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Wow! I'd be incredulous if I were her. Probably to the tune of 1 billion dollars as well. I say nail Getty Images to the wall! That's ridiculous!

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On article Rock Solid: Canon 1D X Mark II Review (324 comments in total)
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J A C S: In the high ISO comparison, the 1DXII image is sharpened at +25, while the 1DX is at 0.

Also, on the introduction page (spec comparison grid), you have "AF Points" listed twice. The first should be "viewfinder specs" or something like that.

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On article Rock Solid: Canon 1D X Mark II Review (324 comments in total)

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I looooooove that the last picture in the sample gallery is a cat! LMAO! Well done guys!

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EdwardBingo: It will be interesting to see the AF performance when wide open. I hear lots of complains about AF accuracy from 85 1.8/1.4 users, that has become an issue with hi-res DSLRs.

Back button focus with Servo AF and a high speed burst will generally net you 75-100% of your shots in perfect focus, assuming no micro adjustment is needed. Well... with good technique and a mostly still subject that is.

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Thomas Kachadurian: I'm not a nikon guy, but this is the first really ground-breaking lens news we have gotten in a while.

I have the 85L II and the 135L and I think this is an exciting lens! I'm impressed!

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Josh152: I've been waiting for a modern 105mm but this is disappointing to me. I would have much preferred f/1.8 or f/2.0 and the smaller size, weight and price tag that comes with it. Also no VR is really disappointing as well. There are times I wish my 105 f/2.5 AI-S had it. It's very useful on my 24-85 and no f/1.4 is not a substitute since it doesn't' have enough DOF a lot of the time.

So you're looking for a different lens than this? Like... COMPLETELY different. Well, except for the focal length.

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xmeda: Question is, if this is usable at F1.4. Probably needs to be stopped down to F2 to achieve acceptable sharpness even on edges anyway.

I always position my portrait subjects along the edges of the frame. So yes, sharpness there is a must!

I own the 85L II from Canon and it doesn't test well regarding sharpness wide open, but in-use, it's PLENTY sharp for portraiture. I have zero doubts this lens, too, will be plenty sharp wide open and I'm impressed by Nikon for developing it and building it! Well done!

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tom1234567: Have they not heard of Nikon, D5 0r D500????
Tom G

No. They haven't. They're 100%, completely and totally, ignorant. That's the only reason they chose Canon. And when you think about it, it's the only possible explanation.

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I have a cousin with a bit of a facial tic. If he got this, he would create time lapse videos of his day, involuntarily.

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On article Getting up close: Canon EF-M 28mm macro hands-on review (103 comments in total)
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pannumon: Lead: "Thanks to built-in LEDs and very close focusing abilities, Canon's 28mm F3.5 for EOS M offers a great place to start learning more about shooting macro."

This really promotes the idea that (Canon) mirroless is for the beginners, and real photographers use real cameras. This matches my idea of what is the target group of EOS M system. It also tells a lot about the (general?) attitude regarding mirrorless systems.

I am writing this simply because I find it interesting.

hey. Hey. Hey! HEY!! Down here!! I have a question... Just HOW THIN is the air, way up there?

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EcoR1: Why did DPR compare this lens to a Nikon DSLR-lens? It's not even close apples to apples comparison, now is it? There exist a mirrorless aps-c lens with almost the same FOV, same price-point, same maximum aperture, same size, same weight, same target group and yes macro too. Sony E-mount 30mm macro would have been a natural comparison.

I'm sick of hearing about Sony, in general. But, I happen to agree 100% with this.

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On article Second Time Around: Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Review (270 comments in total)
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marc petzold: The Lens is exactly the same as on the original G7X - and this lens was being soft, especially at the corners. Not any as good as the RX100 Mk. III or Mk. IV Iterations.

Anyway - no EVF, no's easy as that...and Canon doesn't have 1" 20 MP sensors, they're clearly from does it make sense? It's cheaper then the Sony RX100 Series a bit...but the RX100 is the Original.

Anyway, congrats to Canon to stay somehow competitive - with a Sensor from the Competition. ;-)

.edit. i've found one "feature" that's way annoying here: i can't anymore compare the rating to other cameras - from this class, the pull-down menue is gone...sad, but true.

I always put the most important elements of my images in the corners. Always.

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DonSleza4e: I like when card related errors fixes via camera's firmwares...

Lots more cards than cameras. Even fewer cameras paired with those cards, fewer still experiencing the problem. Easier to FW update the camera.

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Pixel Pooper: So many people defending Canon against the hate comments that nobody is making.

I don't think anyone is defending anything. They're pointing out the irony of past comments, posts, and conversations that literally every member of DPR is aware of.

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Davidgilmour: Lol, any $99 p&s camara takes sharper photos than this one!

Hahaha! Well done!

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whakapu: So all these high-powered meetings have been overlaid with the clunk of a 5D shutter.

Silent mode is pretty awesome. It's not silent, but it's really quiet.

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brownie314: pffft. I am moving to a country that shoots images of the president with a mirrorless body. I am outta here.

If you do move to North Korea, you'll also have the distinction of living in a country which was the first to fly a manned ship to Mars!

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Canon? And he's employed and successful? What sort of witchcraft is this!? I demand to know!

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MarcoSartoriPhoto: This interesting price could have another positive side: more people will actually try and buy the camera and see what these weird looking things can deliver.
I'm quite tired of reading about "it's just an APS-C, it's slow, the grip is odd, battery sucks" and so on.
When you use these cameras you don't snap around like someone with a smartphone or a paparazzo following an actor: it's a well dedicated and specific tool and you need to know what you're doing.
The battery sucks, but that's why the Quattro cameras have two in the box.
SigmaPhotoPro is slow, but if you know how toproperlyexposeyour photo you don't even need it (or you can use it only to turn the x3 raw file into a tiff for a SilverEfex conversion).
Using a metaphore, a sniper rifle is slow at shooting, slow to reload, has a different form factor than a machine gun, which fires faster and reload faster.
P.S. I own a dp2Quattro, a dp3Quattro with the 1.2x tele converter, and a dp0Quattro.

I'm a fan of analogies and that one was flawless. Well done!

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On article Hands-on with Hasselblad X1D (802 comments in total)
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Max Iso: Not my cup of tea but i bet in time these will put most other ML out of buiz. MFT might be ok as they can sell their small size, all other ML systems are in trouble.

If the cost were equal, or even close, I'd agree. But for the cost of the body alone, you can buy a GREAT m43 setup or even any Sony A7 series you want plus several (overpriced) lenses and still be ahead. Same goes for Fuji.
I'm not saying Hasselblad has overpriced their offerings, I'm simply saying that their target market isn't very large due to the cost of the system.

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