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On article Rumors circulate of a new 41-megapixel Nokia phone (10 comments in total)

People are easily seduced, whilst under the digital trance...

So what.

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Or just buy a dSLR...

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On article Blind man shows how he uses Instagram (5 comments in total)

Why is this "news"? For the sake of the fact that everyone, predictably, is going to say "oooh! A *blind* man using Instagram! Wooo!" - uhhhm... yeah... so what?

He's BLIND (obvious). He takes crap photos (obvious), but BECAUSE he is blind, people are expected to suddenly gasp in awe?

Nice try Instagrass. I see what you're trying to do ;-)

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On article Instagram shares top 10 photo locations of 2012 (2 comments in total)



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gavlis: Getting one for my up and coming trip to Africa. Going to be doing an article of the slums around Jo'burg. This is just what I needed to document it!

I just bought a mint, used Praktica LTL 3 from eBay + mint Pentacon multi-coated 50mm f1.8... ALL for £17!

I think that between me and an owner of one of these ridiculously over-indulgent rich kid toys, I'll get the most pleasure and *use* (because I am actually USING it, yes, AND it only cost me £17) - I'd rather feed starving people than pamper my over-pampered self in the height of selfishness, were I that rich.

This just demonstrates how self absorbed and vain people are nowadays.

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On article Instagram responds to clamor around TOS changes (77 comments in total)
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Peter K Burian: Apparently, they are backing off their original position but it's probably too late. Too many people -- and organizations such as National Geographic -- no longer trust Instagram. They will close their accounts and remove their photos. I don't know what Facebook paid to buy Instagram, but they just destroyed the value of their investment. See

Hope they kept their receipt. $1BN for something ethereal that doesn't "exist" - I'd rather donate that to starving children.

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On article Instagram responds to clamor around TOS changes (77 comments in total)

Hey folks, here's a revelation, contained in a SIMPLE rule:

If you want CONTROL of your photographs, don't BLINDLY and NAIVELY trust any shots to some faceless online entity. Quite simple really, noone held a gun to your noggins, after all.

Who's "to blame"? Instagoof. Who's the fools for trusting them? Sheeples.

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On article Instagram responds to clamor around TOS changes (77 comments in total)

My LTL 3 and OM10 don't seem to have any network connections or cr(app)y extras, so I think I'm all clear ;)

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On article Polaroid to offer its own Android-based camera (6 comments in total)

Android... "LOL" is all I can say. Photographers want CAMERAS, not touch screens and social networks. Hardware = win, Software = fail waiting to happen.

Pahahah! No thanks!

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