lot of Pentax K-1 owners will buy Irix, either the older 15mm or this new 11mm.
Kudos to Irix!

I think the reason 3rd party manufacturers are reluctant to make small quantity of K mount lenses is due to that primitive aperture coupling. Now that the 1st PLM lens has appeared, I am sure 3rd party K mount lenses will be released again in time.

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MarioV: Great photos. This dimension of freedom use to be the realm of expensive plane/helicopter charters. Thanks to drones, it puts it in anyone's reach - possibly to the lament of professionals, which means this category will get flooded too.

I like aviation photography. Now I just need to wait for one that is fast enough to keep up with an F-16.

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The diving hawk - the angry bird, My favorite photo!

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SungiBr: Well, even the KS-1 will have a firmware update to be compatible with the new lens.
But what about 'not that older' cameras like the K5II? Not that I will buy this lens, but if the new electromagnet diaphragm becomes a standard, this will heaviiy impact retrocompatibility.
For me, the most interesting new feature are that new af system. What is this in real world? Just a fancy name to an in lens af motor or a new and promissing technology that Ricoh developed and will standout over competition?

Also, if they will cut out the aperture lever, why they can't eliminate that old aperture coupler hole on the mount? :/

About Pentax backward compatibility. It has always been old lens on new camera, not new lens on old camera. Most of us upgrade camera body more often than lens.

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Babka08: I'd have preferred if they had simply added a DC motor to the existing 55-300. It's a much faster lens and has good optics.

It is more than just a rehash of the old lens. This new 55-300 is optimised for video.

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Timbukto: Pentax, the only brand that when guessing the price after reading the specs, I always go over.

Plus that yummy DFA150-450!

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Yeah! No more mechanical aperture coupling. I think Nikon is the only other brand left still relying on the aperture lever/tab.

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