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oscarvdvelde: DPReview thinks: "Canon feels the need to update various full-frame lenses, almost as if something likely to test the quality of its existing versions was in the offing."

DPreview already knows. They already have their hands on it.

It may well be possible that IS is the only way to shoot even wide angle lenses on a 35 MP camera to realize its full resolution, even at 1/250 sec, without the use of a tripod. Say bye to handheld photography without IS?

I don't buy that explanation, Josh152. The 24-105 has a larger zoom range, is smaller and lighter, and would be about half the price of a 24-70L IS. Can't see why it would be collecting dust on the shelves all of a sudden.

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bamsan: Unless those two primes are capable of reaching their optimum performance at 2.8 on ff; they won't be attractive at all

Judging from the looks -- with the silver band, it seems they're targeted at apsc users

What I'm waiting for is update of 35mm either L II or f/2 USM

The silver band has nothing to do with APS-C. It seems that Canon's current policy is to slap a silver ring on anything that isn't actually L. The gold "USM" ring is no longer used on new lenses.

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