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Video for the income, nature photog is the passion!


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At Dick’s Sporting Goods there’s a Mac camo 3-leg seat but with a back and cup holder for $19, plus $50 for the Manfrotto monopod at B&H ... both solid, with better features. But while sitting who wants to hold a monopod? OK It’s small/portable. Tripod is best. Just buy the chair and 10 packs of beer with what you save. Salute.

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I too come to the conclusion “It’s just life in nature.” I recall 50 years ago visiting the dump near a northern wisconsin lake where bears were munching regularly. Easy pickings. But also attracts rats and other critters. Many such dumps are gone. Replaced with concrete. Alternatively ... if ANY picture Troy brings tears to your eyes, it is a raging success. Well done. I’ve made allot of bear shots on salmon streams in AK. It’s all about easy food to them, and easy shots for us.

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Lensmate: French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand has an unbelievable portfolio of aerial photography, capturing some of the most beautiful places in the world...if you haven't seen his work before, then you are in for a real treat! One could say he lead the way in this type of photography....
Some nice drone shots here that make for interesting POV's!

Glad you mentioned the book ... I have it on my coffee table: Earth from Above. Lotsa balloon floats, helicopter shots, etc. Published 1999 to 2005. A classic and still the best aerials on the planet. "This book is not simply a series of photographs. It's a work of art."

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kreislauf: the selection of photos is awesome.

But... "Pre-visualization is key"
yeah, add in some vodoo...
Or do what the photographer did: make hundreds of photos, convert and process them and then do a selection...

There is no such thing as pre-visualization. Either you like the composition or not. Don't believe the pro photographers, who tell you that you need this special sauce that you will never have anyway so you better stop trying...

Consider that a scenic is the art of seeing vs machine gunning or just clicking. Seeing can, (not always) take planning, thought, contemplation. Athletes do it all the time ... Why not photographers? Some, not all, of my best shots were pre-visualized. I believe it works, for me. Here's an example at Jenny Lake at 1 am in tinted monotone. I "considered" this for a month, before I froze my ass off. Jim


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Mark9473: Apart from perhaps the one with the chapel, I think they would all look better in colour.


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He has a good point, BUT with the exception of the church ... spectacular in BW, due to the strength of the opposing tonal qualities. Very strong image, composition, geometry -- which trumps chroma here.

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Optionally speaking ... for FZ-1000 (etc) users, I hacked together a 'cage' made from a grip for $14 at BB; with small shotgun, LED fill light, the 25-400mm bridge lens, Gorillapod, 7" monitor (ok, overkill from my video days); and wireless flash trigger, off-camera second recording mic. Mobile or tripod for documentary or interviews, etc. Works for me. Photo here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/jimradford/6dPE1e


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I see this as two layers: 1) Federal guidelines (but FAA has no law-making authority but protects / manages the airspace within existing laws), and 2) State/Local law and enforcement. Firing a weapon at a drone could violate both. Flying near ANY air traffic is federal. Privacy is obviously a local municipallity matter. (Avoid residential and flights over people.) Noise at 100 feet is a non-issue (vs the old RC planes). Also, not to confuse hobby use with commercial. This is aimed at commercial and requires certification. That's a good thing, as is any vehicle registration / certification. It mollifies some risk, stimulates jobs, and builds skill. The rest is common sense. One murky area is insurance / liabiliy. Facts suggest very few casualties, and the fear factor is mostly born from ignorance, IMHO.

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Very disappointing. Pet rock.

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Grreat shot. But a 500th (or faster?) and didn't freeze the rain drops? Altho I don't recall he tipping point on that motion it 'seems' closer to a 60th-100th.

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iudex: A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to put my hands on many recent cameras in one time and to compare them. Like many readers here I had the RX100 high on a pedestal. But when I handled it I realized that it is not for me. Yes, it is surprisingly small and really pocketable, but this is also it´s course. People with bigger hands have really nowhere to put their fingers, there is almost no space for holding the camera, you accidentaly press buttons at the back with your thumb and in front there is only spippery flat surface. The buttons are so tiny it is a problem to know which one are you pressing. And the highlight of Mk III - the EVF is so tiny it is hardly usable (the screen itself is small plus the light is entering from all sides). After trying almost all enthusiast compacts and CSSs I came to the conclusion the smallest acceptable camera is Pana LX100, which is reasonably big and comfortable to hold.

There's more to mineraturization than size ... most of these compacts & mirrorless, 4/3s, etc don't fit in shirt pockets like a cellphone. BUT -- the comparative weight is another story. There is a segment of shooters, say over 50, who slowly lose hand strength. Lighter can be better. Same goes for weight around the neck, or weight and space in backpacks, carry-ons etc. And lighter camera = lighter tripod. Those advantages flipped me from DSLR.

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Yep, the vaseline works fine, as does solutions in post ... ie Topaz's lens effects plug in ... lots of control, or PS. or many other methods of layering. Sometimes better to shoot it straight and adapt it to tastes later, experimenting. The lens approach is one and done ... 1970s.

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Since Michelangelo, even Ansel Adams, artists have had credit, if not legal copyright, for works produced by their assistants and students. This appears to be a clear case of exploitation by Wikimedia for a work created in most every respect by someone else. The question, however, is who's to say the monkey actually took these pictures? Where is the exploitation? Who cares?

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Aguolo: Got mine yesterday (France), I especially need it for its video capabilities.
In complement to my current gears (D700, nex-5r), this one feels quite plasticky. I'll get used to it.
As for videos, the results in 4K are very convincing anywhere but in lowlight. I can add that for shooting 4K, a standard uhs class 1 SDcard (Transcend) is enough. Didn't need any of those class 3 ones.
Now, got 2 issues. When tilting the camera (switched OFF) back and forth, I can hear some stuff moving inside (the optical block ?). Don't know if that's normal (it's my first bridge).
Besides, my biggest concern, a kind of whirring noise when ON. as far as 10cms from it, you can hear this buzz. The problem is when shooting a video, the mic is pretty sensitive and records this noise. Disabling the Power IOS on the barrel, the noise decrease a bit but that's it.
If any new owner can confirm about this issue...

I also have the A7 and ordered the FZ1000. I'm curious how you compare both stills and video of those two cameras, clearly a sensor size difference.

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On article Behind the shot: 'Louisville in Motion' (44 comments in total)

Excellent tutorial. Can I ask a dumb question? ... you chose stills over video with speed changes. Why? What are the differences, advantages? Effect? Costs? Time? Thx.

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Somebody mentioned Leonardo, possibly the deepest image editing app for the iPad, a sister app to Photo Wizard with excellent layering, masking, filters galore.

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Creative and well executed, and more important they mean something special to the photographer, her theme of aging. I don't get all the criticism ... I'm reminded of commercial artist John Falter in the 1970's who was commissioned by 3M for a bicentennial series of six large oils, and hid a contemporary artifact in each, ie a pencil, or plastic Baggie, etc. But maybe the gear-heads here arn't much for creativity or art, not that all art is my taste.

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